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BB&T / frauds and scam

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The government is going to have to check into banks ridiculous procedures. Their overdraft fees are as if you go in a grocery store buy a candy bar but the money doesn't go into the cash register until they cal the police and say they didn't pay you! What is the difference?? in this day and age of computers it is ridiculous if you deposit 300.00 in a bank on Friday and spend it over the weekend to wake and find you are hit with overdraft fees because the bank isn't open on Saturday afternoon or Sunday (which now good banks are staying open)... but BB&T makes a lot of money processing the largest checks first, then the small ones and after al the checks are processed they credit your deposit they sat on for two days. BB&T needs to be reminded there an economic crisis in this country, people live payday to payday, the money needs to be available or at least processed in the correct order. Send letters to your congressman and state legislatures, . BB&T is as bad a company as those very high interest rate cash your checks before payday scams.,.. WV ran them out of the state. B&T should be next or have some regulation that does make them a decent company. B&T is no Robin Hood- yes they steal from the poor but have you seen their charitable giving- to higher learning institutions already worth millions who charge outrageous amounts to go to the school, BB&T steals from the poor and gives to the rich. BB&T STEALS FROM THE POOR AND GIVES TO THE RICH- nice bank.

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  5th of Nov, 2008
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The problem is simple to fix - don't write checks or use your debit card until the funds you deposit are available! It's not rocket science, and banks have had the 2:00 cutoff ever since I can remember. If you make a deposit after 2:00 on Friday, it's not available until Monday. This is not because of the individual bank, I would like to remind you, it is because the Federal Reserve is not open on weekends to process the deposits from one financial institution to another!!!

  8th of Oct, 2017
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@B You don't know what your talking about. Federal reserve has nothing to do with processing, the clearing house processes every business day at midnight. 6pm is cut- off for deposit thru atm, the cut off for in bank deposits depend on each branch's hours and you have til 9pm to transfer between accounts online. Plain and simple, BB&T are scam artists, the person complaining above has a valid claim.

  25th of Feb, 2009
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Clearly the person above works for BB&T!! I have had nothing but problems with the bank who claims to win some customer service award. I can't help it that I do not keep thousands of dollars at a time in my bank account- I live pretty much paycheck to paycheck. I have 2 checking accounts with them- one for writing checks and one is a spending account. Last Tuesday I made a transfer from my bill account to my spending account for $30 to cover a gas purchase. That Friday, when my husband got paid, I checked my online banking to find that the $30.00 never went through. However, due to the fact that the gas station had only charged $1.00 and the rest was pending, my account was still in the positive. So, I transferred about $400 over. You can imagine my surprise when, today, I logged into my online banking to find a -$99.00 balance and $315 dollars in NSF fees. Apparently, if the $30 had gone in- I would be okay but because it didn't- the went ahead and charged me 3 fees for that Friday that I transferred all of the money because of the pending gas fee ( which by the way- BB&T holds other transactions so that they can put the largest one in first, in order to charge more fees). Because of that fee, I got another 3 fees on Monday and ANOTHER on Tuesday. Not to mention that I didn't realize any of these were there so today I went and swiped my card twice( and it worked even though my account was negative) so now I will have 2 MORE fees. I called the bank and talked to a customer service person for over an hour. She told me to call the online banking dept and if they can tell me what was wrong, they could see what they could do for me. Well, the answer I got from ONline banking ( and I swear) was I don't know what happened. It could have been a glitch but we can't prove it. SO... my "bank" is now refusing to refund ANY of the fees. What a way to STEAL from us!! I can't afford to feed my kids now. I have NO money left because I just paid the bank $385 for NOTHING. I am writing their corporate office ( which they will say they do not have one, although you can look online and find them) and then I will report them to BBB. I WILL be pulling my money and taking it somewhere else. They will RIP YOU OFF.

  10th of May, 2009
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we have banked with bbnt for a few years they have taken hundreds of dollas from us in overdraft fees, there is so much to say about how this bank is the worst, they are stealing money form us all the time it never made sence to me they always had some lame reason why they took are money for this, or for that, , because of this or because of that always saying it was are fault, so after they took more money from us this weekend, and left us with nothing today is mothers day and i have 3 kids, and they took this money from us saying it was overdraft fees for something that was not we had the money in the bank when we used are debit card, and we had the money in there when it posted, the total comming to 3.95 and they hit us friday night with overdraft fees totaling 175.00 whitch there was nothing we could do about it because it was the weekend . we did not know about it intil saturday afternoon when we was going to the store to pick up some milk we checked it online and found we were in the hole, so tommrow is monday i am going to the bank to try and get my money back i have printed all of the complaints on bbnt there are ove 100 this year alone for the same reasons that we are going threw at bbnt banks all over the US, i taking them in to the bank and i want my money back or we will be going to court, they need to be stoped people are loseing thousands, Seymour TN,

  12th of Nov, 2009
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I used to work for that bank, two years to be exact and it was constant ###. We would waive fees left and right for the "Elite Gold" accounts but never and I mean not even a branch manager would think about waiving the fees of people who had an average of 400 dollars in their account, which we would overdraft roughlly $300 for said, "pending items." I hated it then because I knew it was wrong and I hate it now because they do that crap to me. I was at least nice enough to waive but a few but today, no way would anyone, even at my home branch where I used to work, will think twice before they put a 10 day hold on a check for 200 dollars.

