Avis / problem with communication and standard

I booked with other provider (ORBITZ) Avis car and service.
AVIS standard is not asking and not looking on others insurances.
I had my insurance with ORBITZ and in my head insurance is MY insurance, while AVIS put it automatic on own system (AVIS Preffered) even dont inform me.
Also there is big difference about safety deposit in all 3 my cases with AVIS in Mexico during 2 weeks.
For costumer is hard to fallow and to know standard if there is no standard.
I just trusted AVIS workers and signed where they pointed. Under is all my point of view:
I have also documentation

I had bad experience with AVIS system and service and still dont have answers from AVIS what their system will do to improve.
I know that my signature and documents shows everything by LAW, but i am talking about problems under and easy way to solve it if AVIS would like to improve as long term company. My experience show that AVIS is short time company with no costumer oriented standard. and there is my biggest questions which point those problems. But all AVIS doing all time talking about my signature :)))
AVIS workers in office even didnt look on my reservation with other provider ORBITZ, they have to switch own system and dont listen what costumer tell about other provider and insurance. I got even this said in email as answer to my question from Mexico costumer service :

here is my 5 main questions and AVIS answers, my case from my side is under answers ad questions.

1. What AVIS workers should do if situation is fallowing:

in rental office coming costumer and show documents about renting and insurance from other provider, but with AVIS car. What AVIS worker do next ?

AVIS Mexico answered:
They should offer our protections, because we have no agreements with any other insurance provider, customer is free to decline our protections; in your case your Wizard number XXX07C shows that you have signed for the LDW trough a Master Rental Agreement; the rental agreement prints customer preferences, if customer wants to decline, agent can eliminate from that agreement prior to sign, in this case your sign shows that you agree to add the LDW as usual and as your Wizard number shows.

This shows very well how problem was made. If AVIS workers even dont look and dont listen about providers insurance. I think there is just one small question if costumer comes with other provider- do You have insurance with other provider? In other case- AVIS are talking about their insurance while costumer talking about other providers insurance. and all problems gone, instead of hard pushing back. But as answer from AVIS Mexico shows. they dont need this in system, as they are not interested to cooperate.

2. How to explain, that i havnt been charged for extra 20 or30 or other% in 1 case of 3?

AVIS Mexico answered:
About the different charges we have this rentals:
09077732IE6 / [protected] This is the first one at Mexico City, your reservation shows LDW added, as your Rental agreement shows too.
16430446US4 / [protected] This is the reservation in Tuxtla, your reservation shows LDW, as your Rental agreement shows too (but in this case you made the reservation trough Orbitz)
09078189IE1 / [protected] This is the reservation in Guadalajara, your reservation shows LDW added but in this case it shows you ask at the office to not include LDW.
So, you are not been charged extra in any of your rentals; the difference is that at Guadalajara you declined LDW and drove unprotected.

which was not true, because i had safety deposits in all 3 cases, i 2 this was returned (safety deposit as told), in 3rd this was taken as full price and 2000 MXN as safety deposit was taken together with 13031 MXN (this is shown in additional document)

after i sent question again:
2a. AVIS workers DONT know how to make safety deposit and when, there is no system in AVIS. and i still didnt get answer how it can be if in 2 cases i had deposit and in one also (by what workers said), but after it became as payment with NO deposit. and there is also 2 different payments (13031 MXN and 2000 MXN, this was explained for me as 2000 MXN are safety deposit)

for this question i didnt get answer, just one more time reminding about signature or cancellation of AVIS LDW…

Answer from AVIS:
but all the documentation shows that all charges where correctly applied and your sing confirms that you accepted the LDW which is the amount on dispute.
If you can provide to us with any document showing declining the LDW will be helpful.

but my question was NOT about this, i am asking how AVIS make payment, safety deposit and how they inform costumer, NO answers about this, never get from AVIS something i asked

3. How can my price be 892 USD, if my price with everything included was 664 and AVIS added insurance was 180 USD?

answer from AVIS
Your reservation shows an estimated total of $879 USD as shown at the PDF attached, the amount of $664 USD is the price of Orbitz (including their coverage, not ours) but regarding your Wizard Preferred number, every reservation you book the LWD will be added to your lease automatically as well as your contract because you requested that way on your Avis Master Rental Agreement. The cost of the coverage, as you can see on the contract that we sent you on January 15th is $575.11 MXN ($33.99 USD, exchange rate that day was $ 16.92 MXN) per day plus tax and surcharges.

but my 664 USD reservation included all tax and charges, which means- i still dont understand, where is my 50 USD aprox.

