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Barclays Credit Card / Misselling of priority circle membership

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I got a barclays credit card a a very fine day i was offered a premier league membership full of confusion and misselling, when i complaint about it they said they cant do anything and it could not be canceled and if u want to know more call our call center, its been a month i filed my complaint with the card division and haven't received a single call from there side, instead i have called them at least 4 times, still waiting for my grievance to be looked upon, i hav not seen such a poor service of a credit card of such a repute bank with full of misselling and with no one to look into customer complaints.

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  • Hi
      11th of Aug, 2008
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    Date : 12/07/2008



    (Head Servies Gorvernance)


    601, 603, Ceejay House,

    Shivsagar Estate

    Dr. Annie Besant Road


    Mumbai – 400018.


    Credit Card No. : 4339 4836 4007 2502

    With reference to above subject, I would like to inform that Mr. Mohd. Salim (Barclay Card representative – at Delhi) has given to me free membership of above subject, however it reflect to my credit card statement of Rs. 5000 + Service Tax, Please cancel the same and also will not be reflect next billing cycle statement.

    I have also written the letter on 07th July 2008, for cancellation of scheme at Mumbai office at Nariman Point PO.BOX.NO. 11567 till date no action had been taken.

    I also talked to customer care representative Ms Sumedha madam at Delhi office on

    011-45081222 15th July 2008 through my mobile no. 9723049032, this is my last request to you, Cancel the said BARCLAY PRIORITY CIRCLE MEMBERSHIP & from the this billing cycle to onwards membership amount should not be reflect in Billing Cycle with interest charges.

    Please do needful in above regards.


    Hiren Patel

    M – 9925519845/9723049032

  • Pa
      18th of Aug, 2008
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    Recd call from the no. 01726614412 for taking credit cards.

  • Ye
      19th of Sep, 2008
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    The Customer service very bad, I applied Barclays credit card and i got 10 calls atleast till this date, asking verification details. and they simply disconnect the service immeditely without saying anything.

    Hell of service.

  • Tr
      24th of Sep, 2008
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    My credit card No:4339482888202045

    I am T.Ravichandran of the credit card holder.
    I have not received statement for the past three months even though my change of address is spelled out to your customers care center Mumbai.

    My Old and new address are given for your reference and necessary action please.

    Old Address: T.Ravichandran, No, 4 Alli Street, Poompuzil Nagar,
    Avadi, Chennai-600062

    New Address: T.Ravichandran, No:24, Godaveri Street, Poompuzil
    Nagar, Avadi, Chennai-600062

    Phone No:9840477389



  • Na
      25th of Sep, 2008
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    I am writing this mail to you to let you know that I have experienced the same situation as with the Barclaycard Priority Circle. They have made me pay for the priority Circle membership but even after 2 months of the payment I have not received any communication from them. I have contacted their service centre but it is of no use since it is only a call centre. I have even written to their consumer grievience cell but there has been no response.

    I am sharing my experience with you in case you are intending to take any action against Barclaycard for this deceipt. I would like to join you to claim the amount back and also to file a complaint against their false practices. I intend to give a written complaint to their office in Mumbai say at Dadar. Further I would file a consumer complaint if no action is taken. In case you have been through the same gruel situation we can team up and demand a response.

    You can contact me through my email or on my cell no 9833244681

    Hope we can together put an end to this.


  • Di
      26th of Sep, 2008
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    dear sir
    With reference to Barclay sms
    I have receive your message that your Barclay card statement has been generated on 24/09/08 and will reach you inj next few days. Total due Rs. 7171.09 dr min Due : Rs. 360 and due date 14/10/08. What is this ? I am already pay 10600/- by cheque I don’t have no more any outstanding balance.
    I am warning you deduct all charges otherwise i will go to consumer court.
    my mobile no.-09314501905 plz call me ?, I would like to inform that (Barclay Card representative – at Delhi) has given to me free membership of above subject, however it reflect to my credit card statement of Rs. 5000 + Service Tax, Please cancel the same and also will not be reflect next billing cycle statement.

    I also talked to customer care representative Ms namrea madam at Delhi office on

    011-45081222 26 sep. 2008 through my mobile no. 9314501905, this is my last request to you, Cancel the said BARCLAY PRIORITY CIRCLE MEMBERSHIP & from the this billing cycle to onwards membership amount should not be reflect in Billing Cycle with interest charges.

  • Si
      3rd of Oct, 2008
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    i have been charged priority circle fees of rs 5000 plus service tax of rs 618 without my confirmation.and from last 25 days i am trying to get it reverced but nothing is been done regarding that..i have marked a mail at 10 times and also contacted their call centre number of times but no action has been taken yet.
    barclays i suppose is not at all bothered to resolve these issues as it will lead to loss of money.
    kindly guide me if something can be done because these banks have come to the country only to misutilize innocent customer's money.

  • Su
      20th of Oct, 2008
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    I am subrahmanyam using barcalys card (4339480133091239), on 17/07/2008 towards Barclycard Priority circle membership 5618 amount was billed, when I spoke to the customer care executive that, when ever your account will be sufficient fund, we will charge this amount, but it was not done so, and for that i have charged over limit fee and interest also. Almost i have paid Rs.3111 extra.
    Barclycard Priority circle in welcome letter mentioned that as a Joing Gift offer, Strolley bag will be sending you free of cost.
    As of today i.e 07/10/2008 almost 3 months later i haven't received this bag. If the priority circle service is like this, I can imagine the normal card holder situation.Previously I have sent a mail regarding limit enhancement on 26/05/2008, but i did not receive any reply form the bank.
    I am requesting you to please concern my problem and please respond to this.