BB&T also gathers their employees together when establishing a new fee at the regional office, which they eagerly try to brain wash us with the valid reasons why we need to include these new fees. Generally as all the employees leave they think, "Great, more complaints we have to put up with that the top dogs in regional will never have to hear." I mean they were pirates and threw these new fees at us to accept even though none of us did. Total crap! Their slogan is/was "You can tell we want your business." Yeah, because you lose tons of old clients everyday. That was another thing we had to look at every day was how many accoutns were closed per branch and then call the people and ask why they left BB&T. It was always one of two things: 1. Customer Service 2. Fees.

  6th of Jan, 2010
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We opened account with BB&T in December. We use to bank with Wachovia. Watching my new account with BB&T online is utterly USELESS to keep up with a balance. I put gas in my car for the amount of $10 dollars at a station down the street from my house that I've used for years. Log on to BB&T in the "pending transaction" area it shows up for a $1 dollars until it post for the $10 dollars a few days later. I watch this happen more than once so far. This didn't happen with Wachovia. My wife depoisted her payroll check of over $800 dollars at 12:30 one day and in the "pending transaction" area it show up as a credit of $100 dollars. It went in before 2:00pm shouldn't it show up for the amount of the depoist at 6:00pm that night in the "pending transaction" area. It dont matter if it doesn't post until tomorrow, put why $100!!! And she was at the main branch in our town. Also there is a grouping of ATM/PIN/ELECTRONIC - DEBITS of several VISA/Debit card purchases that are not divided up to know what they are in the "pending transaction" area. This also is not the case as a Wachovia customer. Its 2010 for crying out loud! BB&t needs to update there software. I getting the feeling these are all attemts on their part to cause overdrafts and collect fees.

  19th of Jan, 2010
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I openned an account with BB&T in Sanford N.C to have my direct deposit dumped into//I work for the state of N.C. and GOD forbid they just pay you/You havre to have a direct deposit//and it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you use a N.C. Bank.
I have lived in Tn for over Ten Years, Banked with the same credit union all that time.
The account was openned in Nov 09//Did not have my direct deposit set up, but I deposited 3200.00 on Jan7th.Understand I never wrote a check/or used the check card from this account.On Jan 8th The BB&T recovery department took my money, I stopped by the bank to get some cash/only to be told the my account was -13.71.I inquired with the local Manager as to where my money was.I was told that Recovery in West Va had an account from 1999 that had my name associated with it, and that being they arer N.C. BASED.N.C. law permits them to take the cash from my account to satify this other account..Problem is I have never had another account with BB&T (THIS WAS OPENNED IN VA AND I HAVE NEVER LIVED IN VA)..aFTER SEVERAL MINUTES IN THE BRANCH OF THROWING A FIT.I was instructed to file a police report for ID theif, and then there fraud department would open an investigfation.I did so, the local police sargaret replied''Sounds Like BB&T got another one" I INQUIRED AS WHAT HE MEANT.He said BB&T does this all the time..So I went back to the branch.with police report in hand.Pitched another fit when the branch manager tols me they would investigate but that my filwe would bve placed "next in line" and it could be monthsa beofre they had an answer.I asked how I was suppose to pay my Bills and get my Meds.Bracn Manger said the this was all legal in N.C. and if i DID NOT LIKE IT TO HIRE A LAWYER.She said that This was legal and if they decided to give my money back it would be on there time line//and she did not card how I got my Meds.That night I was in the hospital with a heart attack.They could not provide me any proff/or anything to shopw that this account in VA was mine other than there recovery dept had associated my name to it..I keep close tabs on my credit report there have never been any thing abou6t BB&T on my report other than there inquiry when I openned the account in Nov.Nothing//There is no history with all three CRA of ID theift for me.Only in BB&T data base.This band has got to be stopped.It is time for the citizans to revolt against this bank..I was accused/tried/and convicted/and sentanced by the bank.This is still America is it not.This should be a civil matter at best.This Bank Robs and steals from ther customers...Oh I was called in the hospital by there security dept to be told I was never alloed on the property again..I am in the process of hiring AN ATTORNEY


  24th of Mar, 2010
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I opened my account with the and they hit me with a BS $5 fee for a returned statement. Funny I got my debit card with no problems.
Took over a month and 3 calls to get the $5 back on my card. I then informed them that I was charging them $35 overdraft fee for them taking their time about getting my money back.
The B word told me that you can't charge the bank anything.
I put a check in the bank on friday @ 11am too cash out of the atm on sunday The funds had time to clear. Theres the business day Sat. they are open. 9-12
The check was good as are all my checks. Yet they want to charge me $35 Not going to happen.

