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Bank Of America / awful bank

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I entered the Bank of America located at 1672 E. 2nd Street, Beaumont, Ca to cash my payroll check drawn on Bank of America (note, I do not have a Bank of America account). I work for the county of Los Angeles and I have cashed my check at many other Bank of America branches with no issues. On this particular day I handed over my payroll to check to the teller who stated immediately he needed to get an approval due to the check being over his limit, note the check was for $1220.00, the though of race, I am African American did enter my head. Sales Service Specialist, Adriana Portillo, came over who perused me up and down and then assisted the teller, received and reviewed my California State Issued Drivers license, processed the check through their system and just when the teller was to give me my funds, Ms. Portillo, yelled out to the teller, "Stop, Don't give her any money", which was quite embarrassing. I asked what was the problem, Mr. Portillo stated hold on I need to speak with the manager. A few seconds later she came over and said "We cannot cash your check, you need to take it and deposit it in your own bank". I asked "What? Ms. Portillo, said once again "We cannot cash your check, and you need to go to your own bank". Once again, I stated, "Why? This is my payroll check. Do you have a problem accepting a check issued from Los Angeles County? She said, "No, My manager said we cannot take your check". I asked for the manager's business card and Ms. Portillo said "I will give you mine and will write her name on the back, she in turn wrote the managers name Roxy Smith. I took my check and vacated the bank. The next day I contacted my legal department for Los Angeles County who assured me that should not have happened and that the reason Los Angeles County does through Bank of America to allow their employees accessibility to the high number of Bank of America branches available to cash payroll checks. The legal office of Los Angeles County contacted and spoke with manager Roxy Smith, who stated to them "The bank can do whatever they want and can turn away anyone they wanted to. The reason that they did not cash my check was because Bank of America has a sophisticated system which reflected that I was cashing a check at a branch not in my area. She also alluded to the fact that I was not cashing the check near my home nor near my work. My question" Who is Roxy Smith to decide where I cash my check. if the funds are available and I provided acceptable identification.

I went to another Bank of America branch the following day and I cashed my check just fine with no problems. I also addressed the prior days issued with the branch who did cash my check and they also stated that it was not the bank manager to question the validity of my home address to my banking location. Roxy Smith never came out of her office but did not have a problem dictating that I could not cash my Los Angeles County issued payroll check. I am wondering is this a racial issue, I was the only African American in the bank. I felt extremely disrespected and highly embarrassed. I felt racially persecuted and judged.

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  • Va
      13th of Oct, 2008
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    They reported that we had sufficient funds and then, since that wasn't really the case, when the account was debited, we had to pay the over-draft penalty again! They create these issues almost every month. We thought it was the result of a glitch, or that the agent was on drugs, but it's because it's company policy to SKIM accounts.

    What they practice is piracy and offering false information in order to steal, is a criminal fraud. Companies or groups that agree to commit a criminal act, as a matter of POLICY, violate the Rico Act; which is a law created to prosecute criminal organizations, or rackets who's policy it is to practice criminal level violations of the law.

    Only, in this case, they generate the error that produces the theft that creates the bonuses. They found a new niche and are working it to death, because they assume no risk, so far.

  • Va
      21st of Oct, 2008
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    I made a deposit to my bank account. At the time of the deposit I already a positive balance. I then made three purchases. Despite my deposit, which come to find out was 41 minutes after the deposit time (for my money to post as available), the bank charged me three separate charges. Beyond the irritating fact that I was unaware of their little deposit time rule, my favorite factor is that they take the highest amount that I spent... put my account overdrawn, then proceeded to take out the other two amounts plus charges.

    When I called to appeal to their customer service department... they offered me no help. Thanks Bank of America.

  • Va
      21st of Oct, 2008
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    I had a credit card out with Bank of America for over 2 1/2 years now and never missed any payments, I had a good credit history, paying off the credit card at the end of the month. I mailed my payment prior to the due date but it was not posted until one day after the due date and I was charge $39.00 finance charge. I called to get it credited and the Customer Service Manager stated that due to their policy they cannot refund the total amount because I was late. I told him that the payment was mailed on time, but they posted it one day later, he stated it is not the banks fault that the postal service is late delivering the mail they have their policies and must charge the late fee. This is very disappointing the same incident happened with USAA, but they credited the late charge because they realized the postal service problems and the check was posted one day late on their files, but the late fee was credited. I support 100% USAA they are customer friendly and work with the public.

