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Aspen Dental / rude staff

1 NY, United States Review updated:

I was seen in the office for a first time patient visit. I scheduled the appointment online. NO WHERE does it say that you will not get a cleaning on the first visit. I have never heard of such a thing. Anyway, I was taken back for my visit (late of course) and a person did x-rays. Not once did she state her name or what she did there. It took her and her co-worker 25 minutes to do a full set of x-rays. My mouth was all cut up and they didn't ask if I was ok. They then escorted me to the exam room. I waited for 30 minutes. No one came by to let me know the dr. was running behind. No one checked on me to see if I needed anything or needed to reschedule. NOTHING. An elderly gentleman came into the exam room next to me and waited. The dr. came in and looked at my chart and then looked at him and said "who was here first". I said "me, but go ahead and see him". She finished with him, looked at my chart, saw I was a first time patient and said "let me look at your x-rays" she did that then came over to me and said "Open up" NOT ONCE did she say who she was. She finished her 30 second exam and told me I had a cavity and says "did you know that"...well duh, no I didn't know that...that's why I'm here. Then she tells me to go make an appointment with the office manager. I asked about the cleaning and was told the hygeinist wasn't in that day. I didn't make a follow up appointment but told the office manager that the online scheduling didn't say anything about not getting a cleaning on the first visit. She then says "Well it's your first visit, why would you expect a cleaning?" I DON'T KNOW, CALL ME CRAZY BUT THAT'S WHAT YOUR PRACTICE DOES!!!

So the next day I went back to claim my dental records because no way was I going to continue going to this establishment. I asked to speak with the office manager again. I told her I was bothered by the unprofessionalism in her office the day prior. She was very hostile and told me "well if you were concerned about who the dr may or may not have been you should have asked". Then she apparently got up and asked the dr. if this was true. She came back and proceeded to tell me that the dr remembered me...(HOW COULD SHE...SHE ONLY SAW ME FOR 30 SECONDS...THERE WAS NOTHING TO REMEMBER!) and said she absolutely introduced herself. i said "ok, fine. that's not what happened." the office manager then said..."well I'm not going to take your word for it...I have to go with what my dr. said" She also told me that it isn't necessary for her staff, other than the dr., to introduce themselves.

I'm a nurse and my boyfriend is a physician and if either of us EVER treated a patient in this manner we would be in a world of trouble.

Shame on Aspen Dental in Camillus, NY for having absolutely NO CLASS. Shame on Melanie the office manager for having no manners whatsoever...and shame on Dr. Vincent for not coming out and rectifying the situation with a patient (if she was even notified). I wouldn't recommed my dog to your office.

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  • Te
      16th of Jun, 2009
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    I was a patient at Aspen dental in Auburn this afternoon. I am in my late 20's and have never had a cavity in my life. Today I went in and they informed me I had a "tiny" cavity that needed to be filled, which they did immediately. I must say that the x-ray tech and hygenist were both friendly and professional. The dentist and assistant however, were very standoffish and it was extremely painful. They were not sympathetic at all, even after I made them aware from the start that I am extremely anxious about being at the dentist. I've never had a filling before, so I do not know what is normal but the entire side of my face hurts now. This is a lot of pain for something that didn't bother me before. I guess I'll have to wait and see how it goes. I am not very nervous after reading all of the complaints.

  • Mi
      15th of Jun, 2011
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    I also went to Aspen Dental in Camillus NY for a routine cleaning. I was told that they accepted my insurance and would schedule me for a consultation. I arrived on time and waited for 20 minutes before being seen. The x-ray tech was rude and cut the inside of my mouth with the equipment. Then I was put in a exam area where again I waited an excessive amount of time. I was seen by a (so called) dentist for about 30 seconds and was told I had periodontal disease and 4 cavities (two of which were cosmetic and needed white filling). What... I have not had a cavity in my entire life, until now? No cleaning was done. Staff did not intruduce themselves. Then I was escorted out to the financial person who proceded to tell me I needed to buy toothbrushes and cleaners etc. I said no. She said that I needed a special antibiotic that my Ins did not cover so the Scaling (deep cleaning) would cost $300 more than my Ins would pay. I felt pressured and unhappy but I scheduled the cleaning because I was a year over due.
    I went back 6 weeks later for my cleaning and waited in the waiting room for 30 minutes until being seen by the hygenist. She tells me that she is going to do another (painful) exam to determine how much antibiotic I will need for the scaling. I state that I already know that the antibiotic will be needed and will be paying $300 for it. "Oh... thats not right" she says. She spends another 20 minutes with the manager and returns with a quote for... ready for this...$1985. That is out of my pocket after they get reimbursment from my Ins. I told her that there was no way that my teeth got that bad in 1 year, wouldn't my other dentist had said something? She then tells me that my teeth look good but my other dentist (who had been a dentist for >30 years) must not have done a full exam. I walked out!
    Now just so you know, I checked with a non-participating (real) dentist and a scaling at his office (without ins) would be $600. I found another (real) paticipating dentist and the scaling will be $0, covered in full by my ins. I strongly recommend avoiding Aspen Dental.

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