Bank Of Americaonline external transfer - no fee charge, false information by cc


I am a new account holder in BOA, I wanted to transfer money from my BOA account to my wells fargo account. before transferring I just wanted to confirm there will be no fee charge for online transfer.

on 01/09/2017 I called BOA customer care number and ask them how tomake transfer and made sure there will be no fee charge as on screen it was forced to select fast delivery 3, 1, Immediate.

I reconfirm that lady, that i dint want any fast transfer, but why i need to select this? She confirmed that there was a system problem & due to some reason it is showing fee need to select. In case fee charge you can call us back & we will return it.

today 01/11/2017 I checked my account ending with 8578 there was fee charge of $3. Though amount is not transferred to my another account yet (this may be other bank issue). I call & ask customer care to cancel the fee .

I surprise to listen they said its legal fee & has to be charged hence will not cancel.

This is how BOA customer care people cheat their customers. why one executive says there will no charge & another says its legal and fee is correctly charge.

It's not about a small amount, its about the authenticity of the customer care group. it seem "Bank of America " do not hire authenticate people who have full correct information.

This is the way Bank of America cheat their customer & fetch money in terms of fee . they don't tell in advance that fee is charge and after all done they say fee is legal.

Dhanashree Kanade

Jan 11, 2017

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