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This company treats their employees like crap, I do not work at Amazon, but more and more companies are starting to do the "wal-mart thing". Some of them, like Amazon, do it even worse. I worked in retail once and I can tell you I did not need the company to give me more crap to deal with ON TOP of some of the people's crappy attitudes.
Amazon's BS includes (but is not limited to):
Long work week, including overtime on Saturdays, resulting in a total of a 7 day work week. Sick points. Yeah I know, what the bleep? This means you can only get sick a certain number of times (6 times) in a week before you get FIRED. Furthermore, you have to ask permission to use the bathroom, and of course, with all this you can expect the usual ridiculously low wage, in comparison to every-day needs. I implore you, do not support these companies, it is simply stealing from the poor to give to the rich, and please do not apply to work there, you are signing up for a horrible experience. It's the same, in a lesser way, as those companies that use child labor. Except this is happening in your own country.

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  • Pu
      Oct 21, 2010

    Yes, they do treat employees like crap. They have unrealistic and "mostly" unattainable productivity goals. If only three people in the department of 100+ are capable of attaining those goals, how realistic can they possibly be. Furthermore, when you (as an employee) request insight as to what the goal actually is, you are given some blah blah about it being "not an actual number", but "an average". If you make suggestions to increase productivity, they just go in and out the ears, and you can even watch the manager's eyes glaze over as you speak it. Sick points can be erased with a trip to the doctor's office and a note, so that isn't a really big deal, but yeah, it is a little arcane. More productivity and attendance rewards and incentives would be more helpful, instead of the old school "crime and punishment" method. But that's not likely to happen, probably. Everything about the place is numbers numbers numbers. For a short term major cash influx, the overtime is great during "peak" season, but this is definitely NOT the place to plan a career. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if it were. It's exhausting and all consuming. No social life, no time to do basic things like walk the dogs, shop, do laundry, get the car fixed. I really feel sorry for people who work there who have children.

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  • So
      Jan 13, 2011

    I agree. I started working there at Amazon of Coffeyville, Kansas and it is all about numbers, of course some production managers are obcessed with the number up over a 100 uph all 10 hour day, some are not. Being a temp. Christmas rush employee, you are not treated too well by reg. Amazon employees plus having to put up with Staff Management, that hired you for Christmas rush. Numbers, numbers, numbers, rush, rush, rush, and then get sent home early on your last day of weekly work, because backlog is down. Of course, the higher the number for the month, the higher the monthly bonus for your supervisor, who keeps getting you wrote up, because you cannot achieve the high numbers, which I think are being switched to another(reg. Amazon employee and favorite with manager) number record. I do think the managers are able to adjust those production numbers from one employee to another.

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  • Mu
      Feb 27, 2011

    Amazon is crap and useless company in customer experience too...I placed an order for wireless mouse and keyboard for my partner. I was expecting its delivery on valentines day...Guess what happened ...No delivery on Valentines day not even after 2 days and today after 13 days ...after a long chase and so many e-mails...i received a call from Escalation desk...saying that your order got lost by our carrier Royal mail and she will call them tomorrow to check status ...if they are not able to deliver it, they will refund my money within 10 days.
    Awful experience with Amazon...Awful company, Is this the way they do business. Did i spent money to take a refund of it ...As a customer i want my product on time, that's it. Did i expect anything wrong? I think not ..I paid an amount which was asked to pay...why i had to wait, why i requored to write so many e-mails and what about damages...They spoiled my valentine, my commitment is gone just because i dealt with a useless company who has no sense of business... Lady who called me claimed to be from Escalation desk but had no idea what will be the end resolution for my issue... I was planning to buy I-pad from Amazon...Thank God i didnot buy one. Frankly speaking i'll be afraid now while placing order over the net...It is a bad experience and it will last for a long time...Bad Amazon shouldn't run this type of business if you don't have reliable supply chain...If you continue this way i can't forsee your survival for more than 3 yrs.
    I lost trust on you completely and infact i'll think twice before placing an order with any new supplier without checking its review thoroughly... Mukesh kalra