  • Va
      7th of Nov, 2008
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    My daughter, who is a senior at UMass Dartmouth in Dartmouth Massachusetts, works part-time at the school. She received a small paycheck for $60.00 recently and went to cash it at a Bank of America because the check was written from the University's account at Bank of America. My daughter does not have an account anywhere near the school. Bank of America charged her $6.00 to cash that check... even though it was written from their bank. I think this is lousy. I called them to check whether they in fact do this as a practice and the woman who answered said they do. I wish the school would deal with another bank, one that will not take advantage of students who are already poor enough... What a mean group banks have become... What do others think?

  • Va
      19th of Nov, 2008
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    I had a credit card in 2000 with Bank of America. I paid it off and ended the account, or so I thought. 7 years later I found that they had just placed negative info on my credit report. I called to investigate. They said 'You had a credit card with a $50 balance. You didn't pay.' I said 'I haven't had a card with B of A for years.' They said 'Our information is correct.' When you get a negative on your credit report it lasts 7-10 years. B of A waited 7 years to report their $50 non-payment, didn't bother to contact me. So now this will be on my credit for another 7 years. I certainly would have paid the $50 if I'd known about it.

  • Al
      12th of Dec, 2008
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    This is what Bank of America did to me. We bought our home in December 2006. It is an older home and needed a lot of repair. They had an appraisal done and appraised the home at $105, 100.00. The was bought for $52, 000.00. Well we purchased our own home owners insurance and the insurance and the yearly taxes were escrowed into the payment of the home.

    Our payments were $496.00. The next thing we know they sent a payment book in February 2008 with the payment amount of $2, 110.00 a month. We thought it ws a typo until we went to pay the payment. Well the had no explanation to why at the time. Well we checked into it further that they had not paid our insurance or taxes. They lapsed our insurance and force placed their insurance of $13, 000.00. That put our escrow out of whack by -$20, 000.00. Well we couldn't afford that. We tried to get more insurance and because we don't have a central heat and air unit and new siding on the house we can't get insurance. The home was built in 1920 and needs updates. The Florida commission said until we get these updates and due to the fact the back let our insurance lapse we won't be able to get new insurance. Well the home is in foreclosure. We have been to court twice now and the judge agreed there is a discrepancy on there part. The court both times we have went come out in our favor. The next day after court Bank of America hired SAFE-Loc to enter our home and change all of the locks on the doors. A week later they hired some other guy to cut the grass. They gave him the new keys to the home. First of all if he is cutting the grass why does he need to enter the home? Anyway he entered the home and started removing the contents that was still in the home. Well remember the judge has not awarded them the home. We went to the local sheriff's office and tried to get a No- Tresspass warrant to no avail. We have no lawyer cause we can't afford one and have been fighting this ourselves. We go back to court on November 5, 2008. I just hope that they fix our credit cause they have really messed it up. I hope they reward us either the home or they money we have paid into the home including the money used for remodeling. Something has to give.

  • Ri
      15th of Jan, 2009
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    Hard times have hit many people. More than we want to realize. When in trouble where do we go but to our bank. Our business has taken a huge hit, things have slowed. We have never been late on a car payment. This month I know the bills will be late. I called BofA to apply for an extension on the car note and was told that in order to apply you must be 30 days current. That means there cannot be more than 30 days passed since your last payment. I made our payment on the 4th of the month before and called them on the 7th of this month, 3 days past the 30 day mark. Sorry, was the answer I got. 'Make a payment and then you can apply'. Excuse me? If I could make the payment I wouldn't be calling for an extension, right? When I asked them where I could drop the vehicle off so they can have it back they changed their tune some, but it didn't change a thing. Am I wrong?

    BofA have changed their policies since we opened our account. We have been banking with them for at least 10 years. I have also been hit by NSF funds because when a cash deposit is made they don't credit it right away. When I complained about that I was told it's their policy but spoke to a customer service rep one day who was extremely nice and looked up state laws for me. BofA will do their own thing and disregard each states individual banking laws, and in Mass, I believe a cash deposit is supposed to be made available immediately. The tellers, bank managers, atm receipts, phone banking all make those cash deposits 'available', not pending, all but the BIG system, who backtracks and holds the deposits. Find out the laws in your state and go from there.

    BofA is soon going to be a bank of my past. Local credit unions are where its at.

  • Ne
      15th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    I too have the same problem. The bank is next to where i work and my employer has them for a bank. They hound me all the time to open an account . Here's the deal with them- I can open an account with them and leave a $1.00 bal. in it and there will be no charge for cashing my paycheck. This is just wanting to get your personal information in there system. There is a law in MA. that any employer who issues a pay check to an employee, the employee will be able to cash such check with the bank that it is drawn on, with ID's at no-charge to the employee. MA. general laws section 138.