4. Is price for petrol if costumer return empty tank instead of full DOUBLE?

Avis answer
Yes, it is almost double.

after i give one more question to explain price making, i got no answer.

5. Is it OK to write not correct name in email and dont say «sorry» after it was noted?

after pointing out this 3 times, first time after my long correspondence i got apology from AVIS and said THANK YOU :)))

And here is my point of view and story with 13 additional files about how this happened :

God Day.
Unfortunately I had bad experience wit AVIS service in Mexico. I had 3
reservations and all of them had more or less problems with standards
and system. Happy for me there was 2 cases I finished good- no loses.
But one case tok and take from me a lot of energy and nerves and money.

Therefore more i will write about PROBLEM case. I tried to contact
Mexican Costumer service (emails about this conversation i will add in
this mail), but only answers i got- costumer should read and understand

everything and AVIS dont have to explain weakest parts of contract. If

costumer signed contract- costumers problem. I know this rule; usually

it works in companies for short-term existence. I was surprise dhow
dont want to at least understand my side and make some small
apologizing, not just to be sorry about my stupidity. That was sad.
Now back to problem and my questions, which i didn't get clear answer
from all costumer service workers. Even more- i felt wish to hide
problem, not solve. So maybe my claim could help you improve standard
and system. As just to admit mistakes can make as better. But so far i
got opposite from AVIS- in all problems blame me.

I booked car with ORBITZ provider Who rent me AVIS car in september 2015

for traveling in Mexico (Tuxtla- Merida) 3.-8.january 2016.
Orbitz booking PBORB-[protected] and price 664 USD
AVIS ref. 16430446US4
Allianz Travel Insurance number :IBORB170720821 54 USD, paid
(all reservations will add to mail, files ORBITZcontract1,
ORBITZcontract2, ALLIANZinsurance)
Came to Tuxtla airport 3.january 2016.
2. Showed my booking with Orbitz, but they didn't look on that
properly, they worked with own AVIS order, which was not known for me.

3. AVIS workers charged me 900 USD, I asked what is included in
900 USD. As I have full insurance with ORBITZ, I don't need any extra
deposits. AVIS workers answered me – this is 30 % extra amount to insure

one day delayed back delivery and after calling one English speaking
worker I got approved, that I will get back everything over 664 USD, if

all conditions will be OK after renting. There was even no mentioned
about AVIS insurance or I was not informed that AVIS Wizard is put for
this reservation and automatic I have been added as "always insure"
costumer. Even if I book with Orbitz and there was no question about
Avis Wizard with this reservation.
4. AVIS worker wrote 664 USD with hand, said this is total price,
other amount is deposit to be sure for extra costs if needed and as in
my first booking (27.-31.december Mexico City) I had also renting price

and deposit charged, I signed over. (File AVIScontractdiscussed)
In my 3rd reservation with AVIS in this trip (Guadalajara- Mexico City
10.-13.january) I had same system as well- renting price plus deposit
(this time was 50%). I didn't mind, as I had no insurance this time (and

Mexico City AVIS workers asked me about this, don't put just finger
where to write initials.
5. After AVIS workers showed me where to put signs and initials
on contract. As AVIS before was company with stable name, I trusted
standards and system.
6. I put initials also to insurance as I had insurance and agreed
to rent insured car. (file AVIScontractdiscussed) Was not informed
about double insurance.
7. Everything went OK while traveling.
8. Delivering back in Merida started with demanding double petrol
price for empty tank, as I had short time, I tried to agree with AVIS to

pay for empty tank, but after workers (8.january 8.30am) asked me to
double price, I had to fill in myself, lost more time and had to be in
hurry to reach next plain to Guadalajara. Therefor I left all renting
papers and jump into car to reach plain. There was not agreement about
AVIS and me for total price, as I got it clear, before all this started.

As I have it discussed written even on ORBITZ contract, (file
9. Few minutes later, in airport, I got invoice from AVIS Merida
for 892 USD. With unexpected 228 USD, which was marked as insurance.
(Invoice and everything about payment will be added in mail, files
AVISCharges_03_01_and_08_01 )
10. I had to contact AVIS Costumer Service Mexico to understand how
this could happen. I started to get different prices, new reservation
blank (dated 10.january 2016 for reservation made 15.september 2015). I

got also copy of my contract, where with AVIS worker hand and my
signature under is written 664 USD total. Also after telling, that I had

