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Took my Mom and niece and nephew there for lunch on Monday 12/10/18. Walked in the hostess greeted us. There was a person with red hair head on bar. I asked the hostess if that person was drunk and passed out. She explained that she was studying. I said shouldn't she be working? The restaurant was empty I explained my Mother needed to sit at a table up the ramp. It took a while to get a table. I was highly upset and left. Will not return. Been there several times. This restaurant used to thrive with patrons. My Mom likes the salad. Once they were out of eggs, next they were out of lemons. Chick Filet cup and bags on nearby table. Parking lot used to be full, now empty. Everyone working there has an attitude. Needs cleaned house and start with new crew. Am not going back.

Dec 11, 2018
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  • Dc
      Dec 11, 2018

    The worst part of all of this was when we left my nephew started crying. He really looked forward to dining there. I was so angry that I slapped him across the face. My mom told me to calm down and I told her to shut up. I swore at her. I just found out my niece, my nephew's older sister told her mom what happened. My nephew was crying when he got home and when his mom asked my niece told them that I slapped him across the face when he was crying because he did not get to eat at Applebee's. Apparently the employee that was studying was on break. She works there and should not show her face to customers. on her break. She should be in the break room. Anyways my brother refuses to allow me to be with my niece and nephew unless he or his wife is with them because this is not the first time I slapped his children.

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