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[Resolved] Bell Canada / bell mobility upgraded device

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On Wednesday April 4th, I went on the Bell website (website said I was eligible for the I-Phone 6S for $0, but I kept clicking on it, and it kept telling me that it wasn't available unless I paid $49.95. I called their customer care and spoke with a gentleman. He told me I was only eligible for the I-phone 6 (couldn't have the same package I had without increasing it to get the 6S. So I agreed to the 6. They sent me the phone through canada post, and I received it the next day (April 5th) when I got home from work.

On April 6th, I called the Bell store at Oakville Place to see if I could bring in the new phone, and get help setting it up. Gentleman who answered the phone advised me that he couldn't do it at the store, that I would have to do it on line. (I was calling because I had never set up my own phone before, and wasn't sure how to do it). So, I went on-line (like the package told me to). Package info said to follow instructions that were included to install the SIM card. There were no instructions on that in the package that I was sent, so I tried looking it up. I couldn't find anything so I called their customer service help line. (this was Friday late morning). I spoke with a gentleman who advised he could talk me through it. My first question was: how do I install the SIM card. He started giving me instructions about the pin, asked me to insert the pin into the hole. I asked him where the hole was, and he explained it was on the side of the phone. I did that, and the tray popped out. He told me to pull the tray out, so I pulled it out. Then he told me to insert the SIM card. I asked him if I had to put it back on the tray, and he said no. So I inserted the SIM card into the slot, and then I told him I was trying to get the tray back in, but the SIM card was blocking it. He then realized his mistake, and told me I was supposed to put the SIM card in the tray. I told him I asked him that, and he said no. He said was totally his fault, but not to worry. If I took my phone to any Bell store, they would have the tools to help me get the card out and insert it correctly. He said he'd call me back around 12:30 (once I had time to get to the store, and get them to take the card out and insert it correctly), and then he would set up my new cell phone.

At around 12:30pm I arrived at the bell store at Oakville Place. I spoke with the manager there (Kelly), and she advised she had no such tools to take the card out, and she had no idea why he would have told me she would have them. She advised me that I should contact the customer care centre again, that they would have a record of my initial call, and they would take the phone back (as it was their staff error). I called the customer care centre when I got back to the office at about 1 pm. I spent over an hour speaking with different employees, and was finally put through to Stephen (who said he was a manager), and that they would take the phone back, and he assured me that the rep that I had spoken with in the am had put a note on the file about his mistake and he assured me that I would not have to be out of pocket for his mistake. He asked me to hold on, and transferred me to another gentleman without warning. I had no idea why I was speaking to the new gentleman, and the new gentleman seemed to have no idea why he was speaking with me either. The new gentleman started to ask me details, and then proceeded to start making fun of me for not knowing how to install the SIM card. I asked to speak with Stephen again, and he said OK. He put me on hold, and then about 15 minutes later, he disconnected the line.

So, Friday at 5:05pm (after work), I started a new call to the customer care centre. I spoke with a lady. After spending over an hour trying to explain everything to her, she advised that she would escalate my file (they would have to listen back to the original phone call), and she would have someone call me back with a resolution within 48 hours. I told her that I had received several promises from people from bell, and that I wasn't sure I wanted to just leave it at that. She promised that she would ensure someone called me back within the allotted 48 hours. I asked her to clarify, is that 48 hours, or 48 business hours (knowing that I had a small window to return the phone without being held to the 2 year contract with a phone that won't work now). She assured me it would be 48 hours (not business hours). So I took her at her word, and ended the call.

Well, it is now 1:33 pm on Monday (almost another 24 hours after the deadline). I have tried contacting Bell again, and still have no call back (or contact whatsoever). I do not have any confidence that I will get a satisfactory resolution from Bell unless I bring other people in to monitor what they are doing.

I do not think it is fair that they will not help someone set up a new device in person, and they force someone to do it over the phone (and then they have people on their end that do not explain correctly how to do these things). I do not feel it is fair that I pay for a damaged device (which is what they are telling me will happen), when it was their employee essentially that damaged the device.

Please help!

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    Apple actually fixed for me.

Apr 9, 2018
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  • Ca
      21st of Apr, 2018
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    I took out an Iphone 8 with Bell and I wanted to cancel my contract and return the phone after 30 days as per the CRTC policy. I cancelled the contract and went to return the phone. Bell’s employee told me that he could not take back the phone and he wanted proof that I was disabled. I provided my CPP disability and he said that it was not proof.
    I filed a complaint with CCTS and a representative from Bell called and told me the same thing. She said I need to have some form of accessibility issue that would have been visible when I entered the store. Otherwise Bell does not considered me to be disabled. She said not because I was off work on disability does not mean that I am disabled. I will spare further details. But this was horrible. Bell now gets to dictate what and who is disabled and considered disability.
    I am definately thinking of filing a human rights complaint.
    I can’t believe this was coming from Bell.

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