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I ordered Bell Fibe 300 for $69.95 per month (order number M28Y55H5). The technician turned up and had no idea what he was doing and couldn't install it. Bell cancelled the order and sent a new technician on a new order (M34S63K2) to install the internet services I had agreed to. I was assured I would get exactly the same deal as I had originally agreed to however they tried to charge me more than what I had agreed to but after calling them and complaining applied the original deal I signed up to ($69.95 per month). However when they did this they must have put me on some Alt TV package because I am now being charged $15 per month for this service as well which I never wanted.

I rung Bell Customer Service who said I can't get rid of Alt TV as it is part of the package I am signed up for (a package I never agreed to anyway). My only option is to go on the Fibe 300 stand alone package which is now $109.95 per month.

So through no fault of my own I either have to pay $40 a month more than what I agreed and signed up for or I have to continue paying $15 a month for Alt TV (which is the most useless collection of rubbish TV channels).

I printed the conversation I had online with the Bell employee which made me sign up for the $69.95 deal. Does this constitute an agreement? I have the original order confirmation too. I feel this is pretty much extortion to be honest, if you agree a price for something that is what you should pay. If anything I should be compensated for wasting a whole day with their technician and not being provided with services I had agreed to rather than charged prices I never agreed to.

Nov 25, 2017

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