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American Express Platinum / arbitrary reduction in available credit

1 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Review updated:

American Express is committing fraud in Canada. I am a perfect customer for all my credit cards. That means 10 years, no late payment and always over minimum. Amex Canada has changed the agreement we made in 2004 and reduced my available credit by 10 percent. They say it is because criteria have changed. Their investigators cannot find my income tax information so they can't prove the income I make regardless of the fact that I am never late on a payment.

People need to know what this is, it is extortion and treason. There are taking working capital from perfect customers off the street and burning it like all the bank have done, only now I have proof. They attempted to employ me without pay to do the job that their incompetent investigators could not come up with.

There is a reasons why Amex has never been allowed by me to have my bank information or my income information. Trust and security. I will not allow Amex to hold government data in duplicate in their computers. Why do I not trust a company to hold government or banking information? Because it makes fraud possible. Without co-mingled data in company databases, at that level of privacy, fraud is made possible by not only Amex but the credit reporting companies as well. The credit rating reporting agencies have had millions of file stolen and are circulating now.

Again how do I know? Because I am the freaken rich genius that invented the security systems for banks and I am the hack that gives the power to governments that rise an fall. I can write myself any income I like. And I do that offshore in safer banks where all bank executive and higher government elected and employed do. We only pay taxes on what is brought in the country and spent here. After all it wasn't earned here nor did anything from this country make my income possible, because I didn't learn here either, I am the inventer remember, other learn from me.

Amex has proven to me that the economic is a scam on everyone.

Right now if a bank makes you do something like purchase one product to gain access to another, that is extortion. In my case they attempt to hire me to investigate myself. They want me to stop work at 500 an hour, get my accounts and stop their work for this, then contact the lawyers to see what I am allow to expose. The fact is I am too important to Canada and America and I cannot let them have TAX info on me in their computers EVER. So I will have to go to war and destroy millions of dollars of AMEX capital to get even.

In addition they can see I save money by making prepaid payments and the reduced the limit in an attempt to make me go over the limit so that I would default and go over limit thus causing an automatic increase in interest, all from a PERFECT customers.

AS I pay the minimum I will destroy the company, by many means but mostly by automating a software robot of destruction that will get the message out to millions of people to be cautious with AMEX and expose their attempt to harm these two nations by stealing earned credit off the streets of our countries.

In the next few days the leaders of the investment world who worship genius (not that the working middle class don't appreciate extreme power wisdom and knowledge also) will remove millions and millions from AXP stock. Maybe they want AXP to fall more than it has? Maybe they think they will buy it back then?

My family owns the oldest banks in Europe and you DO NOT mess with me. I am so mad now, watch out that the crops don't fail, again like last time I was this mad. :-(

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      18th of Feb, 2009
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    I think you have some serious mental issues my friend. If you knew half as much as you think you know, then you would realize that credit criteria has changed. The scoring models with all three credit reporting agencies have changed. The risk models that all banks use have changed. And most of all, the definitions of extortion and treason have changed since you last looked at them I guess, because nothing you have written even remotely fits. How is AMEX lowering your line of credit a crime against king and country? If you are so important that this could be, then you wouldn't be this mad that your line of credit was affected. You would just go on your merry way. In fact, if you were this rich and powerful then you wouldn't be restricted to a Platinum card. You'd have the Centurion card and be able to flex your 'oh so powerful' muscles even more.

    You need some rage management help and you need to get a little more realistic about how credit card companies and banks work. You say you have all this information about them, but you are clearly clueless as to how they work now. Your complaint isn't even a valid one. It is just something that happens when the economy changes and banks have to reassess how they figure risk. You would know that if you really did do all the things you say you did.

  • Sc
      18th of Feb, 2009
    -2 Votes

    Hello friend of the mentally ill, I me and all the voices in my head are happy to meet you.
    How much do you think I think I know, and what is half of that? And how did you get inside my head to evaluate that? Cool trick.
    Extortion and treason are the same meaning, I am just exaggerating a point. There is also humor in everything I say and do. Even my rants are funny and I am laughing as I write this. You have to be highly aware to laugh at the sickness out there. It would only cost me about 50 grand to make a point in the high court’s on this one, corporate and banker crime. My time in law school was not long enough to know for certain what the outcome would be. They would lose something and all I would get is some useless glory, big deal, and a thankless public who cannot understand the need to learn the top secret banker scam stuff that is going on.
    Update. Today I logged in to run the numbers and evaluate where I am now. As we all know Amex has reduced a perfect credit customer by 10%. I talked with one of MY BANKERS and he said that he has other perfect credit customers that AMEX has done this too. Someone in AMEX policy making is a crook or evil or stupid. I side with evil.
    And guess this blows all your “thinkers” away that have taken law in college like I did, my other bank card from VISA just increased my available credit by 22%. So I am up overall and down on AMEX for sure now, scammers.
    Within 30 days all my APX and all my associates APX is going in the toilet, sold at the next high mark. Million will be extracted from APX for this attempt at burning good capital off the streets of north America.
    PS I feed 100 homeless lunches every Thursday at the Church for the mentally ill. That is $1, 200 a month. I don’t have to let them starve on account of the trickle down corruption of AMEX now.

