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brown monogrammed wallet from groupon

I have attempted to order 1 of your wallets 3 times but the order wont ever go through. I have been given 3 different "codes" to use (voucher #/Groupon #/Promo Code) but NONE of them have worked BUT I have still been charged TWICE on my credit card for this same wallet along with the taxes & shipping fees (that have never been processed). At first, I emailed about it & was given further directions. Then, after the order would never process - Qualtry started BLOCKING my emails. I saved the emails to show you. This is totally unprofessional. All I am requesting is that I be refunded the money that was debited on my credit card from your company twice for an item I never received. The Voucher #/Groupon #/Promo Code is as follows: Voucher # - GPNMLW1-r6gfeu; Groupon #- VS-CV6G-V2BR-SWY3-HVSM; 2nd set of #s: Voucher #- GPNMLW1-fffhvu; Groupon #- VS-XT64-65C7-MR1P-12RY; then lastly was given a Promo Code- CART10. I would greatly appreciate your assistance in resolving this matter as soon as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to reach me at [protected] (cell). Thanks ! Renee

luggage tags

I placed order for luggage tags on Groupon and redeemed them and was still charged a extra 45.00 for the tags that I had already paid for on Groupon totaling 18.00 for 2 single tags and one double

I want to know how come they charged me twice and i left a message yesterday to be called back and have yet to receive a returned phone call...[protected] Tonya Chapman purchased December 31st

personalized wine shaped cutting boards

Ordered two of your personalized cutting boards which arrived yesterday. Neither of them are the design I ordered, and one of them has a crack and both the design and name are so faint you can barely see them. The design on both was supposed to be as represented on the order site - "The best wines are the ones you drink with family and friends." The order number on the cracked and barely visible imprint and name is: 1570445.The order number on the other one with the incorrect design is:1570420. Please contact me as soon as possible. I need the first order corrected and received by November 24th as it is a gift for that date. My name is Kathryn Taylor and my number is [protected].

bottle openers I ordered

My order # is 1541958 and 1543458
My name is Stacey Philipps. I ordered four personalized bottle openers. The condition they can in is disgusting. So scratched nicked up and the stamp of initial and name are all crooked. I can't give this as s gift it looks like someone made them in Boy Scouts !!! I want a refund and I did a Groupon for this I am contacting them as well

bottle openers I ordered

personalized cutting board

I've order 5 - 7 personalized cutting boards for anniversary gifts in the last 18 months. This last order must have been created by someone that was about to quick their job and they just didn't care for the quality of their work. I will NOT by any means suggest this company to anyone without WARNING that your order is suggest to all types of flaws and will not look nothing like the item they advertise on their website. They will offer no refunds or replacements. So with that being said ask yourself do you want to take a chance with your funds. The picture on the left was done correctly and professionally. The picture on the had to be completed by someone that doesn't like good quality work.

personalized cutting board
personalized cutting board

luggage tags

615263 On August 5th, I ordered the Navy/Brown luggage tags, with a Groupon I purchased, as a Christmas gift for my son. The 1st set came as Aqua/Brown so I sent an email & Carlo...

dog collars

I ordered five dog collars last night through groupon and when I went to personalize and check out just now, the total for shipping came up as $30.40. I assumed my total of $16.00 on the order invoice was indeed my total, and did not expect to have over $30 added for shipping. I would like a refund, but groupon requires that I go to you directly. Please confirm that this was received and is being followed up. Thank you.
Ellen Discher
Order #[protected]

unable to get thru customer service after 4 phone calls, left messages, tried messenger and email. no answer.

