Bank Of America / tendering a payees check after payors account was closed

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Where do these banking policies come from? Bank of America is taking advantage practicing 'back door habit's on a gross level. Recently my husband and I closed our bank account (checking) after waiting for all check's to clear. Two check's had not cleared and were written by us approximately six month's prior to closing our account. We could not locate the payee as he was a helper that came along with a contractor to do some work on our home. We thought maybe the check was lost or misplaced by the helper. The other check had been written to purchase something over the internet and also had not been cashed. So now we would have expected that the payees would probably come directly to us for payment. Low and behold, these check's were both cashed by Bank of America after we closed the account. Those check's were not legally supposed to be honored after all our account number no longer existed as active. Account Closed should have been stamped on each check and returned to the two payees. They not only sent us a statement that appeared to be business on an existing account with a negative account balance of almost a thousand dollar's and overdraft fees as well. After going to the bank and not getting any answer's we decided to not deposit the funds to bring the account to a zero balance. But to go to corporate, still nobody could give us answer's. They have reported my husband and I to Check Systems a company who report's you as an undesirable customer and for 5 year's keep's you on a list that all bank's check as you apply for a checking or saving's account. Thus, we can longer obtain a bank account for five year's. Thanks to you Bank of America you have deprived us the ability to operate our live's financiallyin the normal way. We hope to see your incompetent organization charged with mis-conduct, fined, repay all cheated customers identified by a grand audit and finally, closed. That's what you deserve.

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  • Kh
      3rd of May, 2010

    checks are good for 1 year. The bank has to pay them

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