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On Monday evening [last night 2/27/2016] I went to Albertsons located in Tustin, Orange and received an unpleasant experience by a manager named Jeanette who rang my transaction. She was really rude! She gave me eye contact for a second and then I watched her ignore me and talk to one of her employees close to her register. Afterwards, she then starts ringing my transaction without even saying hello. Already making me feel very uncomfortable, I asked for the manager. She claimed she was with attitude and when I addressed the improper greeting and rudeness, she apologized with lack of compassion. It truly offends me that instead of being courteous and professional, she acted very rude and unprofessional. Many of your signs in the store say "friendlier" and she sure seem like she was not friendly at all after my experience.

Feb 28, 2017
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  • Su
      Mar 01, 2017

    It is doubtful theactual store manager would be on the register. Call to the store and ask for the store manager's name. "Jeanette" could be nothing more than just a cashier supervisor.

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  • St
      Mar 01, 2017

    @Sulphur7 My complaint is not even about who is upper mgr or what kind of mgr she may be. I will assure you that my complaint regards to someone claiming be in charge and needs to be professional and not rude, simple. I do not understand what your reply is referring to the store mgr and even if I did call, that is not good enough for me, someone needs to addressed that to HER and maybe the store mgr is not good enough for me, imo.

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  • Su
      Dec 12, 2017

    @Stephanie R You make zero sense.

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  •   May 25, 2019

    You can't automatically demand to see a manager for basically no reason without creating some animosity. I mean, if nothing is ringing up incorrectly or not scanning at all then there's no reason to ask for a manager unless it is to complain about someone.

    She knew what your plans were and she cut you off at the pass. This is what you get for trying to school someone in behavior. I guarantee you, it NEVER goes over well. People today who are rude are always on edge for any little thing that others call them out on. Most of the time, the 'rude' behavior is done in order to keep the rude person from becoming more rude.

    I recently started a new job along with another person who just rubs me the wrong way. Always talking, mumbles when he does, insists you are of his religion because of your name, . You know the type.

    So we both are assigned lunch at the same time. There is one place where we are permitted to eat and after the first day I just couldn't take the body/food shaming anymore so I started eating in the school's auditorium (I've seen other people quietly eat there before) then the AP comes in after I've been doing this for about three weeks and says I must eat in that room. Never mind the smarmy man upstairs. Never mind the ride behavior from him! Never mind the constant Jewish talk that he insists on having (it's a public school for crying out loud!). My anti social behavior is in fact saving me from flipping out at this guy. But whatever.

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