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I only sold items on for a few days when the Seller-Performance Team at blocked my account. I found that I had included my email address in a seller comment which was breaking Amazon's policy. Then I agreed to their terms and they re-opened my account. Later the next day, someone from the Seller-Performance Team once again blocked my account. I asked them in an email what was wrong and they told me that it was because of my email address, but it was their mistake because they turned my account back on in the first place. So then I contacted instead of the Seller-Performance Team, and investigated the situation and unblocked my account. Then I sold one more item until today, I got another message from the Seller-Performance Team telling me that my account was blocked for good and that I have 90 days until my account will not exist. Obviously the Seller-Performance Team saw that my account had been re-opened and and blocked it again. All I know is that The Seller-Performance Team and are not working together on this and now I am confused. The Seller-Performance Team re-opened my account and then out of no where, blocked me for no reason once I agreed to their terms. Blocked means that I cannot buy or sell anything using my account on I have been trying to comply with, but now they just lost another customer, and many more because I am going to spread the word. I am about to switch over to EBAY. I thought was better than EBAY since Amazon has less fees, making it cheaper to sell things, but I learned my lesson. I just do not understand what is wrong with's system. It is flawed. No one is working together on an issue. If someone does not like you, they will see that you go down, no matter what. And there is no way to prove your innocence because they have the authority to do whatever they want with you. I hope EBAY is better, or else I do not know what I will do.

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  • Ar
      25th of Nov, 2008
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    Somebody needs to tell them to go ### in their hat. I have owned and managed several businesses over the last 55 years. I retired and decided to sell (almost as a hobby) new and used books and other small items that I could handle from my retirement home. I spent months slowly developing and operating my new partnership with Amazon. One customer made a stink (she didn't know how to put FILM into the DIGITAL camera she bought from me. My account is now suspended with no opportunity to discuss it with this idiotic outfit. (I refunded that sale.) You don't want to ally yourself with these foolish people.

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  • Ja
      8th of Apr, 2009

    Amazon Seller support is the biggest joke I have ever seen in my life. The Technical Support staff has no authority to do anything and there beyond dump when you talk to them about anything technical. The only positive is you can call them and at least talk to a human but they can't help you with any issues or concerns. As for the Seller Performance team there even a bigger joke then the technical service. Lets start off with they have the power to turn off your account or even ban you from selling on Amazon but there is NO customer service hotline and it takes them 24-48 hours to respond to each email you send them and when they reply its just canned emails. Amazon prides them selfs on customer service but treats there sellers like pure crap. At some point enough merchants will get together and force change on Amazon.

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  • We
      21st of Apr, 2009

    In our case they blocked not only our seller account before it was activated but also blocked our phone # so I can't contact them to resolve the issue. All I know is that The Seller-Performance Team and are not working together. Every time I send email to either one they point to each other without any solutions. It's very frustrating to find out why my account is blocked. How can I resolve it if they don't tell me reason why it's blocked?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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  • Mo
      11th of May, 2009

    Same problem here I was selling for a week i made $800 and my account was blocked now they are holding my money for 90 days so wee need to do something about it its not like just wanna keep the money from all the sellers because they feel your competing with them.

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  • Ma
      13th of May, 2009

    This just happened to me. I have been selling for years on I have 91% positive feedback. I canceled 6 orders and they closed it. I have no claims, No returns, etc. They wont talk to you. Thats bull. Where else do you sell?

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  • Un
      29th of May, 2009

    I've been in the online retail business for over 10 years and I just had my account blocked after 1 year. My feedback rating was 94% positive. I had one negative feedback in the last 6 months by a customer who literally could not read. No chargebacks and only 5 refunds in 6 months because the items were damaged and they were the last ones I had, so I was not going to ship a defective or damaged product. No good retailer would do that, except Amazon of course. Some sellers have feedback ratings at 0% and most are in the 60-90% range and they still continue to do business on Amazon. I do not have a problem with that, but I do have a problem with the way Amazon selectively enforces policy that is not clearly defined. I received an email that said my account was under review and I had 24 hours to respond and 2 hours later, my account was suspended. I am planning on filing a lawsuit against Amazon and have the proof to win. All of the comments before mine only help. The Amazon seller performance team is a joke. They violate so many laws and are so arrogant that it is almost comical. They have made changes to my account without my consent in the past to cover their errors. I have the documentation to back it up. What I pointed out to them fell on deaf ears and I honestly think irritated them when I pointed out mistakes and problems the Amazon Seller Team created in the first place. The only way Amazon will change its policies is if they go to court and they lose. With the information I already have and any addition complaints or any other information

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  • Ja
      29th of May, 2009

    I have been watching multiple boards over the past few months and there seems to be major issues with the Seller Performance team. We all know Amazon Seller Central is a great product for both Amazon and the Merchants but if you have a group of people who run this business model who do not follow there own rules and do whatever they want will destroy this revenue generating tool Amazon has created. From looking at all the comments if you go at Amazon and say Seller Performance is wrong or there tools are flawed they will kick you off right away. If you treat them like some sort of god you will be fine and they will keep you on. If Amazon executives are smart there reading these boards to see how they can improve Amazon and I hope there looking at this team hard.
    From seeing the complaints over the past few months I would not be shocked if a class action lawsuit is started soon due to Amazon employees now following the Amazon terms of service with merchants. The more people who speak up and go at these issues the quicker changes will happen.