I have ordered a few times, love the product but this last time one item was missing and I was not satisfied with one I received and wanted to re order but have a question.
Traveling soon and these are gifts. Attempted to contact someone, 4 phone calls with messages, tried messenger and an email and no one has called me back.
Running out of time.
Customer Service is very important for a company. If short of personnel, hire more people or you will start loosing clients, potentially myself.
Thank you!

dog collars

I had been trying to order the embroidered dog collars with a Groupon for the last two weeks, and was having problems as, I needed a different name on each collar and could not figure out how to get that done! Finally after many e-mails with your company I thought I had it figured out. So, today I put in what I wanted put on each collar and then I realized that I had accidentally ordered an x-small on one them instead of a small. That being said, I now somehow ended up with 4 collars instead of 2! My order number is 1468585. I do not need the 2 x-small collars, I would appreciate it if you could straighten this out and credit my credit card.


Purchased a groupon for bottle openers and submitted my order at Qualtry 5/2/2019. It's now 5/25/2019 and even trying to email support about the order is useless. I've ordered a couple times with no problems and loved the products, but if it's going to be hit & miss with what you receive and what you don't, not sure I'll be inclined to purchase from here again.

2 personalized luggage tags

Both tags have incorrect info on them. On one the email address is incorrectly spelled. On the other their is no surname but 2 of the same surname initials in 2 different positions.

These are supposed to be for a gift and I cannot give them to anyone in this poor condition.
ORDER # 1451087
USER [protected]
Date shipped 5/10/19

Contact email [protected]@gmail .com
Phone [protected]

shop at home will not let me get on your website

I have been trying to place my order for days but Shop At Home comes every time and i cant get to your website.

Why can't I get to your website without this pop up every time! This makes shopping with you very difficult and really frustrating!!!

Please advise or call me so I can get my Groupon done today.
I would like to take care of this today if possible.

Thank you,
Wendy Gleckner [protected]

redeeming groupon purchase and your lack of customer service

I ordered 5 pillow cases in December. It is April and I still cannot get on the website to redeem. I have sent several request and Have not heard a word from your customer service dept. At this point the dates are long gone that I was going to use these. Please issue me a check for the $20.00 I spent. Contact me at [protected] I see that you have several complaints and seem to lack customer concern. I will contact Groupon (along with others) and ask them to stop doing business with Qualtry if don't address these issues

bottle opener via groupon

I purchase the 4 piece of bottle openers when I placed the order I placed 1 package of what my groupon was but a total of 4 and was charged the shipping. when I got the item, I only received one bottle opener instead of the 4. I did tried to place the 4 openers when placing the order and would not accept the groupon code that is why I placed only one thinking they would review the purchase order from groupon and send me the full order. I have tried and left my details for a phone call back and no response. I have tried to log into the account with out any success. this is very frustrating as we are trying to get the merchandise paid for.

pillow case cover

I have tried to redeem my Groupon voucher with this company for over 2 months now. It dose not direct you to the page it never loads. I have sent emails and of course there is no customer contact phone number that is legitimate and works. My Groupon voucher expires on 4/1719. This ridiculous that this company has no way for customers to contact them

Pillowcases from groupon

I ordered 5 princess pillowcases from groupon in february for a march birthday. I tried several times to redeem for my daughters birthday however the site would not let me. Her birthday has passed and I still am unable to redeem and at this point I want my money back immediately ……. The groupon code is gpnppc5-95tab4t7. My email address is [protected] Refund immediately please.

Thank you

personalized dog collar

I ordered and paid for this item 11/30/18. At that point I was given a code to use when ordering. Regular price $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping. I tried ordering that day and was told...

personalized sketch pad

I ordered this item in November and have been trying to redeem it since then and get it personalized and it is not working. I have tried several times. I would greatly appreciate a response in order for me to redeem this gift. I wanted to give as a birthday gift, but the redemption code is not going through. I have tried several times. I am running out of time to redeem this gift with it being personalized. I have tried to do this on several occasions, but to no avail. Additionally, I have tried to reach out to Qualtry and your website does not help as it reads "customer service." Please help in taking care of this issue in a timely fashion. Thank you

never received order

I placed an order on January 7, 2019. The website shows the order as received but not shipped. I have reached out to the customer service email 3 times with no response. This was a Groupon, I will be reaching out to Groupon as well. The customer service phone number I found online directs me to the email address again which I've already tried 3 times.