I told the B so you can charge me for something your screwed up but I can't charge you. I'll hire a lawyer over $35 just to prove a point.

I would say if you have a account with them close it NOW. Go to a real bank.
I was with Bank One / Chase for 15 years moved here and no chase.
Within 2 weeks they had already screwed my account up.

  10th of May, 2010
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BB& T IS THE WORST!! My husband and I have had 2 separate account for years. His was with BB&T and mine was with Allegacy FCU. When I lost my job I started trying to manage our money in his BB&T account and found it was IMPOSSIBLE. I could NEVER tell how much money we had!!! Being on a tighter budget I needed to account for every cent of our money so I could pay bills and budget for our other expenses. We were hit with overdraft fees TWICE because they moved money from OUR savings to OUR checking to cover a couple of debits. He had his saving set up to function as overdraft protection and they charged us!! I think BB&T is the absolute WORST bank I have ever dealt with. I think they make it impossible to tell how much money you have on purpose so they can hit you with fees. They need to be investigated for fraud!! I have now added him to my Allegacy account and I 'm waiting to have his paycheck direct deposited there so I can tell how much freaking money we have!! I can't wait to close our accounts!!!

  3rd of Jun, 2010
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"the bank isn't open on Saturday afternoon or Sunday "

Um...posting is dependent on when the Fed is open, it has nothing to do with the branch's hours. NOTHING posts on weekends because the Fed is not open. Authorizations can occur but that's it.

  30th of Jul, 2010
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Everyone is complaining about the $1 authorization holds that go along with gas charges. Since only the dollar is pending, you think you have more than you really do and you overdraft. I know it's almost pointless to say this next part because it's said often in these sections and if you were smart enough I wouldn't have to say anything but KEEP A REGISTER YOU [censor]! YOU COMPLAIN OVER YOUR MONEY LIKE IT'S A HOLY RELIC SO WHY DON'T YOU KEEP A REGISTER SO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH OF IT YOU HAVE!? Especially if you think your bank is The Great Satan out to screw you! If they WERE and you don't keep a register then you are LETTING them through your own disgusting APATHY.
And the $1 gas hold is all banks. If someone says "BUT I GOT IT ALL TAKEN OUT WHEN I MADE THE CHARGE WHAT ABOUT THAT BIG GUY" it's because you used your PIN YOU IDIOT. Choose credit and expect a dollar hold and expect to be thrown into the living hell that is "personal responsibility."

I literally have a headache from reading the idiocy that your spewing on the internet. Either read the bank service agreement and keep a register or just hide your money in the mattress and stop complaining that things are happening that you could easily prevent.

  24th of Aug, 2010
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bbt sucks! they have horrible service and are very unorganized. they managed to lose my debit card THREE times by sending it to the wrong address and even when i went to the bank to find out about it they kept saying it was sent to an other location or to my house (they weren't "sure" which one). i finally got it (seriously now) three and a half months after i opened my account. there are charges for absolutely every thing like transferring funds to outside accounts or using an non bbt atm. and that of course is when you've waited two and a half days to even access the your own deposits. it's a shame that they are really the only bank with enough locations around this area (north carolina) with which to even consider doing business. the website is horrible because you have to change your password every so often and phone service sucks because they ask a bunch of questions. i've had great service with other banks and credit unions in other parts of the country and bbt is by far the worst.

  2nd of Sep, 2010
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It's simple everyone. STOP doing business with BB&T. They are crooks! I've switched to a small local bank and they are wonderful. "Green Bank". They are all about customer service. Eff BB&T. Take your money somewhere else.

  1st of Oct, 2010
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Love how some people take up for BB&T. I do keep a Ledger on everything, down to the penny. Most of the people are right though. If you have $100 dollars in your account and you make seven seperate $10.00 withdrawls then a $100 withdrawl last, you'll have overdrafted your account by a $70 and you should be charged, but just for one overdraft fee. But like was stated earlier even though the $100 was taking out last it was the largest amount so it comes out first making the previous seven withdrawls that at the time were in good standing, now NSF at $30.00 a hit. Im lucky havent had this problem but one time and that was a mistake on there part which took trying to close my personal and buis. accounts before they wanted to back up and say oh we see what happend. So it's just not the people living paycheck to paycheck. I heard once a number they made off of overdraft fee's annully and if it is anywhere close to accurate they should be ashamed.

