AliExpressabout the ordered nike shoes

I had ordered Nike Shoes( order did: [protected]) on 15th July 2018 with AliExpress shipping LP00106703850827 but I haven't received yet. It was supposed to be delivered 30-35 days . The local customs office is holding the shoes suspecting the shoes are fake. I submitted all required documents as per request of customs to have customs clearance but the goods is under customs. The customs office sent me recently email that the shoes are either returned back to seller or destroy due to suspicious of infringing intellectual property rights in the case of counterfeiting and is therefore prohibited.It is according to the European Union No. 608/2013, which prohibits that goods found to be counterfeit are released for free circulation or retuned to origin, with destruction being foreseen for that purpose.
I sent this email which I received from customs office to AliExpress many times but no reply. I even sent to the seller but no reply. I chatted many times to the customer service of AliExpress and they tell they solve my problem and return my money back but not solved.
I am really tired of contacting to AliExpress and costumer seller sending messages to solve my problems but they didn't listen. I have been waiting for around six months for getting only one pairs of shoes. It's really shameful. I told them I don't need their shoes because customs already suspended . So just return back my money but AliExpress and Seller my shoes are showing dam care. So through this complaint I would like to request the concerned body to solve my problems with compensation because I have spent much money calling to the Customs office very often.
Thank you.


Dec 09, 2018

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