Argos- Haus HW50-1010W Washing Machine / service is appauling and goods still faulty

Birmingham, England, West Midlands, United Kingdom

The washing machine was purchased and plumbed in by argos, however in December 2011 the washing machine started leaking from underneath.

It is not a small leak it is flooding my floor and ruining my towels mopping up the water coming out of the washing machine.

We duly contacted argos who informed us that due to the Christmas period they would not be able to come and see the washing machine until the new year.

In the new year my partner again contacted argos to arrange for an engineer to come and fix the washing machine.

My partner had to take a day off work for the engineer to come around anywhere between "9am and 5pm."

The engineer informed my partner around the 9th or 10th January 2012 that the leak was caused by the drip tray.

My partner asked how long it would take to get a new drip tray. The part took 2 weeks to arrive at which point my partner duly booked a further day off work for the engineer to come and resolve the problem.

When the engineer came he replaced the drip tray and did not even stay to check that the drip tray replacement had stopped the leak and he failed to carry out an inspection report.

Within 5 minutes of the engineer leaving our property my partner put a load of washing on to see if the issue was resolved.

To our dismay the washing machine started to leak heavily again.

My partner quickly contacted argos to see if the engineer could return to the property to look at the washing machine, to which he was informed that the engineer has other jobs and would not be able to come back.

Furthermore they told my partner he would need to rearrange for the engineer to come out again, which meant a third day off work.

My partner spoke to the engineer on the phone who said "I don't know what the problem is but I can have a stab in the dark at another problem but dont know if that will solve it."

I contacted argos myself after hearing this disappointing news, after 45 minutes of being put on hold and transfered from different departments I spoke to a rather rude woman in regards to the washing machine.

I asked her if it is possible to send the engineer around before 5pm the same day as my partner and myself are not able to book a further day off work for the engineer to come round when he does not even know what the problem is.

I also asked if it is possible to get the product replaced since it was under guarantee and they do not know why it is leaking.

The rude woman from argos said it would not be possible to get the product replaced without an inspection report being carried out which should have been done when the engineer came round but he had another job to get to.

I was frustrated with her response and said "So your telling me your engineer should have checked the product was working after replacing the part he said was the problem and because he had other jobs he failed to do his job properly and did not carry out the appropriate inspection."

The woman replied " NO I am not saying that actually if you need an inspection report you need to get the engineer to come out again that is the end of it."

That was back at the end of January 2012, we are now 3 months on at the end of April 2012 and the problem has still not been resolved.

In addition argos have not contacted us to rearrange for the engineer to come around.

My washing maching is not just flooding my floor but it is actually damaging the floor, I live on the second floor flat there is a huge damp patch by the main front door directly underneath where the washing machine is leaking.

This simply is not good enough and argos are clearly not sticking to their contractual agreement.

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