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Bank Of America / fraud and cheating

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This is what Bank of America did to me. We bought our home in December 2006. It is an older home and needed a lot of repair. They had an appraisal done and appraised the home at $105, 100.00. The was bought for $52, 000.00. Well we purchased our own home owners insurance and the insurance and the yearly taxes were escrowed into the payment of the home.

Our payments were $496.00. The next thing we know they sent a payment book in February 2008 with the payment amount of $2, 110.00 a month. We thought it ws a typo until we went to pay the payment. Well the had no explanation to why at the time. Well we checked into it further that they had not paid our insurance or taxes. They lapsed our insurance and force placed their insurance of $13, 000.00. That put our escrow out of whack by -$20, 000.00. Well we couldn't afford that. We tried to get more insurance and because we don't have a central heat and air unit and new siding on the house we can't get insurance. The home was built in 1920 and needs updates. The Florida commission said until we get these updates and due to the fact the back let our insurance lapse we won't be able to get new insurance. Well the home is in foreclosure. We have been to court twice now and the judge agreed there is a discrepancy on there part. The court both times we have went come out in our favor. The next day after court Bank of America hired SAFE-Loc to enter our home and change all of the locks on the doors. A week later they hird some other guy to cut the grass. They gave him the new keys to the home. First of all if he is cutting the grass why does he need to enter the home? Anyway he entered the home and started removing the contents that was still in the home. Well remember the judge has not awarded them the home. We went to the local sheriff's office and tried to get a No- Tresspass warrant to no avail. We have no lawyer cause we can't afford one and have been fighting this ourselves. We go back to court on November 5, 2008. I just hope that they fix our credit cause they have really messed it up. I hope they reward us either the home or they money we have paid into the home including the money used for remodeling. Something has to give.

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      15th of Aug, 2008
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    I have been dealing with these people for a while. They purchased my account from MBNA. I subsequently moved and was unable to find a job for quite a while. I got very far behind on my payments and that it totally my fault. I tried to get it back on track but it seemed as though I couldn't get ahead with anything. So... a year later... I have a good job and am still trying to claw my way out of a financial hole. FIA contacts me about making payments to get back in good standing. I authorize ONE payment in July 2007. They take money out in August and September, overdrawing my account by dearly $500 when the do so. I contacted my bank when it happened and they immediately gave me the money back and closed the account. Fine. Everything is ok. Two months later, FIA calls me and offers me a settlement. I took the offer and was supposed to make six payments at the end of each month. I made all of my payments on time. After the 5th payment, I got a phone call from a collection agency telling me my debt had been charged off. So, I contacted FIA and the first thing they told me was that they never got a payment. When I tell them I have a receipt, they say I didn't make the payment in time. Then I pull my phone records to make sure (I made the payments at a branch and had to call in a transaction number), because I can be a little flaky sometimes. My phone records indicate I made a phone call on 2/28 at 3:56PM and the receipt I have indicates I made the payment at 3:55PM. They are still calling me a liar! These people are crooks, liars and cheats! They care nothing about the average American who works hard day in and day out for their money!

    I have been reading all these posts about these crooks and I'm beginning to wonder, where's the lawsuit? Has one been filed? Don't you think it's time to fight back and stand up for ourselves? I say call the FTC with complaints. Go to their website - Something has to be done about these people. They have taken advantage for far too long!

  • Ma
      7th of May, 2009
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    Bank of America (and many banks) are in the process of getting taxpayer money while continuing to implement policies that take advantage of the American people.

    I recently learned of a number of hard working, bill paying, NEVER LATE WITH A PAYMENT, people like myself that have had their credit limit lowered by bank of America on their cc. Which on the surface is minor ( it was a card i never used so it was quite funny to me) nonetheless, it intrigued me and i started digging.

    Bank of America purchased Countrywide, an underwriter of 20% of the nation's home loans. when added with BoA loans that is a large portfolio.

    The largest issue with Countrywide seems to be the predatory lending accusations (ie home loan terms)now owned my BoA.

    so BoA lowers a cc limit on thousands of customers. which of course lowers their credit rating because now they are using 100% of their credit limit as opposed to less than 25% days earlier (as in my case). Now those same customers are less able to be in a position to refinance those poorly structured Countrywide written, now BoA owned home loans. Therefore more money for BoA.

    This is wrong and should be looked into.

  • Lo
      2nd of Jun, 2012
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