BB & T Bank / account fees, etc. rip off charges

Winston Salem North Carolina, US

I don't have enough negative energy to channel how much I hate this bank. My bank I had dealing with for years was bought out by BB&T bank, so it was not by choice that my banking changed. IT was pretty good at first. smooth transition, no issues. I am about 1 year in, and I cannot wait until my checks clear so I can switch banks. My card was fraudulently charged, and I called the "customer service" to report it. They always say check on it, we will issue a new card and call us back. As such, resulting in a call back. Little do the customers know that more than one call per month to the "customer service" that you will be charged. That's right. a charge for phone calls. its especially damning when I had my cable bill be charged 2x. Naturally, the bank blamed the cable company, and vice versa; which resulted in about 5 or 6 calls, and you guessed it...charges! when I called a branch manager, she emailed me asking to call me but never did. When i asked another branch was her reply: "well, a lot of our older customers (I'm guessing she is referring to the seniors) they like to call customer service and ask them to read off their accounts transactions, and it just clogs up the "customer service" lines. We like to keep those lines open for more serious calls such as someones fraudulent charge, or stolen cards" EXCUSE me, what? This is just the tip of the iceberg with the plethora of charges they try and get away with. Or the fact that not one of them has any idea about the bank (fees.etc). um, ok, so if my job changes companies, I'm not going to get trained? get real. So I submit a complaint to FDIC and BBT sends me some bull&^#@ letter about how I "over drafted" so on and so forth. Newsflash BBT, I wasn't complaining about my gd overdraft fee, I was complaining about your ridiculous practices and (lack of) customer service. I cannot wait to hang it up over at BBT. Stay away from these $ hungry ###. Save yourself the agony and frustration, and bank somewhere else. Banking with a baboon in Somalia would be safer.

Mar 15, 2017

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