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Today I decided to die in one of your restaurants for lunch. I wanted to take advantage of the TV ad I saw for the all you can eat riblets. After seating myself at table in the bar area After about 5 - 6 minuets someone came and took my order and explained how the all you can eat processed worked. I chose to get riblets first which came out cold and almost no sauce on them. I made an attempt to eat some but being cold and no sauce they weren't good at all. I even asked for extra sauce hoping that the sauce would be hot and I could dip the riblets in the sauce but it was even colder. At this point I pushed my plate to the side and waited for my waiter to return. I told him that I was just over the riblets and I could I have the chicken strips for my second go around. He said yes and took the riblets ( almost a full plate ) which I was paying for and could've taken home and doctored up with me. He brought out the strips which were the smallest three strips I've ever seen, looked like it should've been on the kids menu. I was to angry inside at this point and asked for my bill which I paid along with a tip because it wasn't the young guys fault. As the day went on and I got even more upset because I paid for something that wasn't up to par. I'm not sure what can be done if anything because I typically don't complain about stuff like this I just don't go back to the Business and I also let my friends now . But today I feel like I just threw twenty dollars out the window.

Jul 28, 2018
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  •   Jul 28, 2018

    “Today I decided to die in one of your restaurants for lunch.” Apparently you survived long enough to post and complain. No restaurant allows you to take home leftovers at a buffet. If the food was so bad, why didn’t you complain then?

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