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CB Automotive Fueling and Charging ARCO 1 Rollins Rd, Millbrae, CA, 94030, US
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1 Rollins Rd, Millbrae, CA, 94030, US
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2:30 am EDT
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ARCO - Complaining about customer being rude to a employee

This morning I was at the Rollins ampm in millbrae and I saw a dispute between a guy and a employee that was trying to do his job. The guy that was in the washroom was throwing water everywhere in the washroom on the floor and the walls and spitting on the mirror the employee that was cleaning told the guy that the please stop throwing water everywhere because he didn't want anyone having a accident. The rude guy told the employee to go somewhere with his [censored] before he beats the employee up the employee tried to get away from the rude guy and the guy kept on threatening him because of the situation. This company needs to start protecting there employees instead of protecting people that comes to these stores and look for problems with their employees.

Desired outcome: The employee should have the right to protect themselves at all cost

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Update by AntonioL94032
Nov 03, 2023 2:33 am EDT

This place is very nice but some people come to this location and look for problems with the employees and the managers. I feel bad for the employees at this location.

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2:35 pm EDT

ARCO - customer service.

My friend and I had an absolutely terrible experience at the 1 Rollins Road Arco station in Millbrae California. When we first arrived, I went inside and told the bigger man to put $20 on pump 15 but the pump would not work when I went to go use it. I would then park my car at pump number 13 and tell the man inside that pump 15 wasn't working. He said he would redo the process but instead but my $20 on pump 15 again while some random man got my free gas. I went back inside to complain to the bigger man and the store manager but they wouldn't give me my money back and then told me that my stolen money wasn't their problem. I had to leave and go to a new gas station with almost no gas in my tank. I'm still very disappointed in Arco since me, my parents, and grandparents have been using Arco for years now. These two men need to be fired or take some type of consequence because I was not only robbed of my $20, but the rude way of dealing with a customer is just unacceptable. Please give my money back, thank you.

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