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J Nov 20, 2017 Review updated:

Every time I call customer service I have super long hold times dropped calls uninformed unprofessional childlike behavior and not to mention rude interrupting me not listening to my concern and having to be hasseled by calling back over and over w unresolved issues, such as lost checks over 20 days... credit card problems! One representative closed my credit card without my permission Bc she didn't like dealing w me. And it was closed even tho I am a excellent customer never late etc. they only offered a secure credit card w my good credit and long time relation w the bank! Again they have disrespectful rude customer service actually the very worst in the world works at BOFA. You need to train better seriously... it's not all about winning for some competitive ego mind game..., it should be about helping the customer.


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      Nov 20, 2017

    It's likely the customer service representative didn't want to deal with you because you are not so pleasant to deal with (at least that is the impression I get from your complaint). However if you believe a specific representative is acting improperly, you could try asking for their supervisor.

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