Bank Of America Atm / atm robbed me

ST Paul, United States Review updated:

On Sunday Morning May 3rd 2015 My Mother and I drove 90 miles to the nearest Bank Of America ATM machine at ATM at Town Square ATM 445 Minnesota St, St Paul, MN 55101 to deposit 1517.00 in cash. I had seen this work before at a Wells Fargo Bank by my mother when I would give her cash she would simply go to a ATM deposit cash and go on with life, seems really simple….. But my attempt to accomplish this task 90 miles away in St. Paul Minnesota hit a big dilemma. I walked up to the machine swiped my card and entered my pin no. the machine asked me what I would like to do. I pushed the button for deposit. Now the machine opens a 3" x 7" door and I put in 15, 100 dollar bills along with 2 fives and 7 ones for a total of 1517.00 dollars. I was waiting for the machine to come back to me and ask me if 1517.00 dollars was correct deposit and I would enter yes or no but the ATM machine instead came back and ask me what was your deposit I entered 1516.00 instead of 1517.00 then it spit out a receipt FOR ONLY 300.00 dollars, the receipt said “Sorry we cannot process all your items and all items not processed cannot be returned”, Please contact your Financial institution. Now remember I traveled 90 miles to make this special deposit. I drove back home and called Bank of America Immediately on Sunday, May 3rd 2015 Cust. service They recorded my Claim of the error at the ATM and told me they could not adjust my account today which was Sunday and to call them tomorrow which was Monday May 4th 2015. The next day Monday, I called them and Talked to a supervisor and I asked her to please credit my account for the remaining 1217.00 dollars that was not put on my account because the ATM could not process all items in the machine. She did not have the authority to do this immediately but referred this claim to her manager and he did credit my account right away like in an instance where my balance showed the correct amount of the deposit. for the shortage of 1217.00 and he said he will have his team investigate to get this deposit corrected. Life Goes on……..
The Next Day, Now on Tuesday May 5th 2015 I woke up in the morning and checked my account and there was a extra 1217.00 dollars in my account from the previous day and was noted as deposit adjustment. I said to myself GREAT they found THE money in the atm and now I had that deposit plus the one the manager gave me on Monday. That’s why I thought they found my money in the ATM. I was also thinking why have they not taken the original credit out at the same time HMMMMMMM. I also seen the the usual items that got paid on Monday night were not paid yet but where still pending. Remember we are in Tuesday now. My bills that I always had over the weekend and my hotel checkout bill from the previous Friday always got paid on Monday night reflecting my stay from the previous week by Tuesday Morning. I just said to myself well the 1217.00 credit they gave me Monday May 4th 2015 will be out tomorrow Wednesday May 6th 2015.
I woke up Wednesday May 6th 2014 and notice the usual items that got paid on Monday where paid last night Tuesday and but wait that extra 1217.00 dollars they credit me on Monday is still there HMMM. Now I am thinking should I call them and see what’s up thinking they should have taken that extra 1217.00 when they paid my other debits on Tuesday night. I just said I will wait another day thinking they were just slow during their process.
I woke up Thursday May 7th 2015 and noticed the usual items got paid but that extra money is still sitting there of 1217.00 now this is getting to be a big HMMMMMMMMMM. Now to make a long story short on Friday when I woke up the balance was correct and no sign of the 1217.00 that was deposited as a deposit adjustment could be seen on my statement on line or anywhere it was just GONE………………But my balance was correct…….
All statements above are all correct and true.
As of today June 3rd 2015 Bank Of America is taking their original credit back Made on May 4th 2015 for 1217.00 and Bank Of America is the reason to me that FOR there was NO extra cash in the ATM at Town Square ATM 445 Minnesota St, St Paul, MN 55101 on May 3rd 2015.
This is a false statement made by Bank Of America and I would like a internal investigation to my account and bring the parties of Bank Of America forward to present them with a Civil Action Lawsuit for falsifying my banking statement. TO BENEFIT THERE OWN OBLIGATIONS…
My mother as a witness was standing right next to me to my right at the ATM at Town Square ATM 445 Minnesota St, St Paul, MN 55101 at this address where the mismanagement by BANK OF AMERICA of my funds were deposited. She PHYSICALY seen me put 1517.00 DOLLARS in the machine from my wallet, And watched the Bank Of America ATM error out in the process and would not return the items I put in the ATM Machine and HAD a credit for only 300.00 out of 1517.00.

Jun 6, 2015
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  • Th
      9th of Jun, 2015

    Why did they say they were taking back the $1217 credit? What was BofA's reason for doing this?

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  • De
      9th of Jun, 2015

    Everything has been cleared up and they found the money and credit my account Monday morning June 9th 2015. They actually found the money back on May 12, but kept saying and sending letters via there web site that they found no extra money... I tell ya will never deposit money in there ATM again.. I took about 40 days for them to locate 1217.00 in a atm...HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

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  • Th
      9th of Jun, 2015

    "I tell ya will never deposit money in there ATM again"

    I think you should avoid depositing that much cash in any ATM. Had you deposited a cheque it would probably have been easier.

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