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For at least 6 months (maybe longer, ) everything amazon shipped. was shipped via the post office first, then replacements MAY have been shipped via UPS or FedEx, but sometimes were resent via the post office (USPS.) The problem is that USPS did not actually deliver the items to me. They were getting left street side, in the middle of a small city with a high rate of crime involving theft and dishonesty (not violent, thought there is some violence, just not much and usually not deadly.) These items would be stolen before I was even notified that they were left. I live in a secure building and USPS has keys to enter, as the mailboxes are located in the hallway on the ground level. The entry way has 2 set of doors, interior and exterior. The interior doors are locked and there is an intercom system and the door can be unlocked remotely. USPS delivery drivers are too lazy to unlock the interior and at least leave the packages behind a locked door. They are too lazy to use the intercom to inform me of the fact they have just left packages in a place where anyone can take them. Then after failing to deliver the packages (and I believe some of the packages were kept the drivers, ) they report them as delivered, but I never received them. for 6 months or more this went on with a 100% fail rate. The items were mostly low cost items, but a lot of them. amazon always replaced the items. When the replacement were sent via UPS or FedEx (and on the rare occasion when the initial shipment was made via UPS or FedEx, ) I got the items sent. Sometimes, amazon would screw me over, because a price changed between the time of the original order and the loss, so I would get a refund instead of a replacement and have to buy again at the higher price and go through the whole routine of lose and replace. I need to reiterate: 100% FAIL RATE by USPS. If it was too large to fit in my mailbox, I did not get it, unless sent by UPS or FedEx. There were no exceptions. Every time, I complained about it and tried to explain that the USPS drivers in my area are too lazy to do their jibs and may even be stealing the items for themselves. amazon has become so automated that they can not change the shipper. amazon chooses the shipper based on the lowest price charged for shipping the item. The consumer has no say and the consumer's input is totally ignored. The past performance is totally ignored. the customer service reps keep lying and saying how sorry they are this happened and make false assurances that it won't happen again, but happens every time.

Finally, I ordered an item with a higher price. An Asus curved, 27" 2560 X 1440p, GSync, Gaming Display. Specifically a ROG PG27V. On sale for $757 and an installment offer of 6 payments, including the initial payment. They sent it via USPS. It was not delivered, it was left street side and went walkabout, but USPS claimed delivered. I complained to both Amazon and USPS. Nothing was done, amazon refused to take any action and after 2 months of trying to deal with it, was finally told they needed a police report. For the police report, I needed a serial number, but in amazon's automation, the record everything necessary to track a package, if the shipper is being honest, but they DO NOT record the serial numbers, even they are listed on the outside of the box in both numbers and barcode format. So, I can't file an actionable police report. Result: amazon does nothing. USPS does nothing.

Well, I say amazon does nothing, but that's not true. Because amazon refused to replace the item, because amazon chose to keep using USPS in spite of a 100% fail rate, because they ignored me every time, because, even while this was going on the reps kept lying to me, claiming the item was on it's way (even though it was clearly lost and quite obvious amazon had not sent a replacement, ) or claiming it would be resolved and I would not be charged, I had to cancel my credit card and get a replacement with a new number and issue a chargeback for the initial payment. I can no longer purchase anything from amazon and had to cancel my membership, because amazon keeps trying to charge me for the item that was never delivered. My last attempt to resolve it resulted in my being passed, endlessly from 1 rep to another, all of whom said the same thing, "so sorry, let me fix this. So sorry I can't, let transfer you to a specialist who can." Except, they didn't transfer me to a specialist. They simply transferred me to another rep. 10 transfers. On the last transfer, nothing was said by the rep. Nothing at all. Instead, the connection was terminated and access to my account was terminated. I can no longer log in to amazon. amazon keeps sending me emails about failed attempts to collect payments and how as soon as I provide a number for a CC it will be charged. I have items that I purchased from amazon, that I can no longer use, because the supplies for those items is not available locally and I can buy them from amazon, except I can't. I spent so much money with amazon over the years and they went from a consumer friendly, consumer oriented company, to an uncaring, overly automated super giant that lies constantly to it's customers. They have grown too large and become too automated to be reliable any more. Rather than deal with a problem of their own making, they just ignore it. Rather than deal with the issue they created for me, they just locked me out of my account. 10 years with amazon. no loyalty or care for their customer.

What I got from amazon was poor service, disrespect, lies and charged for products never received. The lies were blatantly obvious and insulting all at once. I was being told things that even an idiot could tell were not true and had no way of being true. 1 rep, after 2 weeks into it, with no package and USPS claiming it was delivered, claimed that the item was in fact still on it's way. Just trying to get me past the point where I would be able to issue a charge back. When I went to my bank to get the chargeback issued, it turned that they had a great many account holders having exactly the same issues: USPS does not deliver but claims they did and amazon keeps trying to charge them. amazon doesn't seem to understand that usps is unreliable for anything that won't fit in a mailbox. USPS is not a business, it is federal government, which means that their employees can't be fired for laziness or failing their in job. If UPS drivers behaved the way USPS drivers do, they would be out of a job within a couple of days. All amazon cares about now, is getting their money. As long as amazon gets their money, they don't care if the customer gets what was paid for. amazon has 3 policies: policy #1 is for sellers on amazon, and they need to adhere to a strict set of rules, policy #2 is for amazon, when the items are low cost, and it's fairly positive for the customer, policy #3 is for amazon when the items are of a higher cost (not sure where the threshold is, but I expect it to be in the $300 to $500 range, ) and it's a policy of "Too bad for the customer, make them pay anyway and screw them! We want the money, no exceptions! Doesn't matter that we have created the situation and refuse to record the information necessary to allow the customer to adhere to our policies! We did that on purpose, because we know that by not recording the serial numbers, there is nothing the customer can do about it and the customer will be unable to meet the demands of our policies, therefore allowing us to charge them anyway."

amazon has become a cesspool of corporate greed and corruption. I fully believe amazon is fully aware of the USPS unreliability and just doesn't care. Cancelling access to my account as a means of "dealing" with problem is a cheap shot. I have suffered injury and insult from amazon. It has been many months since all this has occurred and the anguish I feel keeps growing. It's not just anguish, either. I find myself trusting less and less.

I am actually thinking about filing a lawsuit with the intent of making it a class action suit (and for the wannabe lawyers out there, I know what a class action lawsuit is and that a single individual in a lawsuit does not make it a class action. It needs to be a lot of people all in the same lawsuit for the same or very similar reason.)

Also, for the grammar police: I intentionally did not use a capital (uppercase) A for amazon, as sign of disrespect.

Nov 25, 2018

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