  • Br
      19th of Mar, 2009
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    I agree Bank Of America is horrible! I made a deposit in the bank for my son who was out town and needed money. I called him and told him that I had deposited money and the balance was now 66.00. He used the debit card for three days when i checked my account. Well i notice that he had used more than the 66.00 balance. I called him and told him to stop using the card & he asked why that he had only used about 100.00 and i told him that i had a balance of 660.00 dollars in the bank. He miss understood me when told him 66.00 he thought i said 660.00 . He used it a total of 5 times as a pin debit after the account went into the neg. he was even able to get cash from an ATM. This account was less than a year old and rarely used and my son was out of town when he was using the debit card. Those circumstances should have sent up red flags with the fraud dept. My Wamu account when i went on vacation and starting using my debit card every day out of town they called me and asked if I was in position of my debit card and if I was using it out of town. They have Fraud protection. Bank Of America new my account was empty but kept letting debit transactions go thru! When I called them and asked why these transaction were not declined due to lack of funds? They said it was for the customers convenience. Really? how is convenient to me to be charged 35.00 for a 6.00 transaction? I think not! when I said that I can understand the first two maybe but 5, 6 times after that? they refuse to credit me for any of the 235.00 that they charged in overdraft fees. Needless to say I will be closing my account and not be doing any bussiness with them ever again.

  • He
      20th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    This has been happening for years and it seems I am the latest victim. Last week (on the 2nd of March, of the year 2009), my account was suspiciously overdrawn according to BoA email and their Website. The weekend prior, I had decided to buy a xbox 360, and went on the website to make sure I had enough money to do so. The site said I had a total of 274 dollars, which should have included all the items that were waiting to be processed in their system.

    However, this sadly wasn't the case. There were 3 items, in my honest opinion, left out on purpose. They hadn't been processed for over a week, and for some reason never was accounted for when the system told me I had 274 dollars remaining. They weren't even on the web page when I looked at it. Even on the day prior to the overdraft, they weren't even there, leaving me to believe they had been taken care of.

    On the 2nd of March, I get a notice, telling me I have insufficient funds in my account, even though I got an email that day telling me I had 10 dollars remaining. Turns out the first 2 items had been charged. The first item was a 16 dollar haircut and the second one was a 5 dollar fast food order. They took out the 16 dollar one first, then the 5 dollar one, so that I would be overdrafted, not once, but twice, to maximize profit.

    All the while, I was told in emails that I had money still on my account. Then on Friday, March 6th, I was charged 10 dollars for an item I bought twice on paypal in the course of 10 mins, both 10 dollars. The first one I bought, went through the next day, the one that I just got overdrafted on took over 1 week. I had bought them on Feb 25th. This was also never on the account, or never taken in consideration on how much money I had left.

    Today, March 9th, I went into BoA to discuss this issue with them. I brought proof of what I am saying with me, with printed emails, exact print outs from their site, emails from them, and all the receipts. I told them that I had been overdrafted unfairly, and wanted to discuss this matter. I asked the Employee why was the 16 dollar purchase first, before the 5 dollar one. She said it was in the system first, which is true. However, here's the kicker. The xbox 360 that I had bought that weekend, was processed before any one of these ever were.

    When I pointed this out they told me that it was my fault for not keep track of what was going on with the system. I am 19 years old and in this day of age, most teenagers don't really keep track of how much they spend, they just go online to see how much is remaining and take it as is. So I asked to file a petition to have these fees reversed due to that. They told me I had overdrafted my account 3 months ago, which was a lie. I hadn't overdrafted the account for over 8 months, last time in July.

    Before I forget, during this whole process, I asked her how long can a company not report any charges to a debt card. They told me 3 days and after that we don't consider the charge valid.

    Soon after this, I asked them about the whole paypal thing and why was it not processed when the other was. They told me that paypal didn't report it...which would mean the 3 days were up right? No. They said you will need to discuss with Paypal, even though it was over the 3 day reporting period. They still charged me for the overdraft on that, even though what they said earlier contradicted this charge.

    I was charged over 120 dollars for a 'system error.' I would have gladly paid for the 16 dollar overdraft fee, but they insisted it was all my fault and not theirs. That being said, I had clear evidence they were keeping things back and not showing them up on my account. Were they doing it on purpose? I hope not, but it really looks that way.

    I am happy to say that I am done with them for ever. They obviously are more worried about getting money than keep customers, even though, they are the ones giving it to them in the first place.

