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I cancelled my personal Amex card on October 2014, i had some debit on that card, that was supposed to be refunded by Amex to me, i requested to receive it by Cheque.
Since then, i received nothing, and every week i follow up with Amex on phone (costing me for international calls more than the debit i had in Amex), surprisingly, Amex response is always advising to wait, or that the request had a mistake and they need to request again, or waiting for approvals, last excuse was that delay is to due to overdue on my corporate card, every week they have an excuse.
Cheap and shocking service level, Amex provides service only if you use the card and pay interest, if you cancel the card, you get 0 service, if i have the option to cancel the corporate card i will, cheap company, poor service, stupid processes.

May 11, 2015
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  • Pa
      Feb 12, 2008
    American Express - Wrong information!
    American Express
    United Kingdom

    Ive been trying to get a refund for lost travelers cheques. Amex asked me to fax some paperwork but the fax number doesn't work. I seem to be on an endless loop.

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  • Ic
      Oct 21, 2009
    American Express - Immoral but is it Illegal
    United States

    American Express: American Express Has a Bizarre Way of Rewarding a 31 Year Good Customer who used to LOVE the company...
    Now is what Amex had done to this Cancer Survivor Illegal???? Need Advice Please
    The Complete Story

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  • Fr
      Mar 04, 2010
    American Express - I hope their executives all get fired and the company goes bankrupt
    American Express
    United States

    American Express is terrible. I hope their executives all get fired and the company goes bankrupt. Get rid of the Board!

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  • Ma
      Aug 07, 2010
    American Express - Payment processing
    United States

    American Express takes too long to process people's payment information. They need to hire more people to manage. Maybe they should think about getting more building space.

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  • Ir
      May 05, 2011
    American Express - No Mothersday or duaghters Birthday
    United States

    I used American Express for expenses and other thing, no real change in my Credit HX, take home [ay $11, 000 month, no late payments to American Express they cancelled my card 23 days before my daughters bithday and Mothersday which I had promise them a trip. American express is not for families or disable veterans.

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  • Au
      Jun 15, 2011
    American Express - Fraudulent charges
    American Express
    United States

    Besides my many other qualms with Amex, which you may see in my other reviews, they also have not removed $6, 000 worth of fraudulent charges from my statement. These charges are for "prepaid american express cards". Come on, Amex. Take these charges off of my account already!

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  • Mi
      Feb 17, 2012
    American Express - harassing phone calls
    American Express
    New York
    United States

    they repeatedly call my home number and I tell them not to call my cell phone. I do not even know how thry got my home number-I gave them my cell number. I have cancelled my card and told them I am putting in a complaint. I feel this is harassment,

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  • Ed
      May 18, 2015

    Amex rocks. They calls you cause you dont pay youre bill on time pay up or there gonna keep callin.

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  • Rd
      Dec 23, 2016

    American Express is run by a bunch of #####. I've been getting calls day after day for debt owed by the deceased former owner of my home. I've talked to reps at Amex, written to them, explaining the situation that I'm not at all connected with the former owner of my address. Yet they still call and send threatening letters. I am ready to contact my lawyer on harrassment charges. The poster edod who's defending Amex needs some serious lessons in grammar and spelling. Amex does not rock they SUCK!

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