American Expresscancelled card, no notice, loss of rewards points

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My Blue Sky card was canceled the day after I paid off my balance. I found this out when I went to use my card and it didn't work so I called customer service to see why my card didn't work to find out they closed my accounts.

I never missed a single payment (on any account) during the 4 years I had the card and my credit rating had gone up since I opened the account. I lost all my travel points and the insurance on an upcoming trip.

I did some research and found out the contact information for the SVP of Card operations. I called Ms Camaraza's office and spoke to her assistant, he was understanding yet offered no resolution. Their form of resolution was to credit me the finance charges for my last months statement... What a joke! My travel points and trip insurance were worth hundreds more.

I urge you to voice your own complaints to Ms. Camaraza's office via her email or her assistant's phone number below. They need to understand the poor business decision they have made by canceling loyal customers' accounts.

Doria Camaraza
Senior Vice President, Card Operations
777 American Express Way
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 33337


Her assistant's contact information is:

James Schindler
Executive Assistant
Executive Office
American Express

[protected] ext. 56812


  • E
      Jul 02, 2009

    It is time we as customers show the corporate banks they cannot survive without us. Remember American Express is in more business that just credit cards. Keep that in mind when you have the opportunity to become a customer. Remember this post and how they treat their customers. I have had a similar issue and they refuse to restore my credit line to what it was. So I refuse to do business with anything boasting the American Express name. In addition, I am making it known, how responsible customers with a long standing history are treated. Please check out my blog @

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  • D
      Oct 13, 2009

    Agreed. I had gift cards canceled for no reason, and when I called, Jeri, ext. 55214, was the rudest most unprofessional 'supervisor' I had to speak with. I am actually closing down my card thanks to this snob.

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  • R
      Jan 20, 2011

    No point touching base with James. He is no good. Just the true blue american express Blooded person. Dont waste your time.. (like I did) with this. Just move on to other Credit cards. Yes, Amex may offer benefits, but at cost of stores expenses and more and more are dropping Amex. Plus, Visa and Mastercard is very competitive and reliable. I am done giving these dorks any business..

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