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Bank Of America / holding funds

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here is the content of a letter I sent to customer service at B of A concerning a "hold" they have on check I deposited a week ago. This is a scam being run by B of A. What they do is withhold deposits for the full legal time they can withhold them to get the advantage of your money for a period of time. Meanwhile, you can't pay the bills. The spirit of the law is to protect from phony deposits from disreputable sources. I can only say that the source of this deposit is in better shape than BofA-and BofA knows it.

I would ask you to immediately release the rest of the funds from a deposit I made a week ago. The check was from a a major insurance company, as reputable a source as any. (if the source was suspect I would possibly understand). The only possible justification for holding back the money-which is causing us huge problems-is that Bank of America is stealing-holding the money hostage so they can use it for the full legal time they are allowed to do so. If done on a massive scale this could benefit the company, at the expense of the deposit holders.This is disgraceful behavior. I know you have stated you will release it Monday. Release it today.

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      6th of Feb, 2009
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    Why isn't everyone outraged over this! Bank of America has done the same dirty little tricks to me, and I have been robbed of hundreds of dollars by them since they bought out LaSalle Bank in April of 2008. B of A WILL lose a whole population of customers b/c they are greedy pigs. I disdain most banking policies - they are created to take, take, take and not much else. However, nobody has balls the size of Bank of America, don't you think? They just helped themselves to how many billions of dollars in taxpayer money for their so-called "bailout"? They sicken me. Something has to be done in this country to stop this blatant robbery of the common people. You just don't know how I would love to have Bank of America's Executives to myself, alone in a room just once. NO CONSCIENCEs! NO ACCOUNTABILITY! WORST BANK EVER!

  • Pe
      1st of Mar, 2010
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    This is a capitalist society what do you expect? Businesses want to make money so they have policies that lead to that end. If Bank of America did not make money then you wouldn't want to bank with them. What do you think pays for the tellers, branches, security, website, debit cards and the convenient ATM machines that are located just about anywhere? If the bank didn't have money making policies then you never would have entered one to begin with. I have banked with B of A for 7 years and the only money they have ever made off of me has been through using my money while they have it to the best of their ability. From a business standpoint why would they want to change this policy if it is lawful and makes them money without bothering a large number of their customers?. I am happy to allow them to take advantage of my money for the smal time they have it so long as I gain the security and convenience that banking with a large bank provides.

  • Ju
      8th of Mar, 2011
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    Same [censor] done to me deposited my $500.00 check.. Hard earned from working 80 hours and I get to see that I don't get to use my money until 5 days after depositing. Closing my account once this is all over with I'm done with you BoA screw off.

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