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Called for take out. Restaurant was empty upon arriving, 2 people at bar other than that no one else there, parking lot had a few cars. Bartender (female) looked haggard and out of it. Went back to get food. I did tip her but I am not sure why. Upon arriving home food was a mess. Burger had cheese slapped on the corner of it only like they didn't have a whole slice. lettuce, tomatoes looked like they had come out of the trash, fries cold and undercooked. It was a disaster and inedible. Now I know why no one was there, its a shame it has only been there about 1 year. Need to clean up your staff and your food or you wont be there much longer.

Dec 29, 2014
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      Dec 30, 2014

    Haggard is not a good look for someone greeting customers. Go home take a nap, clean yourself up before working with food and beverages other people are going to consume. As far as how l looked, I wasn't working in a restaurant nor eating in one so I could come in haggard or anyway I wanted to pick up a to go. But actually I looked clean and neat as did my son who was with me, we try to present ourselves in public or stay home. I worked in a restaurant for 10 years in my younger days, never would I have such an appearance nor would the company I work for allow it. I tipped her as she did her job, do you have nothing else to do but critic online complaints? Or is it that you can relate as you feel this is okay? I did not want to speak to a manager I chose to share my grievance here, its called free speech.

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