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  • Di
      Oct 27, 2012

    Amazon is not a good company to work for and I agree with most of these comments. My son-in-law was laid off from his previous employment which he had only worked for about a year due to another lay off. Economy is really bad around here. My daughter works but they have bills which require two incomes and also have two children. He was sent to Amazon by a temp service and worked there about 4 months and was fired last Friday because he was not making production like they wanted, however, he was aware that several of their permanent employees had not made production since he had been there. They had previously told him he would get a permanent job there because he was doing soooooo well. Crazy, huh? Now, because he was fired, he can't even draw unemployment for 6 weeks. Yesterday my daughter asked for a small loan to buy groceries and pay two bills. Does Amazon not have any compassion? Why couldn't they just let him go rather than fire him? All over TV, radio and newspaper Amazon has acknowledged they are hiring for the busy holiday season. This just makes me sick!

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  • Pa
      Jul 21, 2013

    In Phoenix, they have the A/C set at 87 degrees -- fast pace and 87 degrees. People drop like flies and instead of cooling it down, they offer Gatorade in the break room but you can't take it onto the floor... I understand the security issues and possible product damage but if the employee's are what makes Amazon, why do they push them so hard? 10 hour days, high productivity demands and in the end, you are expendable. I see maybe one "blue" Amazon employee badges to fifteen "White" badges of temp workers. I was interviewed and called the day before orientation I would be placed in the packing department. Next day, I'm told at orientation I was in picking - and while they tell you there is lots of walking, and they do half-### stretches at start up, it does not prepare you for the high pace or physical pain. "It'll be nothing in 3 weeks was what I was told..." In 3 weeks, I could cause serious damage to my feet, ankles and knees, not too mention ligaments and tendons. Several people from the orientation meeting mentioned they work-out in a gym and still had to leave early on week one - if that's not a clue to being overworked, I don't know what is. For me, I'm not sure if I can do the work - high temps, they say you have bathroom breaks but grill you for losing time if you take one - the long walks to the break room for lunch and breaks cut into your time - which I wonder if it's legal - 10 1/2 hour days, one hour for breaks and lunch - but you lose time by their walk times so your break is actually 5 minutes and lunch is 15 minutes... If they dropped it to a 8 hour work day, maybe they wouldn't have so many people leaving on a regular basis - they know productivity drops within 3 hours prior to shift changes... I'd think long and hard before accepting a position with them. It sounds good on paper, the work isn't that difficult but the physical demand is very high.

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  • Ov
      May 26, 2014

    I am at 1 of the warehouses in Indiana and it is just as bad. Amazon does not care about the people it is all numbers. If you don't make rate u do get warnings before written warnings. It does not matter if you are helping others or get stuck behind slow people. With driving equipment you are not to back out of aisles so you get stuck. They don't care. Working 10 hour days I would love to have a FULL 15 min break. You do not get this walk time is included in your break if it takes you 5min to get to the door owell smoke or relax fast because you have to be back on time. Luckily we don't have to ask to use the bathroom, but don't take to long someone will be on your case. Good luck with hr "that works for the employee" that's only if they like you. Don't get hurt they are going to say it is related to your past events. Best of all you need to kiss ### to make it anywhere and be ready to watch alot of people do this, that's how they advance. When it comes to overtime you better hope your manager isn't picking you days while other shifts pick what they want. Don't worry it I done "randomly" and If you still want to work at Amazon I hope you enjoy working holidays because we only get Christmas day off and only a select few are paid.

