Bank Of America / mortgage escrow

VA, United States

For the third time, Bank of America has "forgotten" to pay the real estate taxes and insurance on a mortgage that they service and for which they have a hefty escrow balance. What happens is that
(1) we receive the notice that our insurance is expiring and/or our real estate taxes are in default, (2) we have to call Bank of America and suffer through endless "push button " (for which escrow issues is not an option) and bad music, to inform them that they forgot to pay. In two of the cases, we had to FAX the bills to them, and in the most recent case (after an hour on the phone) they said that they will straighten it out without our faxing things in (we'll wait and see). Each time, they blame the problem on the County tax office and the insurance company, but this never happened with the same parties on our previous loan with BofA. The County states that BofA has not done what they need to do as a loan servicor with an escrow obligation.

We are resigned to the fact that they have a glitch in their system and cannot handle the escrow payments. I am looking forward to paying off the loan so that we can make these payments directly.

In our last call, the customer service agent mentioned that they had merged servicing systems with Countrywide and that this may have caused the confusion. The timing of our difficulties matches the Countrywide merger. While I can understand the confusion, if you have a business system with a terrible glitch and you fail to correct it, it is bad business. Once, I can understand. Twice, I wonder why they don't fix things. Three times? Bad business.

While I have had BofA mortgages for over 30 years, if I need another mortgage I will look elsewhere.

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