  • Em
      20th of Mar, 2009
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    Very Bad Bank,

    I've had so many troubles like these. They took over $1200 last year in over draft fees by holding deposits and posting other transactions so it would throw me into overdraft. This is a very profitable business for them.

    I believe we are being targeted by the banks and I feel its time an attorney spoke for our rights and our money!

  • Bi
      8th of Apr, 2009
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    A little over a year ago a Bank of America representative almost begged me to take a credit card. I explained that I didn't want it, but of course she said it was too good of a deal to turn down. I have almost believed her until now.

    I used the new card and did everything I was supposed to do. I paid my bill on time (except for one time and I called them to let them no what was going on) and I never went over my credit limit.

    Several months later they increased my credit limit. Again I used the card a good bit and was probably piling up to much credit card debt, but again I played by the rules. It did get to a point where I was having to pay the minimum payment and that only works to the banks favor because half of what I was paying was going straight back to them in interest charges.

    My interest rate has been 13.24% and like I was saying, the interest I was paying was my fault for charging too much debt. Still, I paid by payments and NEVER went over my limit.

    Now I get a letter in the mail that says my APR is increasing to over 19%. Of course I can reject this increase, but I can never use the card again. If I do the increase takes affect on the entire balance.

    The reasoning behind the increase that was given to me was:
    1. My balance was to close to my limit
    2. My interest rate was too low for my credit score in the first place.

    This is ridiculous. I never asked for this card or the too low interest rate. They threw it at me. Also, they are the ones that set my credit limit, then raised my credit limit and tell me what I have to pay each month. Now they are going to penalize me for their carelessness. This is the reason that some banks are having the problems they are having. They give hard working people like me credit even though I might not be deserving of it so that they can make a few extra bucks in interest. Now because of the economy those people are not able to pay anymore and the banks are having to figure out how to get out of this mess.

    Something should be done about this. I am still making my payments and will do what I have to to pay off my debt, but I will not stand to be treated like this by a bunch of money hungry crooks!

  • Gu
      24th of Apr, 2009
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    cash deposits are same day, not immediately.

  • Ma
      27th of Apr, 2009
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    After receiving our VISA card May 2008 we were encouraged to use it to enhance our new business of which we did; remodeling, new fixtures and such. After paying $50 to $100 over and above the required minimum payment and never paying late or missing a payment we were informed that our interest rate is to almost double. The excuse from VISA customer service was that we are not paying off the debt aggressively enough. I asked if that was the case why would they not require a larger monthly payment? They said that would not help the situation. I asked what amount of payment would be satisfactory to avoid this shake down and she said she was not in a position to tell me the required amount. So Bank of America VISA is basically extorting a larger interest rate out of us because we have been paying our debt plus some and have made timely payments. If this is not resolved we will pay off the debt in full and transfer all of our corporate accounts out of this mafiaso organization. What a disgrace these people are.

  • Ri
      7th of May, 2009
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    I had received my statement from Bank of America and everything looked fine. I went online like I do several times a week to double-check my BOA account. Lo and behold the credit card limit had been lowered from $22, 000 to $15, 000. Had not received a letter or anything. We are never late and have had a credit card with them for over 11 years. I called the credit department and they said that since we had not utilized our high credit limit they were lowering it since it appeared we didn't need it. Can you believe this? Anyway I looked on-line and found a site with hundreds of similar stories about BOA lowering credit limits or raising interest rates, etc. ( Many of the people were not sent letters regarding the lowering of credit limits and in the process went unknowingly over their credit limit and were penalized. Also when credit card companies lower your credit limit this is reported to the credit bureaus and it lowers your credit score. Bank of America is not the only company guilty of this. We closed our account by the way. I would recommend everyone not to get too complacent in regards to their credit card companies. These companies can do what they want and we the consumer have no say at all.

  • Da
      15th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I totally agree about Bank of America, I closed out my account and they still let something through and then they told me that if something is put through it reopens the account. So different things tried to go through the account but could not because of no money but they kept charging me over draft fees, so now 225.00 is in a collection agency because I refuse to pay it!!

  • Re
      15th of May, 2009
    -1 Votes

    There are two sides to each story. You don't have an account. Go to your bank. I'm sure you were so "nice" to them that they wanted to go out of your way to help you-Right? It's sad that you immediately have to think that they are racist.

