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My husband ordered a power sander. It was due to arrive on Nov. 19, 2018 via amazon's own delivery service.
It did not arrive. We waited another day and then called them on Nov. 20, 2018. They told us that according to their delivery service's tracking number the package WAS delivered. However we do not have it.
So they said they would investigate and we should wait 3 days and call back again. We called on Nov. 23rd and they said their investigation showed that the package was delivered to us. They have no photo and they have no signature...yet they refuse to replace the item or give us credit.
Their delivery service is terrible. Several times we have received packages with other peoples' names and addresses!!!
Terrible service...this was to be a gift for our son...we have no merchandise and they are keeping our money!!!

Nov 23, 2018
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  •   Nov 23, 2018

    AFAIK, Amazon uses public delivery companies. Ask which carrier delivered it and to which door. Was it left where it could be stolen? If Amazon claims it was left and easily taken, file a police report. Carriers have insurance and ask for proof in writing it was delivered to which address and what door.

    Don’t be rude or yell. The person on the phone didn’t do anything wrong. Nice people get results but nasty customers get dog doo.

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  • No
      Nov 25, 2018

    Go to your bank and issue a chargeback!
    amazon has become unreliable, overly automated and filled with liars and cheats.

    There was a time when amazon was great and reliable, now they are just an automated nightmare who refuses to properly resolve issues. I had to issue a chargeback and change my CC number to stop them. Now, they have cancelled access to my account, keep sending me emails about failed charges and keep trying to charge a cancelled for an item that was never delivered.

    They have become too big and no longer care about their customers, They only care about getting your money, not you and the product or service you paid for. It's too bad, they used to be good. When you go to your bank, I bet you'll find they have a large number of people doing the same because of amazon.

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  • Lo
      Nov 30, 2018

    Does anyone else feel uneasy about Just anyone getting your address and delivering packages to your door. I live in a pretty small development and we notice most cars and people that are new. The amazon delivery people have nothing on their cars to suggest who they are. At least with the post office, UPS and Fed Ex you see the truck and a uniformed person. Not full proof against fraud or stealing but some resemblance of comfort?

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