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AT&T Lg Shine / poor customer service, drop calls

1 Los Angeles, CA, United States Review updated:

My phone, LG Shine, from AT&T has been dropping calls and turning off the phone by itself even though it is full of charge. When I try to call out, phone says that "CALL ENDS"...never rings, I can't even receive calls. I tried to call a same number 85 times before it finally connected me through.
All the data I had in my memory stick were gone even though I didn't erase them;

This is my 2nd LG shine by the first one had the same problem!

This phone is awful, customer service reps of AT&T are also awful, they kept transfer me over to so many departments, I had to go into store to change my sim card, never worked! Customer rep at a store told me to talk to technical support, warranty dept, when I did so, they just transfer me over to regular customer services again... WHAT IS WRONG WITH AT&T!!!

By the way, I had so much problem with my phone not making calls and getting calls, had to use co-workers phones and public phones, AT&T still charges me full service fee and Courtney H(cancellation dept rep) told me that if I cancel my phone today, they will still charge me a cancellation fee.
And she said "If you want to change to Nokia old phone, you can pay $40."


Warranty dept told me that I can't replace to other phone since they don't have a record of me swapping it for the first time. It's not my fault, that's AT&T's fault.

Anyways, I really recommend not getting this LG shine and if you have other choices going to different company, just go for it!!!


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  • R
      14th of Nov, 2008
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    Rogers is the worst company I have ever dealt with. It hires complete ###s..everytime I call I get told something else.

    I have had to return my LG shine over 3 times now due to dropped calls.

  • Mm
      12th of Nov, 2010
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    I have the exact same problem! I use LG Shine, too. The call dropping happened about a week ago. Called AT&T twice and had the representatives help me out. The problem has never been solved. I don't think it's the phone problem. The first representative told me that one of the towers close where I live is "degraded." The 2nd representative told me that my number was registered to a far-away tower. He switched me back and the phone still doesn't work.

    A friend told me that the problem could have been the capacity issue. Many people own an iPhone or iTouch or iWhatever, and they use Internet to download stuff. So, it's all jammed up there.

    I am going to switch to a different phone company. You should do so, too.

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