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Buyers at amazon beware! There are lots of other opportunities on the web to get the same product. It might be a little more, or not, but you will get what you order, and in a timely manner. Amazon is a one track business. Get you order/money, and forget about satisfying the customer. I order a text book over 3 weeks ago. Headed into 4th week of classes w/o the book. Amazon claims I have to wait another 2 weeks to file a complaint, and refuses to contact seller to verify whether shipped or not. I have tried to email the seller numerous times, w/ no response. Since the seller refuses to respond, it can be assumed she failed to ship. I can't cancel the order, or credit my acct. Until amazon contacts the seller in 2 weeks, and waits for a reply. Why won't amazon contact seller now. Save us all a lot of time. Meanwhile I have been charged for the book, now must write amazon's charge account why I won't pay (Why should I pay for something I did not get.) amazon claims the seller is their customer, short, they won't take responsibility for bad service. I have to do all the work; contact credit card acct., contact amazon repeatedly to try to end this bad service. Do yourself a favor avoid buying on amazon!

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  • Ta
      2nd of Jun, 2010

    Your complaint is with a seller on, not with itself. Shipping times through third parties are clearly posted in several locations (help pages, seller profile, etc) as is information on the Guarantee Claim. If the seller is claiming they sent it, and you are claiming you did not receive it, the only way to resolve it is for Amazon to investigate and obtain additional information. Bottom line is, all of the information is clearly posted before you order, so If you are running the risk of missing classes, order your books earlier or pay extra to go with a seller with expedited shipping.

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