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Bank Of America / unauthorized withdrawal of funds from my checking account

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On the 15th of February, I logged on to my Bank of America (hereafter referred to as BoA) net account to verify my payment for the month. Funds are automatically withdrawn on the 17th of each month for a predetermined amount. BoA was having some sort of "We Love Our Customers" promotion (Valentines Day?) and offered a one-time deal of paying just $15.00 for the February billing period. I "signed-up" made the proper changes, authorized it and that was that. Move ahead to February 26. I go to my bank to make a deposit and discover, to my horror, that I have only $13.00 in my account: my balance should have been $940.00. Coincidentally I get my latest statement from BoA that afternoon. Instead of billing me $15.00 for February, they have billed me TWICE for $300.00 ($600.00 total) and then on 02/19 they bill me again for $327.00, apparently for the March bill (which isn't due until 03/17). I call customer service right away and although I'm assured, after 45 minutes, that I will get the initial $600.00 back, I am told that this probably happened due to "Operator Error"... ie, it was my fault (!) I make a second call the next day when I learned of the $327.00 taken on the 19th. And while the guy ultimately agreed that I was owed the money, this twit actually had the nerve to come right out and say that it was my fault. When I asked for a letter from BoA explaining what had occurred so that I could present it to my other creditors when I was late for any payment, I got a flat out "NO". Flash ahead to Monday, 03/05. I receive a check for $327.00. I call BoA and ask where the other $600.00 is. The CA tells me that she sees a request for the funds, but that it has not yet been authorized. Today: 03/07. I call Customer Satisfaction w/ BoA. I inquire, once again, as to the status of the $600.00 . This person proceeds to tell me that there is no refund coming, that $300.00 was used to pay last month's bill, and the other $300.00 is for this months bill, again due 03/17. In disgust I finally said, "here's the deal, you folks send me my $600.00 AND a letter of apology, or you won't see another payment from me. Let's see...$600.00 versus $11,000.00 in an unsecured loan. YOU FIGURE IT OUT".

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  • Ly
      24th of May, 2007
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    I don't know anything about this transaction that was done to my account and I don't know what the 49.95 was for anyway...

  • Tr
      7th of Jun, 2007
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    I was supposed to have money drawn out on the 8th of June out of my checking for my house payment and bank of america took the money out on the 5th of June and i had a check bounce thanks to them and had 50.00 in bad fees to pay out and now they are giving me the run around and is refusing to pay me my 50.00 back. I turned them into the bbb and the ftc, i hope it helps.

  • Yk
      14th of Sep, 2007
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    BOA changed my checking account type without my knowlege and start charging account fee. When I contacted customer service regarding the fee, they simply said that the fee free checking account is not available and I have to paid the fee.
    Here is another incident.
    I deposited $15,500 with american express travellers check using ATM. when I checked my balance after 5 days it did not show up. When I called BoA customer service I was told that it will take half a month until they verify the check since it could be a fake and I can not access my money until they collect money from american express. After 12 years as a royal customer, I was treated like a criminal. I called american express and they told me if the bank called them they could clear the check immediately. I called BoA customer service again to ask them to call the american express but was told that they do not provide those kind of service and can not return my money until it goes through their internal process which takes 15 days and if I write a check before they clear it will be bounced and they going to collect fee for the bounce check.

  • Cs
      27th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I closed on a BOA mortgage last year, and just found out they did not send the lender closing instructions to the title company for 2 more business days and they changed some of my forms that I signed on at closing. I had Dept. of Insurance investigate and $98, 000 was taken out of my escrow account closing. I closed my accounts so they cannot get money out of them but the money was missing and spent on something else. I was told I was getting a Fannie Mae loan which I find out I do not have. Do not take complaints through Executive Office in NC or OCC because it is worthless. Write to your State agencies. They will help.

  • Pd
      3rd of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    I have a debt with BOA and I'm working with Counsel for Debt Solutions on this matter. I contacted BOA back in April and advised them of this situation and I also told BOA that they are not authorized to withdraw any funds from my account. All was well last month (May) and BOA did as expected. Today, when I checked my account, I noticed the BOA had processed an automatic payment for $570 without my permission. This equates to a financial hardship for me this month. My bank, Frost Bank, has filed a complaint on my behalf, but that will take at least 30 days to resolve. The simple fact is that BOA took money from my account without my permission, which is theft. Since this was done electonically, this is a federal crime. I'm sure that BOA slips money into the coffers of our elected leaders so I don't expect any help from the federal government, but I would like to make an example of BOA and let everyone know the type of snakes at BOA. They have stole money from me and perhaps from many others even though we, the American public, lent them money to stay solvent.

    I ask our government and any public official or prosecutor to take a look at this matter because BOA is stealing from the American public and no one is holding them accoutable. Think of it this way, if I was to take money from you, you'd call the police and I'd be arrested. We need to call the "police" on BOA and have them arrested.

    If you're with me on this, let's work together to end the reign of terror by BOA.

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