  • Co
      11th of Jul, 2009
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    I applied for and received pre-approval for a home loan on Jan. 11th, 2009. I received a letter from Bank of America dated Jan. 15th, 2009 stating my loan number and assuring me that a "Home Services Specialist" would be contacting me "shortly". Nobody ever called and on March 4th, 2009, I was able to get a name from the generic Customer Service Phone Number after waiting on hold for exactly 33 minutes. The contact person J. Vasquez has repeatedly and consistently given me false and conflicting information. I provided her with every document she requested and almost every time was then told that I needed to supply a document that she failed to previously mention. I believe that for some reason, Bank of America is deliberately sabotaging my loan and I would like to know why. I have filed a complaint with the Controller of Currency at in hopes they will do an audit and find out why I, A 24 YEAR customer of B of A is getting this poor and unethical treatment. I have been telling my horror story to everybody I speak with and almost every person I have talked to has told me that either they or somebody they know have a Bank of America horror story of their own. I hope that by posting this somebody will take heed and avoid getting the poor service I have received. If you are considering a home loan, please do your homework and check websites like this one. I wish I had. I started the loan process January 11th, 2009 foolishly believing I would have plenty of time to meet my May 31st deadline when my current lease runs out. My chronically ill girlfriend and I now risk being homeless or paying a ridiculous increase in our rent by having to go on a month to month lease unless somehow the federal agency (Controller of Currency at can assist us quickly and the escrow company doesn't drop us and sale the house to somebody else.

  • Ha
      18th of Jul, 2009
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    My line of credit was ended. Do to a credit report that you recided from Tranunion regarding a car I had co-signed. WFS Financial called our home and my wife talked to Jennifer Lollis she agreed to a settlement of $5, 000.00 which meant they wrote of $690.00. She agreed to take it off our credit reports. The care incident started in December 2003 we paid the car off December 6th 2006. You may call WFS Financial and ask yourself 1-8... ext: 44026.

    Your line of credit account didn't start tell September 2006. That should have been on our credit at that time. You also cancelled our credit card.

    You had an employee that was an investment broker who hurased us about investing some of our funds into the stock market she called daily and would stop use if we went to the bank we finally did envest and we lost $20, 000.00 our you going to pay that back? My tax dollars were given to you to bail you out of financial problems. So I believe I own a protion of B.O.A. or did you use the tax payers money to go on a resort trip? The nest time you go I would sure like to go along.

    I have full ententions of taking my business some place else. I have been a bank customer for a very long time and my payment records will tell you that I am not late on payments.

    I am going to talk with all the news stations and tell them what you have done. I will write to president Obama and tell what you have done. I will tell every person I meet what you have done and how you are a very unfriendly bank and that you should have called me first and asked for an explaintion. Not just sent a nasty note. I have never been treated so badly and made to fell like I was a no body.

  • Re
      18th of Jul, 2009
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    After four months and countless phone calls and emails to cancel an unauthorized charge; Bank of America still keeps mistakenly drafting $15 dollars from my business account!

    It started out of the blue in April I notice a strange charge on my account for “Online Business Suite Account Management Services”, a charge I did not authorize. I spent 45 minutes on the phone with BOA and finally got a representative to remove the charge and then they had the gall to try and sell me more services I didn’t want. They said the will remove the unauthorized subscription to the “Online Business Suite Account Management Services” and credit my account for the $15. They said I will not be charged for it in the future. The next month (May) rolled around and it happened again! Same thing, spent an hour plus sending emails and calling just to get them to remove this charge and service from my account. June came, same thing again, this time I demanded through emails that they get this problem in front of a manager, because I didn’t want to have this happen every month. I sent about 8 emails total, each time they sent a form letter back and each time I asked if they even read the emails. Every reply keep saying they credited me for the $15 charge and that we were removed from that service. Each time I said this keeps happening and I don’t want to keep going through this, that this was the 3rd month in a row and it keeps happening and to please explain how they will make sure this does not happen again and to get this email to a manager. It was to deaf ears! It happened again this month of July!

    I’m so feed up with this and Bank of America could care less! It seems like a scam! Automatically enrolling someone over and over again as if they hope unaware victims will let it slide so Bank of America can make some extra money! I know first hand and my friends do to, how Bank of America is so greedy. BOA orders the largest to the smallest charges on an account when an overdraft happens with in the same day so BOA unfairly makes a lot more money on fees. My friend was only around $10 short one day, but since BOA unfairly stacks the cards against their customers he was charged $175 for 5 overdrafts! If they ordered it from the smallest charge to the largest only the largest charge would have been over-drafted and he would only have had one single $35 fee! I won’t even get started to BOA’s “keep the change” scam like program. It’s the greed of large financial corporations that has gotten this world into this huge financial crisis. When are they going to learn that it’s unhealthy to treat their customers the way they do? Only when large corporations don’t have the power of a monopoly and we have more choices! The customers and citizens loose while the CEOs win! Too big to fail? NO, too big fails!

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