  • Mu
      15th of Nov, 2009
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    Hey ScamTraxx,

    I was so glad I had read your post. I FEEL THE SAME WAY. Except I am completely at a lost on what I can do. One month ago, AMEX ( Gold Business Card ) reduced my line of credit to exactly what I had owed. That was half! Now making it look like I am MAXED out. Then a week later, I get a rude call from the credit department saying they require that I FAX over my TAX forms from the past 3 years! I refused! I have NEVER been late and always made more than minimum. Despite the US economy going to the toilet.. where 95% of my business is... I still managed to survive and depended on my AMEX.

    Just now, I logged on to my account. CANCELLED. You can imagine how upset I am. Why would they cancel a perfect customer who has never been late or deliquent with any accounts? They are punishing good customers?

    I would join a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT.

    I will keep a watch out for your posts!

    J from Calgary

  • Co
      19th of Sep, 2010
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    American Express Platinum - Fraud
    American Express
    Ft. Lauderdale
    United States

    In August 2006 I called American Express to inquire why I received a Credit Balance Refund Check for $12, 000.00. At the time my account had been active since 1984. During the conversation the representative uttered the words: “Anti-Money Laundering Regulations.” At the time I had no idea how these words related to my account. The representative did not disclose to me at that time that there were several fraudulently endorsed credit balance refund checks associated with my account. However, in hindsight it is clear they were aware, but did not inform the customer.

    Given time to think about the previous conversation, in December 2006 I called again to inquire if any other Credit Balance Refund Checks had been sent to me previously. The American Express Customer Service representative said there is no record of my account.

    I repeated my request on dozens of separate occasions only to be told they had no record of my account.

    After more than two years and hundreds of hours of effort, I received in March 2009 acknowledgement from American Express that three Credit Balance Refund Checks payable through First Union Bank, now Wachovia Bank Ft. Lauderdale Florida totaling $10, 370.45 were mailed to me in 2001 and had cleared. I replied that I did not receive these checks.

    I requested images of the checks to prove the signature endorsing the checks was not my signature. American Express refused to provide images of the endorsed checks.

    American Express was in possession of my signature on file as well as the signature on the fraudulently endorsed checks. Comparing the signatures made the fraud evident to them. However, they continued to refuse to provide the account owner with a copy of the checks.

    Previously, whenever I asked American Express why I did not receive a statement for a given month they told me not to worry; it is their policy to not send statements when there is no activity for the account. On none of these occasions when I called did they inform me that credit balance refund checks sent to me had been fraudulently endorsed.

  • Ia
      10th of Jul, 2011
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    Apparently crazy people get credit cards too. How's your super-secret-illuminati-conspiracy to destroy AMEX going?
    As far as the complaint goes, they reduced your credit line by 10% because you failed to provide the documents they asked for. Big deal, and it's well within their rights. I'll say this, not for you but for any poor SOBs like myself that wander into this complaint - YOUR CREDIT LINE IS NOT *YOUR* MONEY. It's the bank's money and they can decide when and to whom they extend credit. And they can change their mind, even without the reason that you gave them to.

    Have fun inside your own head.

  • Pa
      10th of Jul, 2011
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    POOR MONEY MANAGEMENT AND LOW CREDIT SCORES...I never cease to be amazed at people who think reducing credit limits has nothing to do with the fact that they are credit risks and live beyond their means on a daily basis. Not knowing what a "perfect customer" would be, reading the complaint and diatribe that followed, I marvel that you were able to secure any AMEX card in the first place. Too many people feeling they are "entitled" sharing their woes. You need to step up to the plate and take responsibility.

  • Ru
      4th of Aug, 2012
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    American Express Platinum - NO customer Service from Amex
    American Express Platinum Card
    United States

    American Express platinum card did not notify, me that my card had been compromised. I was in Africa and could not check out of the hotel. When I called customer service I was sent to call center in India, and they could not offer me more information for 6 hours, until working hours in the states. After they cancelled my card for FRAUD, and had a fraud alert on my card...they sent a new card to a company in TRINIDAD!!! How did that person have my info? What are they doing to assist me? Despite the fact that they could NOT get me a new card !! I spoke with a different person each time, and each person basically said they could not help me! So why do I pay the extra money for Platinum? Never heard back from anyone! I have been a member for over 20 years!

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