Avis / rental car mechanical problem

DE, United States

I rented a Nissan Altima for a 4.5 hour long trip. The vehicle started making a dreadfully loud noise the day before the trip ended. On the way home, I contacted Avis because the car had eaten 1/4 tank of gasoline in 43 miles. I explained that I had to keep stopping, and it didn't seem dangerous enough to contact the emergency roadside number. When I returned the car 45 minutes late, I was charged a late fee, and I had paid 75.00 total on gasoline. The car should have been able to do the entire trip on one tank of gas. The representative ended up charging me more than the amount I was scheduled to pay, after presenting a coupon initially at pick up. I saw this complaint site and felt discouraged. I called Avis, who submitted the complaint but I didn't think I would obtain resolution, after it was already charged to my credit card. A week later, the company sent me a letter to inform me of a fair refund, and I will continue using the company for that reason.


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