Applebee's Restaurants / summer squeeze drink and sangria

Went to a local applebee's in westfield and ordered apps and 2 drinks .To my surprise when we recieved our order the drinks had these large unwrapped straws stuck in them and i took it out of our drinks right away! # 1 i felt it to be very disturbing it was a unsanitary straw and i wasn't asked if we wanted one or not, i have been in food service most of my life, noe retired but...I always thought straws had to be wrapped not to mention why stick it in my drink with all the talk going around about the no straw movement ! really my issue is how un sanitary it is to handle a unwrapped straw and shove it in someones drink...Yuk .Not to mention we were surrounded by flies, maybe because the waitress did'nt remove dirty plates, we love the apps but we might think twice about drinks not to mention what we paided for them ...I was almost going to ask for a fresh drink without a straw but did'nt want to cause a seen!

Aug 03, 2018

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