Bank Of America Corporation / college checking account closed for no reason

United States

On June 11, I opened a college checking account (a checking account for students with no monthly fee) with a check of ~$290. On June 12, my account had $175 (the other funds should have come within the next day or two). My birthday is on June 16, so my sister told me to buy whatever I wanted, and she would pay me back the costs. I bought a vape to help me quit smoking cigarettes on eBay for ~$100.

Everything was great. My vape was on the way and I had a new checking account where I can deposit all the checks I get from my work. But on June 13, my account was closed/locked. So, I called BofA, and the woman who received my call said that the bank does not have to disclose why they closed my account. I was not mad because I signed that agreement, but now I just want the money I deposited (minus the cost of the vape I bought). She told me I would have to wait until Tuesday to see if they would mail me a check for the remaining funds.

Then, I went to the BofA that I opened my account with. Luckily, the man who I opened the account with was working today. I spoke to him about the situation (hoping he would give a clear answer), and he honestly had no clue as to why they would close my account without notice and in just a few days. All he could do was give me a number to call to ask why it was closed, and the person who received the call basically reiterated everything I already heard from the previous woman I talked to (BofA closed my account, total funds will come on Tuesday, June 21, etc.)

I would have no money available to me for several days, which really sucks because I was planning to buy my parents dinner on my birthday. Now, I am just frustrated, confused, and furious with BofA. I do not understand why they would close my account without notifying me and not give me the money I deposited in a quick manner. Anyone else have this problem?

Jun 16, 2017

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