Bank Of America Visa Card / complete disreguard of customer

CA, United States

My wife has her Visa card for 23 years. Has never been late once in that time. She sent a payment to pay off her balance. The check was sent to the address provided by B of A. Ten days passed. No depost. Finally the check was returned with a letter saying they could not find the account number. It was clearly written on the check. Next we recieve calls from FIA Card Services. The CC collection company saying a payment was not made. The letter was read to them and the situation was explained. We told them a payment above the past due amount would be made the following day. A day later, FIA called again. 2 calls less than 24 hours, wanting payment. The agent I talked to couldn't make toast by himself none less help me. A "supervisor" got on the line, I told him of the payment. He stated unless the funds posted in three days he would continue the phone calls. I reminded him that according to the letter sent by B of A, I had twent days to make this payment. I had already checked, the paymet had posted to the account. Next day I called to complain about the harrassment. I was then told that the call was a misake and their computers update vey slow. This was just incompetence. The story continues. . We look over last months statement. I fraudulent charge was made. A call was placed to close that card and request a new one. We were assurred a card would arrive five days later. It didn't. Called on the sixth day. Three challenged service reps later, " the card was sent and handn't been delivered yet. It must be your fault". They would not provide a tracking number. After blowing a gasket, another call was made to CS. No record of a card being sent. Finally a call came in 9 business days later informing the card would be delivered. The question was asked, was a previous request made for a card? yes, however the system was down and never processed. Every call except for one, we were lied to by B of A and FIA. Being a Signature card holder means, you just get lied to my more supervisers than their cubical weasels. We'll see if a card is actually delivered.We have never been treated so poorly by any institution. AVOID B of A!!!


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