personalized dog collar

I have been charged like three times, I have not received any thing. This is a gift, and a little to late, for the arrival of a six week old baby boxer.I am so very disappointed, with the whole deceiving ads and your promo codes!!! I'm done!!! Sincerely Kathi Reich!!! So on this note. When and if this order does arrive! I will refuse and return the product. For I have already purchased one just like the one I orderd from your company. and have already received it. without all the drama. Once again Sincerely Kathi Reich.

bathroom towel(s)

I have been trying to contact Qualtry since December 20th in regards to my 2 orders that were placed earlier in December 2018 and were told they would be delivered before Christmas and have not spoken with anyone, is there a problem with the answering machine or email server or do they just like receiving money from customers and not giving them the product that they purchase?

incomplete order received

On 11/25/18 I ordered three personalized cutting boards from Qualtry through the Groupon website. At the same time I ordered three display easels as well from Qualtry, as I planned to give all three cutting boards and easels as gifts. I received the cutting boards in late December, and was satisfied, but the easels for which I paid $5.99 each plus shipping and handling were never shipped. I have since sent a minimum of six emails and called at least that many times and never received a response, other than Qualtry's automated email message that my email was received. I also filed a complaint with Groupon about Qualtry's non-existent customer service. I do not recommend doing business with this company, either directly or through Groupon.

personalized dog collars

on 1-21-19, I ordered 1 (one) Groupon item for 2 personalized dog collars from for $8. this was confirmed by Groupon. ur website apparently misunderstood Qty 1 vs 1 item for 2 dog...

never use qualtry. they are scam artists.

Ordered product through groupon in november 2018. It is now january 2019 and these scam artists still have not sent my my product nor will they answer emails. The zombies at groupon keep giving me the run around, and will neither refund my money nor provide a new code for a new board. The fools at qualtry I didn't know about, but I expected better from groupon as i've been using them for years. Guess that's two companies I can't trust now.

did not receive all my items

I ordered two pillow cases that were personalized and two pillows for the cases. I received the cases but not the pillows. I have submitted three request for customer service to contact me regarding the missing items and have not gotten one response. I would like my money back if they are not going to send me the pillows. It has taken quite a long time just to get the order and then for it to not be the whole order was very disappointing. I will not use this company again the customer service is poor and there wait times to get items are extremely long.

multiple orders

I placed 4 separate orders with this company on November 17th. According to their website, they priduce the items within 7-10 business days from the order date and then there's an...

item not received

I placed an order (1313332)on 15 Dec 2018 and yet not recd. the items . I have sent several emails regarding the same and yet not received a single reply from customer care. So, u may go ahead and cancel my order and deposit the amount back for the item purchased. I have to say it's a very poor service from your end and clearly shows how you are not able to communicate with your customers even after repeated emails sent. Unfortunately, this will b the first and last . I strongly suggest the other customers b aware

incomplete order

615263 I have sent you 6 emails (12/10/18, 12/11/18, 12/12/18, 12/13/18, 12/17/18 & 1/3/19) concerning my order #1198082 that was not filled as ordered. I only received 2 ea. s/b 4...

beware items never received

Placed 4 separate orders on 11/19/18 using 4 groupon codes. One of the groupons did not process and did receive a replacement code from customer service. Three of the orders were received but the 4th one order 1210650 never arrived and they were Christmas gifts. I have sent multiple emails and no response and they do not have a customer service phone number. Even if I am refunded my shipping amount, I'm still out because the groupon is non refundable. I will NEVER order from them again. My paypal account has been charged and the order shows as processed.

order not received

I placed an order on November 24, 2018.
I received an email December 10, 2018 saying:

"Dear Olivia Strickland,

Your order #1227659 has just completed the product personalization phase. Your order will now be hand checked and then shipped out to you as fast as possible."

