Bank Of The Philippine Islands [BPI] / complaints on withdrawal attempts

Dear sir/ Madam;

Good Morning.

I have a complaint regarding the transactions reflected in my account number [protected].
I was withdrawing at a non-BPI atm yesterday (May 8, 2018) in the amount of P2000.00
First attempt was a failed transaction, thus I opted for my second attempt. Luckily, I was able to dispense cash on my 2nd attempt.
However, when the receipt ejected. I was shocked because the transaction indicated that an amount of p4000 was being withdrawn in my atm. That is times two to the amount I did on the second attempt. Now how come, I was being deducted 2000 from the first attempt when it was a failure? I mean no money was dispensed from the ATM. I need a refund on the amount not dispensed but reflected on my account.

​Please help me with this matter. Thanks

Marivic Y. Codinera

Bank Of The Philippine Islands [BPI]

May 08, 2018

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