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Applebee's on McKnight Road in Pgh, PA

Very unpleasant service. Party of three, we were seated, waiter came over and gave us our drinks, we waited about 15-20 min before he even came and asked us if we were ready to order our food after which we noticed he had first placed a order with a family that came after us, that was the first bad service, then he came afterwards and took our order. About 3 other families came in and after about 35 min we seen them getting their food and eating, and was wondering why our food didn't come yet. The waiter came over shortly and he said he just placed our order a few min ago because he forgot all about it. He said he was "sorry". We were very upset and told him to please get the manager. The manager comes to us and tells us what happened, we explained to her the story, she said "sorry" as well, that the waiter was new and it got busy, but we said how did he forget us and not the 4 other families that came after us and was treated fairly. She kept saying "sorry", which you can tell was not sincere at all, it was like she was basically saying "oh well". She said do you want to stay and wait, or we can put it in boxes for you. That didn't make any sense after just waiting 45 min and our order wasn't even placed. What really made us upset was she did not even offer us any compensation, ie. discount, free dessert, etc.. That's the first thing most managers offer when there's an unsatisfied customer. We just got up and left.
Very poor service.

Jun 02, 2018

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