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Cincinnati, OH, United States

Hello, so I got my tax refund an ordered 8 items from amazon, the payment went through an I got a confirmation number, then 48hrs later I get 8 separate emails from amazon telling my my account and orders are on hold! I was suppose to verify my billing and shipping address to be correct to match their records?
Sounds easy enough so I literally had to reply individually to each email, one for all 8 items I ordered, I didn't hear back from them so i went to log in my account an check on the shipping, my account login keeps saying my password or email entered is WRONG!
I tried 6 times then I tapped the (forgot password) option, they sent my email a link to choose a NEW PASSWORD, I went through this 7 TIMES an every time I try to login it says same thing!
Finally I chose the CHAT NOW... I'm online explaining my frustration and the customer rep tells me it will NEVER allow me to sign in to my own account until a team specialist takes CALLS ME to talk about my address, I asked how long this process takes?
He replies usually 24hrs, I waited 2 days an I chatted AGAIN an explained everything AGAIN only to be told they can't help me only the team specialist can, I said FINE!
What is their number I will call them since they can't get around to CALLING ME, He explains You CANT CALL THEM, 😑 at this point I'm getting really ticked off!!
I told the (chat now) rep to CANCEL ALL 8 ITEMS I'm sick of waiting for a call that I don't know when it's coming, they won't give me a number to watch for an make sure i answer it!... No number for me to call!! No Refund available no ITEMS BEING DELIVERED!! And to beat it all I CANT EVEN LOGIN IN TO SEE MY ACCOUNT!!
Worst customer care I've ever encountered in my life!!
At this point still to date!...
They took my money
Refused to send the items
Refused to call me
Refused me to call them
Refused to let me in my own account
I'm just IN LIMBO?
So today I will be filing a fraud report on the charges to my banking, I refuse to be stolen from!!... Also there's NO CORPORATE PHONE NUMBERS! πŸ˜‘πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
🚫🚫🚫Amazon is a BUYER BEWARE! 🚫🚫🚫

Amazon Online

Feb 6, 2015

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