  15th of Nov, 2010
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Well, where do i begin then... i am a full-time student a mother of three who attends classes comletely online. My finances all are directly deposited to my school account as i attend colorado universwity, but live in North carolina. I descide to purchase a vehicle one day and have a maximum atm withdrawl limit of 500 so i am told by my bank(higherone) that i can go into any bank and request a cash advance on the other funds that i need out of my own account. Guess who i stupidly went to: BB&T...They swiped my card twice for the same transaction and then told me the first transaction was declined because the address did not match the one for the card statement. Upon the second swipe i signed the ticket and recieved my 500 and walked out to purchase my car. Upon checking my balance i came to realize they had 1000 dollars out on a fridayof my account. This occurred on a friday, on monday i called the bank immediately and spoke with the BB&T woman who had done the transaction, she openly admitted that they had indeed recieved money for both transactions, but that their credit card processing merchant would have to b theones to refund the money(500) not to mention each 500 had a 2.09% interest rate on them. She was authorized to make one withdrawl and yet made to and admitted it. What a crock, now i am in the middle of a dispute with them for them to tell me they have to investigate it...investigate what ...theyve admitted to accepting payment for both transactions when only one was authorized... i swear they hire the stupidest people off the streets to work there, the lady ran my money through the counting machine and said it's all there the machine counted it for think i am going to trust technology? hell, no count the money out to me like you are supposed to lazy [censor]! As of today it is going to take me 10 days to get back the money owed to me when it only took them 2 seconds to steal it from me. BB&T really needs to consider reading some of these post and making some changes to their company. I bet they even filed for the bailout much money as they have taken from people like me, they shouldn't need no bailout help. Oh yeah and i would really like to hear what the B*t*c* that keeps ppost on peoples comments that works for BB&T has to say to defend the bank on this scenorio! Good luck to the rest of you who have become victims of these vultures rath!

  29th of Dec, 2010
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Awful place to do business with. These people suck big fat monkey balls. Someone had gotten a hold of my debit card number and tried to make purchases online. Well they had put my money on hold and in the mean time my legit transactions were being hit with over draft fees. They pulled a little finger pointing routine its the merchants fault and the merchant was saying it was the bank. I was saying it was the crooks fault douche bags! I had a police report and had been dealing with this situation for 12 days before it was all said and done. Then the manager at the Athens TN branch said no we are not going to return your over draft fees. No reason. Just because I'm a big [censor]!

  8th of Jan, 2011
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BB&T will stay in business as long as people go there and open new accounts if you want to stop this scam bank you need to picket in front of them all and get the news to find out what the fuss is all about. the bb&T employees all seem to have on set of rules treat people like they are stupid and get the fees before they leave the bank we have more customers to get in here. think about it if i can get 1, 000, 000.00 new customers every 2 months and fee them 140 - 200 dollar each i would make 140, 000, 000 -200, 000, 000 million. they need bail outs rom the mistakes they make but no help for the tax payers who overdraft..

  8th of Jan, 2011
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They held my deposits for 7 days ... got the money in 2 but kited the funds for 5 additional days.. so great BB&T bank supporters. tell me this if the bank has the money in 2 days why keep it from me for an additional 5 days...? its called kiting they get to deposit the money and collect an interest on it. they hold millions of dollars maybe even billions for 5 days and they get the interest. do they pay the people whos money it is any dividens NOPE they wait to see if they can screw them up and fee them till they leave the bank .. most people crry 400- 800 in checking and most people will allow a bank to push them around, BB&T knows this and is making a profit doing it. No other bank has the same kind of customer slander on the internet. BB&T is the king of scams blogs online today.

  9th of Feb, 2011
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There is no doubt that BB&T is a predatory bank that takes advantage
of their own customers . My question would be; Where are our Legistators? Which legistators are they in bed with? The bank may be able to (legally) do what it is obvious they are doing, stealing is still stealing whether you call it by another name or not. God help those
that take advantage of the disadvantaged.

  31st of Jul, 2011
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Read the Bank Services Agreement it states the funds were available highest to lowest, and it tells you of the Funds Available procedures. Dont like to read fine print on any agreements/contracts you sign? Then thats on you, dont blame the bank. This would happen anywhere. Shouldn't be a surprise. Just as an FYI, you can go to BBT webiste and see that there are ALOT of BBT banks in the state of WV. lol

  12th of Sep, 2014
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BB&T not only steals from it's customers but treats it's employees just as bad. My 53 old sister was just terminated after 8yrs in their employment. Being obese she is virtually unemployable at this point in her life. No lack of job performance on her part was the reason for her firing. They used some lame excuse that her position was going away, she was a teller with over 20yrs experience in banking that obviously was getting paid too much compared to a new employee.

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