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February 2016
I ordered several products from several sellers on the same day. Some packages arrived within the "guarantee delivery" time, others did not. Five of ten packages either have not arrived yet, arrived later than guarantee time, missing part of the order or don't work.

As instructed by AliExpress, I asked for a refund to be issued. Some sellers politely issued a refund or claimed they would resend products, while others gave excuses, (if they felt like replying), and was told to wait.
One seller claimed several times that they would issue me a refund and never did. This went to arbitration. In a e-mail from AliExpress, I was told that I was to be issued a refund. Shortly thereafter, I received an e-mail from AliExpress Trade Security Department that my account has been terminated. The reason they claim is continued violation of the Buyer Protection Program rules. All I did was to ask to be issued a refund - as they instructed! Because of account termination, I was ruled against, and no refund will be issued. My appeal was refused because of the "accused" violations.

May 16, 2016
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  • Da
      May 23, 2016

    Hi there, sorry to hear that.
    AliExpress provides 24*7 online support, it's easy to reach:

    1.If you are using pc, please use this link:

    2.If you are using cell phone, please use this link:

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  • Ya
      Jun 03, 2016

    Already tried that. They replied that I broke their rules and must suffer the consequences!

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  • Hd
      Jun 10, 2017

    I had my account suspended then terminated 5 days ago. I contacted customer support four times to no avail. The first reason they gave me was: account temporarily suspended due to security reasons. After contacting the infamous customer support and promising to do their best, I got the second email with a new reason this time: My account is terminated due to violations of the order protection program. This happened and I'm an A4 buyer with 50 ongoing orders! Now I cannot dispute or leave feedback for any of them!! Simply thift!! Moreover, the fact that I returned the money to some of the sellers after a dispute/refund did not seem to matter at all. I did this voluntarily after receiving some of the disputed orders after some 3-4 months!! I still had respect and returned the money through another purchase and none of that mattered! I'm beginning to think that some of the highly rated/recommended sellers have close connections to AE management and are untouchable! I doubt their rating system so much after noticing that some of the most decent sellers are not highly rated at all.

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  • De
      Jun 05, 2018

    they just closed my account due to abusing buyer's protection service. my last dispute was on 2016 and today I did try to buy something and I git the message"account deactivated". I do not understand. they did the same thing to my husband after opening a dispute for a defective phone. aliexpress is not worth it any more. I am a A4 buyer and still they didn't care.

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  • Sa
      Sep 04, 2018

    Hi I am a victim of Ali express malpractice too. They suspended my account for raising dispute when purchase protection was running out and goods did not arrive. So now they have my money and I have nothing. I have already put this up on FB. I will put it up on all social media and get my friends and family to spread it out. We should ensure ali express and Jack Ma run out of business for cheating people. This is very unethical

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