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Applebees Restaurant / discrimination

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My wife, daughters and my son planned on celebrating our 11th anniversary at the local Applebees restaurant. When we arrive, one of the waiter (bold young man) whisper something to the attendant that was looking for seats for all of us. We were sited and waited 20 minutes and nobody came to wait on us. All around us there were nothing but white people. There were three families that arrived after us and were greeted and served. Of course they were all white. While me and my whole hispanic family waited and nobody greeted us. I'm thinking that the waiter that started all this did not even look at us and thought that because we look hispanic we did not speak english. I wonder how many times has this happened at this restaurant. I spoke to the manager who suggested us to stay and pay for our food. WE DO NOT NEED YOUR PITTY... After what your employees have put me and my family I will make sure that this case is.

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  • Ji
      1st of Oct, 2008
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    I recently visited the USA intending on having a family holiday
    In the tradition of vacation I and my young family after a great day out visited an Applebee’s restaurant on highway 27 near the junction to highway 192.
    We were seated by an assistant and while during our meal, a fist fight broke out with some Hispanic guys and a white guy, whom I have since found out the white guy was from Europe.
    Me and my family fled in terror only to be accosted by a gang of Hispanic and coloured guys and girls outside of the restaurant demanding money and Threatening to burn our rental van with us inside.
    In the course of this frightening ordeal a police car arrived and after a while the white guy was led away from inside the restaurant and into the police car, I complained to the police officer that the fight was actually started by the Hispanic guys, but they wouldn’t take my word over the other guys,
    The Hispanic chaps inside the restaurant gave a statement to the police to say that the culprit was in fact the white man. I can categorically say that the whole disgusting foray was started by the Hispanic people and that lies were obviously concocted to ensure that the police would pursue the wrong person.

    This has of course left a frightening feeling with me and my family and would never consider using an Applebee’s restaurant again in fear of being attacked by gangs and if the eventuality ever occured the local police would take the word of a local person over a law abiding person

    My family and I are from Spain, I am a doctor and my wife is a surgical nurse. I therefore have no hang ups what so ever of colour or gender nor ethnicity.

  • Ja
      20th of Jul, 2009
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    Have you ever worked in a restaurant as a server? Sometimes servers have so many things to worry about that, by accident, they forget to greet a table. Maybe the table was in the section of a server who had already been cut and the other servers were confused about who was picking up the table. A lot of things can go into poor service in a restaurant that have absolutely nothing to do with racism. Also, whatever the server whispered to the host was probably something like, "don't seat me, I'm cut, " or "when you're done seating that table, could you clean off my section?" Oh, and by the way, when the manager offered to buy your meal, they weren't giving you pity, they were probably trying to offer you one free meal so that you would decide that the experience wasn't so bad, and maybe you'd come back again and give them some more of your money. Bottom line: your server might have been racist, but even if they were that probably had almost nothing to do with your poor service. Quit trying to play the race card every time something goes wrong in your life. I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm just saying that you're probably not right.

  • Sa
      16th of Apr, 2010
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    c im with u there on the dicrimination thng bc we went to applebees in memphis and there was nothing but african american people there and we felt outta place! i already have a post on what happend, u could look it up if u want! but i dont come on here saying OH these AA people took over the applebees n i fell so outta place and they were staring me down, when u sound so discriminating yourself talking about white people! u just shuldnt do that!!! white people are not looking at u its just what u think!they dont care what color u r and if u think they do then thats ur problem! dont let it get to u! if ur comfortable in your own skin then u shuldnt worry! not trying to be rude but i had to say something!

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