  • Gb
      21st of Oct, 2008
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    Sir I applied to barclay credit card I got the pin but i still not received barclay gold credit card. My Phone No. 9787383230

  • Su
      13th of Nov, 2008
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    I have applied for barclay credit card in the month of march this year. After that few days later one currier boy came with my card in my office premises but he didn't delivered me the card by telling that the address which i have provided is wrong so he won't be able to hand over me the card. after that i never got my Barclay credit card. But later on i started getting messages and Phone calls in every month that i have due on my barclay credit card. When i never got my card then how i have due in it? After that Barclay people started scaring me by telling that they will refer my name to credit bureau. This bracly people giving me mental torture by sending messages and making calls on my mobile. They are not sending my Credit card and without sending it they are asking for money for the card.
    I have tried to contact them and explained them my problem but every thing of no use. Please help and tell me what should i do know

  • Im
      15th of Nov, 2008
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    i have applied for cradit card after few days i got sms saying that ur app. has been aproved & i will get card whit in 24 days till now i have not got aney card & if i call to Customer service they simply disconnect the service immeditely without saying anything. what kind of service is when v dont need card they will b calling 100 times

  • Wa
      20th of Nov, 2008
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    Customer care number is not responding.
    I am trying to reach over phone for 4 days.
    If I lost my card, what can I do.
    I have sent many mail to contact me but no response.
    Bad service...

  • Sr
      28th of Nov, 2008
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    The Manager,

    Respected Sir/Madam,

    Sub : Debited my Barclays Credit Card A/C without confirmation

    I am a Barclaycard holder (CARD NO: 4339 5155 4244 3644) was offered an invitation to priority circle membership which according to my understanding was offered FREE of Cost and never mention any charge being debited my account. More over he told me that they would be sending the details within 15 days and after reading the full details you can decide to sign it and send the form to their Mumbai office. But I did not get any mail from the Bank till the date.

    Now they have debited my Credit card account a total amount of 6741.60 (Rs. 6000/- as Priority Circle fee plus Service Tax of Rs. 741.60/-) and sent a statement dated on 19-Nov-2008 to my email id and through postal also. This amount is debited without any confirmation from the me.
    I replied to the on dated. 25.11.2008 for reversing the amount but there is no reply till the date.

    I have contacted the Customer Service care No. 022 6724 2222 and requested to REVERSE the amount. They wanted the information about my Card no, Date of Birth, Address and Mobile Number and told their Bangalore Customer care N0.41739811. I have contacted the Customer Service care No in Bangalore 41739811 three times. They are telling that they are unaware of this and they don’t have the provision to cancel this. Also they are not telling the official address of the Customer care service in Bangalore.

    In this regard I am requesting Consumer complaints officials should take actions against BARCLAYCARD priority circle on this issue.

    Please help me to reverse the amount from my account.

    Yours faithfully,
    Sreekumar.K from Bangalore
    Email id :
    Mobile No:+91 9845528830

  • Ip
      5th of Dec, 2008
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    I'm facing exactly the same problem like Mr.Sreekumar Krishnapillai.
    Now the Barclay's customer care does not take any resposibility and the Barclay's priority circle guys have trapped us in this trick.
    This is a very bad business esthetic and can't run for long. I am surely going to lodge complain in consumer court and will try my best to warn all my friends, colleagues not to fall in this trap.

    I would request the complaintboard to take some action on Barclay's priority circle.

  • Si
      12th of Dec, 2008
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    I am also facing the same problem with BarclayCard Priority Circle. Could anyone help me regarding this?Have anyone got an solution to these problems?Please help.

  • An
      23rd of Jan, 2009
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    i have barclay card since oct, 2007.but i have not used this card for any other purpose till upto date.but customer care person inform me that 7808=00 amount should be paid by me as soon as possible (FOR BARCLAY PRIORITY CIRCLE MEMBERSHIP) otherwise penalty will be consider .but whenever i did not accept the any membership regarding above payment 7808=00 and customer care person did not inform me that above membership will be chargeable and i can cancel above membership within21 days from amount debt from my card .this is totally fraud case .customer care person told me that they have telephonic voice recorded document for above payment .but when i request him please hear me my voice thay did not do whatever i am saying.this shows it is totally fraud case.i did not accept any other membership .therfore i will not pay any due amount 7808=00.

  • Rd
      19th of Jul, 2009
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    I had purchased jewelery worth Rs 23500/- in May 2008 and asked for converting the same to EMI. They told me that they shall intimate me which never happned and the due day of payment was 1st Jun 2008 i arranged for cash for other sources .but to my surprise the bill for the month of Jun the EMI was credited which i came to know when the bill came. When i called the customer service they told thy cannot do any thing and on continues calling from my side they said they have taken my request and shall revert back the issue was put on hold till Jan this year till this time every month they used to charge the EMI installment and it used get adjusted with my payment which i had done earlier but when the entire amount of 23500 which was to paid earlier got adjusted with emi which were charged leaving behind the interest component. Now they call me every now and then bother me all the time and threatening me to refer me to the hot list whereby i will not get any loan. Even i wrote Mail to officer like Mr Nikhil Joseph at at but no response from him also .iam now fed up with there attitude i don't known whom to talk whom to write the behavior of the customer service representative takes to my nerve very arrogant and indiscipline .Please do take Barclay's card even if they give you please return it .Iam a GOLD CARD customer still this suffering .

  • As
      28th of Jul, 2009
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    Barclay Bank Credit Card and It is management are ###.I am also suffered with Priority Circle Scheme and even i have paid late fee because in the end they denied about reversal of this scheme.

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