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American Automobile Association / / auto claim deductible

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From: Long time AAA customer
Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2019 3:05 PM
To: Kinney, Meg

Subject: DEDUCTIBLE WAIVE Fwd: 1003-04-2258

Dear Meg Kinney

Today I picked up my repaired car and had a conversation with Daniel Sarlitto regarding the accident. As I have been told you are his supervisor, I have left messages and never heard back from your office regarding my claim.

In conversation with Daniel on Christmas Eve in the late afternoon PST I recounted the details of the accident where I was hit from behind. If someone admits to "looking down" as David (the person who hit me) admitted to you when you investigated this case, why is that my fault?? If someone admits they looked down and caused an accident, WHY would I be at fault for their poor judgement?? Looking down even for a second can and in this case, did cause an accident.

The accident occurred on Interstate 580 right at Powell Street. If you google this road, (no doubt you have better access to mapping details through your positions at AAA). You will see it's a 4-6 lane highway and on a Saturday right before Christmas there was stop and go traffic. Traveling with my dog, I am always careful to not make sudden moves on that late morning after returning from a trip to Pt. Isabel, I was traveling from that interchange to my home exit at Lakeshore Avenue. Traffic was moving slowly, but I did look in my review mirrors both of them before I changed lanes. As I always do, my signal was on and the lane was empty.

If David's claim was true he would have hit me directly straight on rather than from the side onto my left bumper. I believe what truly happened is David was texting while driving, something many many people do. I never text while driving. I did not want to accuse him of texting as I was alone in the car and did not want to get into an altercation. After making sure his car was able to be driven, I noticed he was using his iPhone to photograph my car and license. Poor judgement in moving traffic I thought.

Please call me if you plan on "investigating" this any future. And for the record, I was surprised AAA would both be open on Christmas Eve and then call someone who's been in an accident to discuss it. Daniel S should have known this was not an ideal time to investigate the claim. NO one else ever called me after I asked if after Christmas we could go over the details.

My deductible is $1000.00 which I paid out of pocket today. I am asking for AAA to waive that deductible as this accident was not my fault. I would be happy to discuss this in more detail should that be needed. Please advise me what the next step is if you are not able to waive the fee.

Jan 18, 2019

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