ARCOemployee who is a drug dealer

In Fresno's Clinton and Fruit location, an employee has been selling meth, out of the ARCO that he works for, this has been a going on a long time to the extent of now I see all the other things that come along with, kind of activity... Homeless people are now more than normal in the neighborhood and I along with other neighbors now can see it out in the open... all walks of life, know of this"Juan"guy... But it he has been doing so long that it seems normal... Well I am not a cop caller, I rather have a bright scholar who hold a corporate position to have a bit more, of instant results (drug test) randomly... Me and my wife along with a few other neighbors all chose me to do, the email and not putting a call to our local police department, we all in agreement to not bad media corporations for the cost of one bad employee... No need.. not yet at least... Juan has drugs on him all the time while he is on the clock... making dope deals in parking lot... He smokes with his customers in the restroom, which is not open for customers who are buying gas... I have at least 7-8 friends or family who buy meth off this guy... all the neighbors say the same... They know druggies who go to ARCO to buy dope...

Nov 26, 2018

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