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American Express / autopay

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5 letters to Amex, last ones to CEO's:

Auto pay is designed to generate late fees and finance charges. Sign up takes 45 days, any changes you need to cancel and re-apply and that takes another 1.5 billing cycles. Amex computer pay site AND autopay are not linked. So your bank account info such as default bank, will not be same as autopay, (if you have more than 1 bank account) Two separate companies, yet on same site! Amex is behind the software update time frame. Also notice when you sign up to auto-pay it defaults to the 20 day payment date? That is designed to generate last day to pay bill, so if there is a problem, too late for you to phone or do a computer payment. Zap with late and finance charges. I even tried to pay ahead and Amex wont take $$. For Email addresses go to Corp. site and look at media contact to get email format and then to corp management site to get names!!

Any changes to auto-pay takes 1.5 billing cycles! Poor. I have made changes to Auto-pay, and thinking that industry standard is 3-4 business days for payment changes, I get late fees and finance charges, because American Express is not consumer friendly. Your online site NEEDS updating, code script re-written, Auto-pay and online computer pay sites linked to share information. Or BOLD CAPS DISCLAIMER informing consumers any changes will take affect after 45 days! Your own customer service reps agree site is poor, and designed to generate fees for Amex. I've sent the normal letters to "Email Us" as viewed in the attachment, noting my frustration on Amex lack of updating software. I even try to prepay my outstanding balance, by $2000 to have a credit balance and can't! I have to wait for a billing cycle? A customer wants to give you money and Amex won't take it?

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  • Nk
      25th of Feb, 2013
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    I had the EXACT same problem. Spent hours on the phone. I have a recorded conversation with them. Even with the CORRECT bank info (verified by them 4 times), their system wouldn't allow me to make an electronic payment. I couldn't pay them and they were charging me interest. Definitely a racket! They don't even care in the end if you stick with their card or not. I've had amex for 5 years but I think this is it!

  • Sr
      29th of Oct, 2013
    0 Votes

    These guys are idiots...I was kicked out if autopay for some reason that I still was told and charged me fees...I am canceling my card - absolutely worthless customer service.

  • Lm
      3rd of Dec, 2013
    0 Votes

    This is the same story as mine. Absolutely, hands down, the worst customer service I have ever had with a credit card company. The "update your bank account" link will ONLY update instant payment and not autopay. However, you won't know this because nowhere on the page does it say that you also have to update your bank account information with autopay as well. You won't know you needed to have done this until they send you an email AFTER it's too late to do anything about it. I got charged a $25.00 fee. When I explained to the customer service rep and then her supervisor that I indeed updated my bank account information correctly they kept repeating over and over that I also needed to have updated in autopay. I kept asking how I was supposed to know that when it didn't indicate that anywhere on their site. They just got beligerant and told me that it was my fault and proceeded to lecture me on how I need to be more aware of where my payments were coming from. I could not believe what I was hearing. I still don't think they understood the problem. Account is being closed ASAP!!! I will only use Discover from here on out.

  • Ma
      21st of Jun, 2018
    0 Votes

    American Express - Bad experience:
    After 32 years as a member I have had it with American Express and today canceled the card.
    Over the past two years American Express has converted my billing to electronic system automatically without my consent. And then my US mail delivery of us statement was discontinued without my consent. Then American Express failed to deliver an electronic notification of a due bill. And proceeded to charge me late fees month after month after month. This has happened four times. Today I got fed up with their failed business practices and canceled my card after 32 years of ownership. That was in April 2018 now and June 2018 I received another bill from them after having canceled my card in April for $226.95 with compounded late fees and after never receiving statements from American Express since January 2018. So I had to call again today in June to dispute this charge is for an account that was canceled in April. Of course, that entailed an hour or more of time on the phone been put on hold being passed on to other people put on hold past and additional people I could I could speak with someonet o resolve The matter. So now they tell me that now my account is cancel it wasn't canceled back in April but is canceled now I was successful however to have them waive the late fees because they did not send me a paper statements in in the mail as I required. American Express is dead to me finally after 32 years and two months. I never want to deal with this company ever again in my life.

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