American Express Platinum / Super Shuttle / booked supershuttle without my approval

United States
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When you sign up for a hotel+airline on the Amex flight and you chose Virgin America, you get Opted In for a supershuttle ride to and from your hotel for another $20.30 each way! This is apparently a checked box that is the consumer's responsibility to UNCHECK!
I can't believe that American Express treats their customers in such a slimy way. I pay $450 per year for this???
Agent tried to explain why I was charged and said it should be free if I have a biz class ticket. I only reserved an economy ticket.
On top of everything I would have been required to print out a Super Shuttle Voucher in order to even use the service. I never use vouchers - that's why I have a Platinum card!
I was thinking it might be great to have a Black Card-I can afford it. But if I'm going to get this level of deception I don't think I really want to do business with American Express at All. Other Banks such as WF have concierge services which I believe rival AMEX BLACK.
Oh on top of all of this, there is a $10 cancellation fee on each of the erroneous charge. The refund for all of that will take 5-10 days to process today.


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