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According to AliExpress I violated their buyer protection program.

The actual problem though is I have 9 undelivered items on which there is a full refund guarantee if the product is not delivered within 60 days. To claim as such is actually not possible on their automated pre-selected dispute process. And as soon as you lodge a dispute the seller extends purchase protection but the 60 day guarantee must now be honored.

What happens according to Aliexpress is you need to follow the dispute process and in this case is not possible so you have to create a dispute stating that it is a logistics tracking problem which is the only option available as the other is not relevant. Then you select purchase protection is running out and the item is still in transit which is the second only relavant option. (See Attached screen shots)
After this they come back and say your claim is not valid!

Now in my case this is what I did, all my orders are paid in full and the delivery terms and agreements on the guarantees are not honored anymore. If I received my items its a different story but I did not receive items that I paid for even to this day.

I see this as fraudulent publication and professional theft by paying for things you don't get.

I would like to be refunded on all the orders that I have placed recently due to the fact that I will not be refunded or will not receive my items and I cannot open disputes on the items currently falling within the guarantee period as my is deactivated.

I would also like to see them honoring their guarantees by giving the option to claim for the offered full refund if product is not delivered within 60 day.


Oct 09, 2018
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  • Fa
      May 13, 2019

    It happened with me too. Now i can't open disputes since they terminated my account. I ordered a lot of things (nearly 50 things) from different sellers. And i received none of them.

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