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  • Dr
      Jun 04, 2014
    Best Best Advice

    Don't ask how but I've worked for Amazon at one of their warehouse in Indiana for 5 years. I will say this...Amazon does treat their employees like crap and they don't care about the employees. If you have any issues and you need to take it up with HR, good luck with that because they're never readily available to help you. And, when they are, it's blah, blah, blah...always an excuse. Apparently, Amazon has never heard of this..."you treat your employees right and keep them happy, they will be very productive". Yeah right...the morale in my warehouse is so low, nobody gives a crap anymore and will do anything to leave work early (Voluntary time off, personal time or unpaid time off). But yet, there are so many red flags and no one in upper management ever bothered to stop and question why are people leaving or are unhappy. Believe me, why should we care when you don't care about us. Not only that, Amazon offered a buy-out in March hoping to get rid of the lazy and incompetent workers by offering $1000 ($5000 Max) for every "peak" season (During Christmas time) you've worked under the blue badge (full-time Amazon employees). My warehouse was expecting about 30-50 people to take the buy-out but it ended up backfiring on them because over 200+ blue badge employees took it. What made matters worse...we ended up losing majority of our hard-workers rather than the lazy ones. They've already said they will be offering the buy-out next year in March with the same condition and I can't tell you how many people are going to accept it. Now that we all have plenty of notice, we have 8-9 months to look for another job. As a blue badge employee, we are also given monthly bonuses and we all used to look forward to see how much we would get extra. Now, we dread getting it because 4+ years ago, we used to get between $100-300 extra every month and now we barely get $50. What a slap in the face. Other warehouses around the country are getting much better bonuses than we are for the same amount of work we do. There's even talk about getting rid of our monthly bonus in my warehouse and people are fuming. We used to have 2 medical waivers a year...meaning, if we were sick or or weren't feeling well, we could go to the doctor and return with a doctor's note in order for that day to be excused (not being penalized for having to leave due to illness). Well, they took that away from us last year and introduce UPT (unpaid time off) in its place. What UPT is, they give you 20 hours of unpaid leave to be used at your discretion every 3 months. Guess what...if you're sick, you better hope you get over it within 2 days or have some personal time to use. If not, you are screwed. If you burn through your UPT before the next round is issued and are in the negative, better be prepared to be handed your walking papers. There was an issue at one of our facilities in Pennsylvania about 3 years ago in regards to the extreme heat inside of their warehouse. People were collapsing because of the heat on a daily basis. They even hired an ambulance company to stage ambulances outside to treat people due to severe heat exhaustion and dehydration. It took a doctor at a local hospital to report this to OSHA in order for Amazon to wake up and do something about it. They finally installed "chillers" (Amazon calls them air conditioners but they are not) in all of their warehouses rather than being severely fined by OSHA. My warehouse keeps our "chillers" set at a balmy 90 degrees inside. Yeah right...that is so far from the truth. It can be over 95 degrees outside and it's still cooler than being inside that place. There's no air flow at all. Every workstation is equipped with a cheap fan that stays on 24/7 but here's the kicker, we've been told once they break, they will NOT be replacing the due to budget reasons. Seriously...Amazon is a multi-billion dollar corporation and they can't even afford to get us new fans. We complain about it to upper management and HR about it and they love to rub it in our faces how good it feels in the warehouse. Yeah, give me a freaking break...they do nothing but sit on their butts in their lovely A/C offices and never step out into the facility. Basically, everything that comes out of their mouths is nothing but lies and more lies. This is their ideology...who cares about the full-time employees because we can always replace them with more temps (white badges). Sure the starting pay isn't bad at $11/hour with automatic raises every 6 months but once you've reached $14.25/hour, you're all tapped more. It'll be interesting to see how Amazon reacts if the Federal government raise minimum wage to $15/hour. Oh, I know what they're going to do...they're going to bring in robots. They've already commissioned Kiva to build robots for them. They already have 1, 000 robots in place at certain warehouses but by the end of the year, that number will jump to 10, 000. They've already out-sourced their Customer Service departments to Central America and India to save money by not paying their employees as much. So, how is Amazon allowed to get away with all this? The customers LOVE Amazon and as long as people are buying from Amazon, they are also supporting Amazon in how badly they treat their employees. Yes, you are telling Amazon it's OK to treat us like crap every time you click "buy now" in your cart and submit your payment information. So, next time you receive your order and it wasn't packed properly or damaged, don't go crying wolf to Customer Service about it. This is us telling you...quit ordering from Amazon because you are supporting their harsh treatments towards their employees. The Amazon logo defines who they really are..."dicks".