agreement with AVIS worker in Tuxtla, that 900 USD charge including 664

USD rental price and deposit for extra occasions, I got answer "this

is not sign agreement, it not works in AVIS". Even if it is so obvious

and logic to understand – I had insurance 15.september 2015, no needed

other, there is 900 USD amount, which including 664 USD (written in
contract by hand) and 30% deposit (from previous standard experience
with AVIS. After I asked why my car delivering back "checking" papers
are not signed, I got answer- it was obvious and not needed sign, double

standard…where is STANDARD? (all email correspondence added in 6 files

with EmailsAVIS names )
11. Result is- I feel like stupid foreign, whom don't speak Spanish,
don't read contract, don't know how AVIS system work, stupid to trust
AVIS system and workers.
That is why I tried to find problem to solve for others and also I don't

want to pay extra 228USD, which was not my wish to order.
Here comes questions to Central Costumer Service. Maybe it will help

1) If I am responsible for everything about what is AVIS system and
standard about and have to know everything without help of AVIS workers

(to inform, ask, understand), everyone after renting AVIS should be
work for AVIS. Or You even don't need workers, as costumers can do
everything themselves. Is it OK in AVIS standard to take insurance, not

informed about payment, as when I booking, there is nothing about
automatic insurance?
2) Is there standard to take double price for petrol tank? If is,
than Mexico airport team is too human, they help costumers, don't take
double price in hurry case. But don't punish them for to be nice with
3) As always- there is hurry when traveling, I can understand all
problems. But why is big difference between each AVIS office, everyone
act different. When I started to find problem, feeling is, that everyone

act different. Is there standard, what AVIS worker should do if come
costumer with following:
a) booked with different provider
b) have his own paid insurance
What information should fallow from AVIS worker, what questions, what
attention? Nothing? I have to find it myself about 100% double insurance

anyway from AVIS? From Avis Costumer service I got answer that other
insurances don't count ( it is staying in email correspondence,
additional), they have separate AVIS insurance anyway. Is it in system?

They don't have to ask costumer about insurance from others? Is it AVIS

4) When I booked with other 2 AVIS offices (Mexico City and
Guadalajara) I got some extra money (about 30 -50%) to secure return
process, in my 3rd BAD case I was charged for 900 USD and explained-
this is 30%. Which made me comfortable to understand price. After I got

invoice all amount was set as 664 USD plus insurance 228 USD or
something else. Where is gone standard to have 30% security money? Or it

is not standard? Where is system? Why in 2 other rentals I got system
"Rental price +deposit "and in problem case it was set just in Tuxtla
(if rental price was 664 USD, as they said, everything over is deposit
and will be returned by delivering) and after in Merida this deposit was

made as insurance amount? If I got normal SYSTEM in Tuxtla and even
with insurance money 228 USD I should get rental price 892 USD plus some

300 USD deposit, it should made 1200 USD and my big attention. But
instead my card was charged 900 USD and I felt comfortable with rental
price plus deposit SYSTEM.
And who is responsible for same system in each office? I understand it
is Mexico, but why it is so hard to understand price making in one of
biggest car renting companies? By papers I can see insurance is even
lower, than I have even more questions, how is made amount over my
booking price 664 USD? No one sent me clear answer.
5) Why prices are different and not clear like- rent 664 USD (incl
TAX), insurance…x USD? All time I got papers, I cant understand how this

price is made. There is still many figures, but no clear answer. My
rental price was 664 USD, how is made everything over? I cant see that
my rental price is 664 USD, insurance is even less than 228 USD, there
is so much misunderstandings and not understandings.
6) Why is so hard to know before this problem, that AVIS Wizard make
automatic click for all reservations with full insurance and don't take

it in price with booking? How easy is to understand this for costumer
before meet problem?
7) Is it OK to get answer from 10 different costumer service workers for

one problem? Is it system? I better wait longer, but have step by step

solving. Why so obvious problems are avoid from AVIS workers, keeping
push costumer back to feel blamed ? I even didn't get smallest apologize, just sorry about MY problem.
8) My name is Igvars Bierands and not other way as they call me (Ivars
Brands ), it is how easy is to not fallow hard tasks, what is written on

passport. If AVIS workers cant read my name correctly, how I as simple

costumer could know everything about big, stable AVIS system without
assistance from AVIS workers?
Hope You can help me understand how to get back my money and will inform

me how You could improve system?
Because I can understand my signatures make AVIS more or less safe, but

I think my costumer rights take also place, therefore I hope to solve
this without costumer right services involved.
As I said, my feeling is that AVIS make me responsible for problems in
AVIS own system and all answers are not about to solve, but avoid.
Best wishes Igvars Bierands

Feb 22, 2016

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