I have never received this order and these were Christmas gifts. I sent an email to Customer Service on December 20, 2018 and have not received a response from that either. I just need someone to let me know where this order is at.

-Olivia Strickland

have not received received my order placed on 11/20.

I placed my order on 11/20, (yes 11/20) for 6 pairs of personalized gloves for my unit that I supervise at work. The order still shows as being processed. I have sent 6 email...

missing item

Purchased 6 items for Christmas gifts for child's teachers. First, the items arrived much later than they promised, and one of the items was missing. Because it was so close to...

service complaint

Customer service is terrible. I placed an order on November 23rd and was to ship within 7 to 10 business days, but never shipped. I emailed customer service several times with NO response. My order was for 4 of my family members for Christmas and now Christmas has come and gone with still no package or response from Qualtry Customer Service. I will never order from here again and will advise anyone that asks me, not to order either. This is just awful business practice and I am seriously disappointed. When and if I ever get my order, I will have to mail these for gifts as I was unable to give them to my family on Christmas morning and they all live out of town. Truly disappointed. I would like to hear from this company about my order as soon as possible or I will demand a refund.

order not received

I placed my order on 12/10/2018. I was told it would take 7-10 business days to process AND ship. It is not 12/22/2018. My order is still in the "processing" phase. I have sent several emails with no response back. A friend of mine placed an order 3 days after I did and she RECEIVED THE ORDER. This makes no sense and is not right. I WILL NEVER ORDER THROUGH QUALTRY AGAIN AFTER THIS POOR SERVICE AND LACK OF COMMUNICATION.

they won't send my product!!

615263 I have been waiting for over two (closer to three) months for Qualtry to deliver two personalized items that were supposed to be for my sisters for Christmas. They were overpriced...

service/never received order

I purchased a Groupon and placed an order on November 21st 2018. I received an update that it was completed on December 6th 2018. I have not received the order, nor any shipping info AND IT IS NOW December 20th 2018. Sent emails with no response. Left messages with no calls back. I am stopping payment with my credit card company immediately. ***DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY***

1261386 & 1260879

Placed these orders on Dec . 1, 2018. I have not received these orders for Christmas. I was assured that they would be delivered by Christmas. There is no way to contact anyone...

product not received

Honestly, if I could give no stars I would and I wish I researched the company to see all the negative reviews before I placed an order.

I did check out the lead time on products before placing an order, because this was intended to be a Christmas present. Lead time for the order say 7 - 10 business days, well it's been 19 days and the order has yet to ship. I have attempted to contact customer service twice, through their website, and they haven't even bothered to respond. Will definitely not order from them again and will spread the word to friends, family, and colleagues to steer clear of this company.

never received order

Like everyone else on here... I should have read reviews first. I ordered a ton of Christmas gifts thru this site Qualtry. They have never delivered (still shows processing 2 weeks later) and there is no way to contact them other than their web site and they never reply to you there. There is a phone number and when you call it it is for sales only and its a voice mail.
Totally ruined my Christmas! BEWARE!!!

  • Ba
    Bailey Jo Dec 21, 2018

    I am having the same exact problem. [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Thead are the email addresses they have posted in their page. Clearly they don't work. I'm so mad!!

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  • Mi
    Mike Ward Dec 22, 2018

    hi my name is Deanna Koepp I placed an order and I never received it was wondering why please contact me asap thank you for your support my number is 440 396 5913

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customer service

I ordered pillows in November and have never heard back from them. I purchased 5 personalized pillows. There is no way to contact them. they do not answer emails. There is no phone number and chat does not work. I lost money and Christmas gifts. I am disappointed that I sent them my hard earned money and they cannot even respond.

Do not purchase from this company.

  • Ba
    barntrouble Dec 19, 2018

    I totally agree, I've emailed them until I am blue in the face.
    I placed and order on 11/13/18 and it is now 12/19/18 and my order shows not shipped.
    They do not reply. Don't waste your money on the groupon.

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