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  • Ri
      27th of Aug, 2009

    It happened to me. There is no recourse after they ban you for no reason. You can call technical support but they can not do anything, they will tell you to email Seller Performance. Seller Performance sends generic emails and that is if they even give enough courtesy to reply to your email. You can email the tracking #s and have perfect feedback but they aren't letting go of the funds until 90 days passes. I think they generate interest and/or pay other sellers with your money while holding your money for 90 days. In many cases they seem to put your account in review and wait a week or two so that they can accumulate funds. Shortly therafter you will get an email that your account is blocked and funds are held for 90 days. They can destroy your business by holding funds, cash flow is like the air a person breathes to a business. I never will buy from Amazon again and will always tell others not to if the subject of Amazon comes up.

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  • Ry
      30th of Sep, 2009


    Are you human? If you are, then I suggest you have some responsibility
    and ability to think correctly. If not, then sorry I was talking to
    either myself or a bunch of ANIMALS at AMAZON river.

    I have a couple of questions about my accounts that I don't think if
    ANIMALS can answer, can't they?

    1. Some STUPID AMAZON "human" email me saying my account is blocked
    because "previously associate with CLOSED accounts, " and these "HUMAN"
    don't tell me which accounts were "Previously Closed"

    2. They said they 'll call me within 2 days, and this has been 10
    days. I guess only AMAZON ANIMALS have that kind of lies.

    3. How STUPID they are when they all reply the same thing over and
    over again. Only ANIMALS do it, HUMAN don't.

    Well! What can I say to a bunch of ANIMALS?

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  • Jo
      20th of Oct, 2009

    Amazon Seller Central is a rip-off and Amazon in general uses many discrimantory tactics. For example: and others are operating with a .com in their business name and logo... Clearly a no-no in Amazon's terms of use, but they let it go for some reason! My company's legal name also is a .com and is trademarked - They blocked my account for using a .com in my logo! I guess they can only flex their muscles on small business owners like us. Bye Bye Amazon, without sellers like us, you are nothing but a company with limited inventory and you will shrink! The eBay model kicks you in the ###!

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  • Se
      29th of Oct, 2009

    Greetings everyone,

    As a company operating out to the state of Florida we have had the opportunity to deal with many eCommerce sites such as Amazon, eBay, OverStock, etc. In fact, we have sold with Amazon for about six months now. Over that time, Amazon has suspended our account twice. They reactivated our account after an initial 30 review while holding over $1000 of our funds. After the release naturally we became excited and relisted a lot of our products. Much to our dismay, after just 5 days of selling we received the dreaded suspension letter AGAIN and our account was put on hold, only this time with roughly $5000. As we did nothing wrong other than offer consumers products at GREAT prices, which usually ship the same day, Amazon said our volume of sales was not justified. What really gets us... is we had to go through all the same processes as previously (send us your suppliers, company information, websites, so forth and so on...), which wewe might add was sent when we went through this the first time in July that our account was suspended. We called several times and got the same BS story seller performance does not have anyone to talk to. Okay then, Amazon with their extensive operations worldwide does not have anyone in seller performance to talk to??? Are you kidding me, well then put me on the phone with your automated server that sends out these emails and supposedly reviews our accounts. As Amazon has now held our funds twice “released once after 30 days” now it has been 30 days again and we just received this letter, “Hello from

    Thank you for writing. After a review of your account by an account specialist, we have decided your account will remain blocked.

    We regret we are unable to provide further information on this situation. Further correspondence regarding the closure of your selling account will not be answered.

    The closure of this account is a permanent action. Any subsequent accounts that are opened will be closed as well.

    Best regards,

    Amazon Seller Performance Team”

    Let us remind you now that they claim that they are now going to hold our money for an additional 90 days!!! Well, as a doctoral student and a driven business professional, I will not let this case go, even if they release our funds. Why? Well, simply someone has to do something to start the revolution =) Join our fight Seven Times Seven on Twitter

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  • Ha
      10th of Nov, 2009

    We sold on Amazon for about two month and they shut us down. They said our account was linked to a different account that had been closed. We had no idea what they were talking about. We appealed the decision and they would not do anything different other than refusing to discuss the situation further. We do not know where this action came from and we were given no answers. They've also held onto our money for 90 days. We are waiting for a better company to sell for with the same exposure. Abebooks and Alibris have been wonderful sites with equal treatment to seller and buyer. We recommend trying them.

