Arby's Restaurant Group / service and wrong food.

Nashville, TN, United States

Yesterday I picked up some Arbys for myself and my family. It was 5:56 (on my ticket), and VERY slow. The lady at the counter taking my order acted as she didn't want to take my order and reluctantly took it. I warned her I had a large order and she rolled her eyes. She took my order (I also retold 3 times and checked to make sure she had it correct). It took 45 minutes to FINALLY receive my order, and it was wrong. Everyone was VERY slow, very rude...but when it came to everyone else that came in, it was super fast and with a smile. Even when I had to purchase something separate, I waited 10 minutes while the cashier stood there talking to co-workers. The food was VERY sloppy put together, it's just so strange that something put together so fast took 45 minutes...while they were THAT slow. I feel extremely disrespected.

Oct 29, 2017

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