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  • Mo
      Nov 24, 2014

    Thank-you for sharing your comments. This reinforces my philosophy to buy local. Who needs all this crap anyway?

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  • Su
      Jan 10, 2015

    I worked for the Amazon fulfillment center in Texas and none of the above complaints have been an issue. I did hate their point system on attendance but once you convert to permanent the point system is gone. Great insurance on day one of permanent employment. Managers and leads are ALWAYS harping, HYDRATE! so I don't really get where all the complaints are coming from. People should know to stay hydrated anyway and yes it gets hot in the center, but they have hue fans over head constantly rotating and a/c units blowing. Yes you have to keep your numbers up but they are NOT unreasonable. 60 cases an hour is very eazy to do if you are at your station working and not running off to the bathroom or leaning over to chat instead of working.
    I think some of these negative comments are from pissed past employees. It is true if you run out of UTO you are dismissed...been there done that! but any company needs to depend on dependable employees or replace them with ones that are. That is not just Amazon

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  • Re
      Sep 01, 2015

    After being an Amazon Prime and being a loyal customer of Amazon, I have decided not to renew my membership in February 2016.
    The reason being that I am very dissatisfied with your prime video. Everytime i want to watch an old movie (20 years old) you want to charge for it. It's ridiculous. Netflix has so many more to choose from for free.

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  • Co
      Jan 26, 2016

    Amazon is a sweat shop and the harder you work the more they expect even though you nearly kill yourself meeting the minimum rate. Their expectations is unreal. If you go above and beyond expected minimum rate .Then instead of a thank you or pat on the back for all your hard work they will say if you can do that once you can do it every day. Then raise the rate on everyone because someone actually managed to do more without passing out. They will not give us fans and I think the whole climate control jazz is a lie because it is extremely hot. There are people being wheeled out in wheelchairs daily because of heat exhaustion and fatigue.

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  • Po
      Dec 04, 2016

    Well I found a work for First of all we work as CA`s for 300 $ a MONTH plus bonuses that we oviuslly cannot easily get because the yes/no question is been asked to the clients after a call in the email confermation that we have to send to all clients afterwords.
    So this yes/ no thing that our salary dipends on it says DID I HELPED YOU? that makes no sense because if I couldn`t do anything because I couldn`t because od the Amazon regulations and rules, or it depedns on carrier I still get my NO and do not get my bonus. Maby they do it on purpous.. I don`t know but I do know that is very very dissmotivating :(
    The second thing that I canot agree with is that in busy days they terorise us with beeing online till the impossible limits and you cannot go not even to the bathroom. Ok it is busy day I get it but it is so stressful answering one after another, not stresching your gegs for at least 30 sec an god forbid not using tha bathroom.
    There are numerous other things about Amazon that I desagree with but what a small poor person can change... Nothing. Human rights at least essencial should be respected. Shame on you Amazon . Clients might be on first place for you but employees unfortunatly they have no place for you. :(

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  • Jt
      Dec 18, 2016

    Amazon is a horrid company their HR IS FULL OF UNETHICAL EMPLOYEES SUCH AS CINDY QUACH who repeatedly lies to employees as is UNETHICAL NATHAN LIM WHO FRAUDULENTLY HIRES EMPLOYEES FIR WEEKENDS TGEN LIES AND CLAIMS TO ONLY HAVE WEEKDAY HOURS AVAILABLE. If you are terminated from amazon be sure to file a wrongful termination lawsuit ASAP!

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  • Ca
      Nov 15, 2017

    i think Amazon cares and is maybe even trying to turn this attitude around. i also think anyone can feel this badly and gain a disgruntled attitude no matter what company they work for after a burnout, and or a bad manager, supervisor or just general conflicts in the workplace.
    Look up the definition of Amazon. That should say it all right there. You either are one, become one or,
    you don't.

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