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  • Cg
      18th of Feb, 2010

    i think amazon is great and i think yous are just plain stupid:-)

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  • Bo
      22nd of Feb, 2010

    They will burn you, they did me in one e-mail stated will not decusis it at all. please tell me how you get your out of them. I listed with them and they don't care how bad you burn your byer a kind of inside joke, The dot heads in India could care less. They bully who they like when they like and steal your money. America is hurting and Amazon gives our jobs to India who only care about cows and the next dot to be blobbed on there head. We must stand up and take our jobs back from India

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  • Un
      24th of Feb, 2010

    cg lawwwwdy, you're a ###. I will guarantee that cg lawwwwdy has never sold a single item on Amazon so they have no clue as to what they are talking about, or is an amazon employee, or is one of "those" buyers who files a complaint when they purchase a $5 item and it shows up a day later than expected because the post office was slow in delivering it and then demands a full refund and keeps the product. If amazon is so great, why are there tens of thousands of similar complaints from solid, veteran sellers? It's because amazon is a steaming pile of garbage who steals copyrighted images, holds funds for their use to keep the balance sheet and stock price high and has a seller performance team with a 3rd grade education. Probably why cg lawwwdy thinks amazon is so great is that they have something in common, both made it no further than the 3rd grade (judging by their post, I think 3rd grade may be generous).

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  • Fe
      19th of Apr, 2010

    Amazon just refunded a Scam Artist Buyer and Now I am out my product I sold to him and the money he should have paid me. Amazon will not side with me the, Seller, and claims that it is my fault, that I did not pay and put a signature required slip from the USPS on my package to the buyer. I already paid extra for a delivery confirmation number from the USPS but Amazon said that is not good enough.

    None of the packages you get from Amazon directly has Signature Confirmation. So I do not know where this Signature required policy comes from.

    So, in short, everyone can buy an item from an Amazon Seller. Put in a false complaint to Amazon about the seller and that the product didn’t arrive; get their money back and keep the product. I think everyone needs to try it once and see how many people get the product they ordered for Free.

    Amazon really needs to clean up this procedure about Scam Artists Buyers buying from us Honest Sellers, and Require Buyers to Put All the Correct Ship To Info and Contact Name when purchasing an Item from Amazon.

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  • Li
      11th of May, 2010

    Can somebody initiate a class law suit again this [censor]?

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  • Da
      16th of Jun, 2010

    Amazon is purely ripping people off and they do not care at all about doing the right thing. Quite simply, this company has EXTREMELY poor business ethics. Period.

    After receiving notification online that Amazon had "charged" my credit card I took a step back and was trying to figure out for what? After all I was under the impression that I was an individual seller NOT a professional lister. Therefore I should have only been charged $1.49 per transaction, instead they charged me $29.99 a month for two months. This was totally ridiculous because I was trying to sell a $10 textbook (as I am a student).

    So. I decided to call up customer service to inquire about this obvious error and get it sorted out. Well, it got sorted out alright ... like a slap in my face. Not only did the telephone clerk respond with brain washed, insulting customer service psycho-babble, I too, was blocked from being able to re-phone customer service.

    The result is this: I took a loss on the text-book because I am reselling it, plus I take another loss because the "alloted" postage that Amazon charges the buyer because in reality it does not even come close to the real cost of postage. -- I don't get a dime from the sale of the book because Amazon sucks that up on listing service fees that I NEVER signed up for and then charges me another $45 for being listed on their website. Can this really be true? Well the truth is: YES ... Amazon ripped me off, and I can almost guarantee that I am only one of many that they are doing this to.

    So, my advice to you is this: STAY AWAY from Amazon, they will steal money from your credit card when you are not looking and then cut you off from cutomer service when you inquire about getting your money back.

    Amazon you should be ASHAMED! I have never in my life been so blatantly mugged and then told well "I am sorry that you feel that way" ... Please do us all a favour and take an ethics course.

    ALL STUDENTS STAY AWAY FROM AMAZON if you are trying to re-sell your textbooks! They will rip you off!!!

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  • Da
      16th of Jun, 2010

    After the last post ... I believe that is only fair that I give you an update on the last posted situation.

    This morning I tracked down a 1 800 number for Amazon and placed another call to continue my fight for reimbursement. After being put through to customer service again, I spoke to an agent and reiterated my position. However, this time the fellow asked to put me on hold while he checked into it.

    After a few minutes he returned to the phone and almost assured me that the problem would be dealt with. He could not personally guarantee the outcome as it would be decided by the "leadership" team, however he was fairly confident that it would be worked out.

    The question I have is: why did the first customer agent not also realize the simplicity of this matter? I mean, really ... how ridiculous, and what a waste of not only my resources, but also theirs.

    I report to you now that they sent me an email a few hours later confirming that they would refund the wrong charges. I was actually quite shocked by this response after my first encounter on the phone with agent #1.
    Also, I was personally called this evening by a supervisor to follow up on the situation. Wow, what a turn around.

    So in fairness, although I had to do multiple follow ups to finally get something done, Amazon did finally sort it out. It is just sad that I had to go through such lengths to get results. How many people just give up and let it go. For me, it was about ethics not money. So, my advice is: don't give up when you are wronged, pursue, pursue, pursue ... because you just may get results.

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  • Kk
      13th of Aug, 2010


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