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BELL is replacing some kind of cables on Trenholm Lane, Ottawa, ON. We have deep hole in the ground on our path way between houses and exposed house foundation of [removed]. The site seems to be abandoned. My concern is that house will get damaged due to exposure to low temperatures, snow and ice. Small rodens like to dig holes and get into the house as well.
Our neighborhood is full of small children and some one might fall trough the holes at some point. There is no signing or warning of any kind.
In the process of the digging few of my plans have been destroyed. Same with grass around the pathways and along the edge of the house. From what I have seen the holes in other streets near by have been filled with sand and not a normal earth ground. This is not acceptable. Everyone knows that sand washes away and does not promote any growth.
I had filed a complaint with one of the agents on the phone ticket # [protected]. Some one was supposed to show up on Thursday November 23rd. No one did. My husband was home waiting.
You need to let me know how this issue is going to be resolved. I would like for a manager or site supervisor to reach me as soon as possible.
We are prepared to call news papers to make it public if there is no responce. I'm sure that safety comes first for you and you care for the children and will respond to this message within next 24 hours.
My phone#: [removed]
Email: [protected]
Email: [protected]
Thank you.

Bell Canada
Bell Canada

Nov 29, 2017

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