Amazon.comunethical shipping bait and switch

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Watch out!!!

Amazon changes your shipping costs in between when you view items and when you check out.

They add a dollar to the cost of each item without warning!

On a small order this amounts to a large percentage.

This is an unethical, sleazy business practice that should be illegal. I have sent a complaint to the federal trade commission. Hope they do something.

Punish amazon by not using their company.


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      Feb 14, 2018

    another bait and switch technique is advertising free 2 day shipping for prime members for an item but when you check out it is magically switched to regular ground shipping (5 days). this is blatant false advertising if not fraud of the commitments promised to prime members (breach of contract). i have experienced this several times. i am not so hard up that i cannot wait for a package but do not treat me like i have a lack of intelligence.

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